Monday, March 25, 2013

Lisa March 25,2013

Dear Family,

Wow!! I know I say this every week, but I really can't believe how
fast time is going!!! We got transfer called this week and surprise,
surprise S Sirstins and I are both STAYING!!! Yay!!! We are in for an
another AWESOME 6 weeks together!!! :) It's gonna be great, we've got
some high goals, lots of faith and desire and even better, we've got
God on our side!!! It's going to be INCREDIBLE!!! :)
This week was pretty great!! We met with David Howie, our scuba diver.
We have been trying to get him to commit to more than reading and
praying for what feels like forever!! Finally this week we had a break
through! He asked us to go over the commandments. . . again. . . in
detail and in modern language so he could know exactly where he was
at. :) We went through the 10 commandments, W of W and Chastity. At
the end he looked at us, sighed a great big sigh and said, "Okay
Sisters! I know where I am at now. . . all I have to do is come to
church on Sunday and keep the Sabbath day holy, then I will be able to
put God first and then I have to get married. So, I can't come to
church this week, and I'm not sure about next week, but I am going to
come soon!!!" I just about fell off of my chair!! Ha ha, this is what
we have been hoping and praying for with David Howie for MONTHS!!!
FINALLY!!! So, then on Friday he called us and told us that he had
made time and wanted to come to church this week and DEFINITELY on
Easter!!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. . . David Howie
WANTING to come to church!?!?!? It was awesome!!! :) Sunday rolled
around and unfortunately, David was sick so despite all of our coaxing
he didn't make it, but we are holding him to his word to be there next
Sunday!! I love this man so much, I think that he realizes as soon as
he starts coming to church consistently, his next step in baptism!
He's gonna make it!! :)
Our other really neat miracle was Roger. He is the man we found right
at the end of the night like 2 weeks ago. We've been teaching him
twice a week for the last 2 weeks and he came to church yesterday!!!
:) He LOVED it and even though he has a little bit of social anxiety,
by the end seemed very comfortable and friendly with every one there.
Roger has had quite the life and seems like he's been just about
everywhere and done just about everything. . but he has a very sincere
desire to change. He isn't sure how Christ fits into the picture, but
that's exactly why Heavenly Father sent him 2 sister missionaries!! :)
Roger is amazing!! He is praying about a baptism date and the ward
yesterday was very welcoming and supportive. :)
So, we have this adorable little family in our ward named the
Randalls. .. I can't remember if I told you about them or not. The
little girls adore the sister missionaries- yesterday at church as we
were walking to Sunday school they came running up to me laughing and
giggling and very proudly showed me their beautiful pony tails and
flowery headbands!! Ha ha!! "Look Sister Bishop!! We are JUST like
you!!!" :) They are SO stinking cute, I love them so much!! They are
moving out to South Lyon, so they will still be in our ward, but out
of our area. We are going to help them pack and clean this Thursday
and I'm so excited, they are so great!! :)
Tonight is when all 10 of our new sisters will be coming out!!! We are
SUPER excited!!! :) :) The Assistants called us Friday night and asked
us to host some of them. But since there are so many, we are taking
them out in 2 shifts!!! CRAZY!?!?! We're gonna pick them up at 4:30
and S Sirstins will take out 2 of them in our car and I will take 2
and drive President's car!!! (No pressure- Just their first night in
the mission and President Holmes' car!!! ha ha, but it'll be great!!)
Then at 6:30 we'll take those sisters back to the mission home and
switch to take out another batch!! It's gonna be epic!! Our plan is to
use their new missionary faith and get at least 2 people on baptism
date and find lots of new people to teach- hopefully some families!!!
:) :) Tonight is gonna be the BOMB!! Please pray for us though, we
really, really want this to be successful and AWESOME!!!! :)

Family, I just love you all so stinking much!!! :) Thanks for the
letters, the prayers and all of your love and support!! Thanks for the
funny stories and EVERYTHING, seriously you guys are just the
GREATEST!!!! Words cannot express how much I really love you!!! My new
motto for this transfer is "Doubt not, Fear Not!!!" With God on our
side, we can do it!!! :) Choose the right and remember all of the
important things. .. and of course, REMEMBER WHO LOVES YOU!!! :)
Have a wonderful week!! Love you!!!
Sister Bishop

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