Monday, March 11, 2013

Lisa's letter March 11,2013

Dearest Family!!!

Hello friends!!!
I can't believe that it is Monday already, I feel like the last week
has just flown by. . . despite the fact that it went way too quickly
we had a really great week! I think the high lights of the week were
our exchange with S Williams and S Bone and then Zone Conference! :)
For our exchange, S Williams and I really focused on the power and
authority of our calling as missionaries, and praying with faith! :)
It was incredible to witness the miracles that followed. I know that
both of these sisters had struggled a little, but were excited for
this opportunity to learn and work with another companion. Along with
our focus on the power and authority of our calling, we decided to put
that to use in our finding skills. We did everything that we could all
day to follow any tiny little prompting that we received. :) I loved
how any time we had to make a decision of where to go or what to do,
we were totally in unison! We made it a goal to talk to everyone that
we possible could! We stopped at a gas station after lunch to use the
restroom and while I was waiting for S Williams, I noticed the lady at
the cash register peeking at my name tag. As I stood there, the spirit
told me to go talk to her. I'm not going to lie, I kind of fought it
at first. You would think that after all this time, I wouldn't be
nervous to talk to anyone, but somehow it still gets me a little out
of my comfort zone! But the spirit wouldn't let me leave until I
walked up and talked to her. She was so sweet! We talked a little bit
about what we do as missionaries and were able to teach her just a
little bit before she had to help the next customer. We ended up
leaving her a card and inviting her to come to church!! :) After that,
we jumped in the car and were headed out to go tracting. We prayed
about the streets that we had picked the night before , but felt like
we were in the wrong area. It was funny, as we were driving to the gas
station, I had noticed a street and felt very strongly that we needed
to be there. As we prayed the prompting came again to go tract that
street. I looked over to S Williams and said, "I know this is kind of
crazy. . . but as we were driving over here there was a street that I
felt really good about!!! I think that it was called Cherry Lane." Her
eyes got kind of big and she had a huge smile on her face as she
squealed, "No WAY!! I thought and felt the EXACT same thing!!!" :) It
was awesome!! We went and knocked on the doors and found some really
great people. Our timing was perfect and the spirit reassured us that
we really where in the right place. :) It was so great!!! :) The first
door that we knocked on this awesome African American lady answered
the door. She looked at us, smiled and said, "Oh girls! I would love
to invite you in, but I am running late to work! I am so sorry!! Could
you come back another day??" We set everything up with her door after
door, were so amazed at how the spirit just prompted us and we knew
exactly what to say!! It was awesome!!! That night we went and saw
Sheryl (one of their investigators). She is such a sweet heart, but is
not very fond of S Bone. As soon as we came in she piped up and said,
"Oh S Bishop, I wish that you and S Williams could both just stay
here!! Then I would have 2 GOOD missionaries!" It made me really sad
to hear her talking that way about S Bone. So, I told her that S Bone
was a great missionary and that she just needed some help and
encouragement. I asked her to please, please do everything she could
to help S Bone. I don't know if it will make a difference, but I sure
hope so!!!
Please keep S Bone (and all of our Sisters in my mission in your
prayers!! They are really struggling right now and they really need
the extra prayers!) Our exchanges this week were SO inspired!! S Bone
and S Sirstins both did very well and it helped them to realize that
THEY CAN do this! Particularly S Bone. I felt she was much more
confident and enthusiastic about everything after having to be the one
in charge! But it was also very helpful to have S Sirstins there
because she is a go-getter! They worked hard and saw lots of success!

We also had zone conference this week- I love our stake president out
here, he is the BEST!! His name is President Medley and I just think
the world of him. He have an instruction about several different
things. This is so cool though!! You'll have to find a picture of
Abinadi and King Noah, look in the top part of the painting really
closely and you will find a picture of the Savior! He pointed out that
even though Abinadi had perhaps felt all alone and thought that maybe
he had been forgotten, he was never really alone! :) He never was and
NEITHER ARE WE!!! :) :) It's so true!! There are some days that seem
to last forever and you wonder why. . . but then as you turn to
Heavenly Father he will reassure you that he is ALWAYS there and that
he will not leave you comfortless! He also talked about the importance
of getting people to the temple! There are so many people and families
that I want to get there!! Oh man, it was such a good reminder!!! :)
I love Zone Conferences!

So, really quick a have a cute story, then I have to run! We are going
to the temple this week, so I won't have any time for snail mail,
Sorry!! :) Any ways, we have this adorable little family in our ward
named the Randall's. They are a young family with 4 little girls all
under like 5. Bro Randall is in the Bishopric, so we always go out and
help S Randall get into the chapel on Sundays. The little girls ADORE
us! :) S Randall was a missionary too and they always pray for us, and
make sure to say hi at church- they are just the cutest!! So, usually
on Sunday's I try to dress up a little nicer and wear a nice outfit
and like one of the flowery head bands that you sent me. :) So,
yesterday as we were helping the Randalls into their bench, S Randall
looks at me and says, "Sister Bishop! Abby and Bella have something
that they want to tell you!!" I looked over and they were just
BEAMING!! They both said, "Look Sister Bishop!! We dressed like you
today!!!" :) Ha ha, they both had these cute flowery headbands!! Ha
ha, it was SO cute, they totally made my day!! I sure do love those
little girls!! :)

Well family!! Sorry this is short, just know you are in my thoughts
and prayers always!! I love you all SO incredibly much!!! I hope you
all have a wonderful week! Choose the right and all of the important
things!! RWLY!!!

Sister Bishop

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