Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct 29,2012

Hello Family!!! :) Hope all is well in little ol' Utah!! :) Things in
Michigan are going pretty great!!! This week has been an interesting
one! :) I feel like the life of a missionary is like a roller coaster,
up and down and up and down and then some more ups and downs, but at
the end of the day (or the roller coaster) everything slows down for a
few minutes and you jump up and yell, "YEAH!!!! That was awesome!!
Let's do it AGAIN!!" :) Ha ha! This week that roller coaster has been
super crazy, but like always Heavenly Father has blessed me with the
faith and desire to jump up and and yell, "Alright!!! That was FUN!!
Let's do it again!" :) So, here is our week, so that you can

We had a pretty great start, lots of contacting and finding new
people, teaching lessons. . . it was great! Everything was going good!
Well, then on Thursday night we went to the mission fireside and
actually found out that one of the sisters was going home early. She
was assigned to the Ann Arbor 2nd ward and we have seen quite a bit of
her and her comp at the institute, etc. We were super shocked and a
little sad at the news. The next day as we were talking about it, we
realized what this would mean for us. . . you see, we have another
sister who is leaving on Monday. (She is scheduled to go home.) So
with Sister Rogers leaving early we have an odd amount of sisters
until Sister Vanisi leaves. Since we are so close to AA 2nd, we were
guessing that we would be in a trio with S Evans until S Vanisi goes
home! Well, we didn't have to wait long until our guesses were
confirmed!!!! So, we are now in a trio!!! :) Me, S Decker and S Evans!
At first we were a little bit nervous, especially because we will be
covering 2 wards for a week and with all of our different
personalities we knew it would stretch us a little! But you know us,
we are always up for a challenge! So, the sisters talked to us Friday
afternoon and then president called and confirmed the plans that we
had already made. All within about 3 days we got the news, dropped off
S Rogers and moved S Evans in with us. It was some pretty crazy days!
;) These days were especially "roller-coaster-ey." Saturday morning we
dropped S Rogers off at the mission home, moved S Evans in and
immediately headed out to our appointments. We were so blessed! Those
lessons were truly a tender mercy! Without much preparation, the three
of us were able to be amazingly unified and be able to teach and
testify!! What a miracle!! Yet another evidence that this is God's
work! :) We had three lessons right in a row, the first 2 went good
and we made progress with those 2 individuals, but the 3rd one was
AMAZING!!! :) It was with Yang, our Chinese investigator that we have
taught for a long time!! We have tried to give him a baptism date
several times without any success. He always tells us that he "Just
can't!" Last week he came to a baptism service with us and was really
touched. This week as we met with him and talked about how he felt, we
talked a lot about how baptism is like signing a contract with God, so
then God can help you to continue to live the gospel. Yang told us, "I
know that that is what it is, I understand the importance of it too,
but with my situation, I just cannot sign the contract right now. I
am going to live my life and do my best, but just do all that I can on
my own." As we continued to talk to him, we felt impressed to ask what
his situation was (we have tried before but he has never opened up.)
This time however, he finally did!!! :) He brought up some very valid
concerns about his family and that he is a member of the communist
party in China and as a member of the party, cannot have any religious
affiliations. He told us, "Right now I have to stay in the Party
because that is where i want to work when I finish getting my
education. So, right now that is very important to me! Maybe in a few
years, it won't be as important and then I WILL be baptized! I just
cannot do it right now." It was so good that he finally opened up to
us, now that we know what his concerns are we will be able to focus on
those! I'm not really sure what we can do. . . but that's okay because
God does! :) After all of that, we invited Yang to fast and pray with
us about this decision this coming weekend. He agreed to give it a
try!! :) I love this guy so much!! He has such incredible faith, I
know that he will get there someday, and when he does finally take
that step it's going to be the most incredible thing!!! We are hoping
and praying that as he fasts this week, his heart will be softened.

So, after those 3 lessons we were all feeling pretty great! Even
though we had kind of a rough morning, we were having a great day!
Here is the next plunge on that roller coaster though. . . one of our
members, his name is Efren, told us that he had a secret that he
needed to tell us. Efren is one of our fellow shippers/translators for
Bonifacio. He always does really great. But we have been a little
concerned because he hasn't been to church in a few weeks and when we
ask him about it he always makes up some lame excuse. After our 3
lessons we agreed to meet up with him so that he could tell us this
secret. As we headed to his lesson, I felt a little nervous about the
things I thought he might say. As we sat down with him, my fears were
confirmed. "Sisters, I am NOT going to church anymore, I just don't
believe any of this anymore!" Efren is a returned missionary (and he
was a GOOD missionary!) He was a branch president, he taught
institute, he has so much knowledge. . . we were so shocked! As we
talked with him, he told us that he has always had his doubts and that
recently he had come to the decision that the things he had learned
all of his life were "maybe true and maybe not." He told us that he
doesn't even know if there is a God anymore. We were all heart broken,
we talked with him for a while and did everything that we could to
help him feel the spirit to rekindle that faith but when we left he
was still very doubtful and sad. We are the only ones that he has
told. .. the Bishop doesn't know or the Elders quorum president, his
family probably doesn't even know yet. It was so sad, the pain in his
eyes was so obvious. It's so awful that he would let doubt or
questions and cloud out his faith. He agreed to meet with us again and
you can bet that we will do everything that we can to help him!! He is
all that I've thought about for the last 3 days, wondering how/why he
let this happen. I guess the one comforting thing about all of this is
that he hasn't completely given up. He is asking us questions, he
still prays. . . it's not enough, but at least it is a start.

After that, Heavenly Father knew that we all needed a pick me up, so
off we headed to the Ann Arbor Halloween party!! :) It was so fun! We
didn't get to stay long, but we saw all the cute little families
dressed up in their costumes and had some dinner. It was a good break
and a wonderful reminder of how living the gospel brings us peace, joy
and happiness. We finished off our roller coaster day with a quick
lesson with Mike and Hunaid (both are recent converts who are doing so
good!! For right now at least! ;) )

Sunday was also a tender mercy, we went to church and after went with
S Evans to visit a few families from the AA ward. The Bean family was
absolutely adorable!! They have a 2 year old little girl named Lizzy.
We ate dinner and the whole time Lizzy showed me her books and toys. .
. by the end of the night, we were BFF's! :) It was so cute though, as
we got our our scriptures so share a message, Lizzy insisted on
getting her Book of Mormon too. Then she had to show us all of the
pictures. When she opened the Book of Mormon and saw Jesus she
squealed and yelled, "LOOK!!!! IT"S MY JESUS!!! I SURE DO LOVE MY
JESUS!!!!!" :) She then named ALL of the people in the pictures. . . .
we were all very impressed!! :) It made me so excited to have a family
of my own someday, to teach my little kids all about Jesus, how he
loves them and help them to love him too! :) It makes so so thankful
for the opportunities I've had as a missionary to teach and share the
gospel, so that when I'm a Mom, I've already learned the BEST way to
teach it! :)

Of course, our lives were still a roller coaster, and the next family
we visited was a part member family. They are an older couple with 3
grown children. The wife is a member and the husband is not. She has
been praying for a long time and finally asked if he would meet with
us, he agreed and she invited us over. We knew from ward members that
he was kind of a hard nut to crack but didn't understand until we
actually met him. It was tough!!! That morning we had practiced and
felt prepared, but it didn't go like we had planned at all. When we
asked him a question, he would never give us a straight answer, he
never said more than 5 words at a time and didn't volunteer any
information. I don't think I've ever prayed so hard in my life!!! We
asked questions, we testified, we shared scriptures, but still nothing
worked. It was really, really hard!!! At the end of the night, we knew
we had done our best, we had tried to listen to the spirit and
everything that we knew but he still didn't budge. Yuck!!! He agreed
to talk to his wife a little more and to call us if he wanted to
pursue it anymore. The hardest thing was that his wife wanted it SO
bad, and he was only meeting with us because she wanted him too. So,
we'll keep praying for him and hope that his heart also softens!!!

Ha ha, looking back over this letter it looks a little glum. But it
really was a great week! I can honestly say, "I rode that roller
coaster, I laughed, I cried, I screamed and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of
it!!!" I have been so blessed! I have wonderful companions, I have God
on my side, I have the Savior's Atonement, I have the BEST family
backing me up, so bring it on!!! The roller coaster might just get
bigger and scarier, but that's okay too! All the more fun! :) :) I'll
just keep smiling, working hard and doing my best and every day at the
end of the day, I can get up off that roller coaster and say, "That
was Fun!! I enjoyed it, let's do it again tomorrow!!!" :)

We are going to switch the rest of our preparation day to Thursday so
that we can go to the temple this week, so I probably won't have time
to write! Hopefully you got the tapes I sent last week! If not, they
should be there soon! :) Well family!! I love you dearly!!! Please
choose the right and remember all of the important things!! Don't EVER
EVER forget who loves you!!! :)

Love you bunches and bunches!!

Sister Bishop

Oh!!! I did meet Pres. Holmes Mom!!! :) Ha ha, She found me at the
fireside and when she saw my name tag, her eyes lit up and she said,
"Sister Bishop! I've been watching for you!!! I met your Aunt and your
Grandma and they BOTH sent you a GREAT BIG HUG, so come here!!!" ha
he, she then wrapped me up in the biggest bear hug that she could
manage! :) It was so cute!! She's adorable!! :) Glad that Ben and Di
had fun sky diving!! Have a great week! Love you!!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Oct 21,2012

Hello again to my very favorite people!! :) I hope you are all doing

Can you believe that it is already October, and MID October!!! Time
goes so fast!! I can't believe it! :) So, it really is fall in Ann
Arbor! All of the leaves are changing and today is the first time all
week we haven't had to wear tights!! So, funny story of the week! Last
week we went leaf jumping with April! It was basically the GREATEST!!!
We went up to the "Arb" and they had just barely finished raking most
of the leaves, so we kept walking and walking until we found a place
that there were some leaves on the ground! We raked them up with our
hands as good as we could and got a pretty decent pile, then took
turns jumping in it! :) As we were playing we were taking pictures,
giggling and running around and this random guy walked up with a super
nice camera and was like, "Hi! My name is Patrick! I am a
photographer, do you want me to take some pictures of you!?!" Ha HA!!
We were all like, "Umm. . . . . SURE!!!" Ba ha ha!!! So, he took a
bunch of pictures of us playing in the leaves and then gave us a card
so he could e-mail them to us! :) They actually turned out pretty good
from what we could see on the camera so we are super excited! :) April
is going to e-mail him and print off some of the good ones for us! The
funny thing is that as we were talking to him we were like, "So, are
you a photography student here?? What's your major? Etc." He got this
funny look on his face and was like, "Nope!! I'm an Engineer! I just
do this for fun!!!" Ha ha!! The reason that was so funny is cause
students here are SO dedicated to their major that they usually don't
have time for ANYTHING else! Especially engineers!!! :) It was pretty
great! Patrick made our day! :)

Other funny story really fast!! The Tingey's have started doing a date
night every month. They have been on the guys in our ward to be more
proactive about dating and to help them they are doing the date night.
Anyways, so the date night was this Friday. There were a couple of
girls that didn't get asked and REALLY wanted to go! One is named
Cyndi. SO, on Wednesday we were reading with Hunaid at the Institute!
Then we had to leave and he stayed to play ping pong with S Tingey.
Then next morning we walked in and S Tingey had this HUGE smile on her
face!! She came running (that's no small feat for S Tingey! ;) )came
running up to us and was so excited!! She told us, "Sisters!!! You
will never guess what happened last night!!!! She then told us how
Cyndi was also at the Institute the night before and when she saw
Hunaid decided to just ask him to date night! She did and HUNAID
AGREED TO GO WITH HER!!!!! :) :) Ha ha!! This is our shy little Indian
man that has ever only been on ONE date, ever in his life!!! :) Ha
ha!!! Sister Tingey about had a heart attack, but it totally made her
day!!! For date night they played Clue and everybody seemed to have a
really good time! Even Hunaid really enjoyed it! :) He has changed SO
much in the last few months! It is absolutely amazing!!! Yesterday at
church he passed the Sacrament for the first time! :) It was one of
the precious moments! He did great! I know he was super nervous, but
of course Kendall was right there to help him out so it all worked out
great! :)

So! It's been a great week! Lots of fun stuff going on and lots of
miracles too!! We met a new guy this week named Kwesi. (This story is
so exciting, but kind of a sad ending unfortunately!) We met him last
Sunday evening as we were out contacting on a pretty empty campus. (It
was fall break last week, so it was a pretty quiet weekend.) As we
talked to him, he was really excited to learn more! He told us, "Wow!!
Of COURSE I would want to know and find out if there was a prophet on
the earth today!" The night of his appointment came and we were at the
diag right on time! We sat and waited and waited, we made some phone
calls and tried to call him with no answer! So we finished our phone
calls and right as we were packing up to head out, he came running up
to us! :) We were so happy he made it!! We went to the institute and
had one of the most amazing, powerful lessons we've ever had!! The
spirit was SO strong and he was completely blown away! As we told him
the first vision, he just sat back in his chair and said, "Oh my
GOODNESS!!! Oh my goodness!!!" Then "Wow! I believe this!!!" S Decker
and I were smiling SO big we thought our faces might crack! It was
incredible!!! We invited him for a baptism commitment and he said he
would, but he would have to clear it with his parents first. This was
seriously one of the most amazing feelings! It was incredible!! After
he left we felt prompted to text him and warn him about any Anti
literature. Now, here is the sad part! After all of that, we text-ed
him Saturday to invite him to church. He text-ed us back that night
and told us that, "I will not be attending church tomorrow or our
meeting on Thursday. This is not a path I want to pursue. But thank
you for all of the information!" We were heart broken! He was so
golden!! He must have found/heard some pretty hard core anti. It was
super sad! The comforting thing though, is that he felt the spirit so
strongly!!! He will remember that and he told us that he has never
been baptized, so every time someone brings that up, he will remember
our lesson!!!! Hopefully over time his heart will be softened and he
will be able to find the truth! :)

Our other huge miracle this week was amazing how it all came
together!! We meet with Yang, our Chinese investigator every Saturday.
As we studied for him and discussed his needs/concerns in comp study
we felt very strongly that he needed to see a baptism! We felt that if
he saw it, felt the spirit and was able to have that experience that
he would not be as hesitant to set a date for his baptism. So, we
text-ed the zone leaders to see if there was a baptism in our zone
soon. Well, answer to our prayers: There was a baptism!!! AND it was
THAT evening IN Ann Arbor!!! The church building where it would be
held was like 10 mins from campus! :) :) We quickly contacted Yang and
he agreed to meet later in the evening and come to the baptism. The
other challenge though was finding him a ride! We can't give anyone a
ride in our car, so we stared calling people frantically! For one
reason or anther it seemed like EVERYONE was busy!! I think we went
through the contacts on our phone like 5 times, trying and retrying to
find someone to give Yang a ride. Finally, we had done all that we
could so we turned it over to Heavenly Father. We prayed and said "We
felt like this is something that would be very beneficial for Yang to
experience and it would address some of his needs and concerns. We
have done all that we can! Please help us!!" (We should have done that
WAY before we did, but we learned!) We decided to go through our
contacts one more time! By this time it was like 5:30 and the baptism
was at 6:30, our ultimate back up plan was to ride the bus as close as
we could get with Yang and then hike the rest of the way! :) As we
went through our contacts this time we found someone that we hadn't
tried yet! We quickly gave him a call and he told us, "Yeah, I can
help out with that!! Thanks sisters for letting me serve!!!" Oh my
goodness!!! PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!!!! :) We gave him the address and
Yang was able to make it to the baptism!!! :) It was so incredible!!
The spirit was SUPER strong and he left with a smile on his face,
really glad that he had been able to make it! Yang is so amazing!! He
is so prepared and he is SO close!!! This Saturday we are planning on
seeing him and hopefully after the experience he had at the baptism he
will have the faith and courage to set a baptism date for himself!
Keep him in your prayers!!! :) He will be the most incredible member,
all he has to do is take that leap of faith. It's scary, but I know
he'll be great!

This weekend we were at U of M (of course!) But, as you all know, it
is football season. The game days are always a little crazy with so
much alcohol, and so much of the world. It is always a rude awakening
to the "real world" that we live in. But this weekend they had a
rivalry game so it was 10 times worse! I have never seen so many
people under the influence of alcohol, not even in control of
themselves, their bodies, their minds or their language. The feeling
on campus was the most disgusting, awful thing. Bro Elms saw us pull
up to the institute and told us that we shouldn't even be there. We
had to be because we had appointments, but we were SO happy to leave
and go to the baptism that evening. Ugh!!! It's so sad to see people
lose themselves so much just for "fun" or because of peer pressure. It
made me especially grateful for the home and community that I grew up
in and for the standards that I have! It also makes me VERY grateful
for the gospel that keeps me grounded and helps me to have real joy!

Well, family! I better get going!! We have SO much to do! Ha ha, like
always! But I hope that you are all doing well!! I love you all SO
much!!! :) :) :)

Choose the right, RWLY and all of the other important things! :)

Love you guys the BEST!!

Sister Bishop

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oct. 15,2012 she isn't transferred!!

Dearest Family,

Hello All!!! As always it is great to hear from all of you! It's so
cute to hear all of your guesses about transfers!! I love it
especially cause NONE of you have EVER been to Michigan, you don't
know the people I talk about at all, and yet still every day you pray
for us, every week you watch for my letters and read, reply and keep
praying!! ha ha, you guys are the greatest!!! :) So, I've had this
line of scripture running through my head all weekend! "And there was
much rejoicing!" I've been so blessed in the last week, it's been
incredible! :) Are you ready for this?!?!?! Sister Decker is: STAYING
DECKER!!!!!! :) :) :) AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO HAPPY!!! I get
at least one more transfer here in Ann Arbor! That means by the end of
this transfer I will have spent 6 transfers (9 months!!!) So, half of
my mission in this one area!!! Can you believe it!?!? I couldn't! I
made Elder Barfuss promise that he wasn't lying to me at least 3 times
cause I thought for sure that I was out of here! I think we have a
tradition here, I train my new little missionary, and get 3 transfers
with her before I send her off into the big, wide world! I'm so
thankful we have this time!! The next 6 weeks are gonna be great! :)

So, with that exciting news, I will tell you about the rest of our
amazing week!!! :) We have an investigator, Tom, who is preparing for
baptism on Oct. 27. We met with him this week and had kind of felt
that we would need to read with him and help him to understand/apply
the scriptures especially the Book of Mormon to his life. We picked 3
Nephi 11 and were going to really focus on verse 15 (I believe) The
one where Christ invites everyone to come and feel his hands and feet
for themselves! We loved how it says "And they came one by one until
they had all come. . ." This process of following the invitation of
Christ to come one by one implies that each of us is on our own
journey of faith. We each have different trials and struggles, but
they are put there because HE knows that is what we would need! We
wanted to help Tom see that even though his journey is unique, the
Gospel will enrich that journey so much! In fact, that's what the
gospel is all about! We gave him a little introduction to the chapter
and started to read and discuss. He was really into it and as we read
about when Christ appears and comes down from heaven, he whispered,
"Wow!! It's JESUS!!!!" Ha ha, it was so adorable!!! We asked him what
he was thinking about or how he was feeling and he was like, "That
would be so GREAT to be these people right now!!! I want to be able to
see Jesus face to face!!" It was perfect!!! We talked about how
Christ's invitation is still open for each of us today! There are many
ways that we can "Come unto Him!" Some of those ways included reading
the Book of Mormon and praying daily! Meeting with us and then
continuing to pray and prepare for Baptism. It all came together so
great, thanks to the spirit! He committed to read and pray daily and
is still super excited for the 27th! He had a ton of homework this
week, but still was able to make it to church (which actually was
stake conference!) He is doing incredibly well! What a special
experience! :)

A few weeks ago after numerous attempts to contact and no luck we
finally decided to drop some of our investigators that seemed to have
dropped off the planet. It was almost heart breaking because it was
Mackenzie, Clara and Van- all of the ones we had been working with and
had been so close. . . . but we decided to have the faith to drop them
and trust that God would provide! Well, this week we have experienced
the blessings of that decision!! ALL 3 OF THEM EITHER CALLED US OR
RANDOMLY SHOWED UP AT THE INSTITUTE!!!!! All of them!!! Ha ha! It was
amazing!!!!! We met with them, had really amazing, spirit filled
lessons and they asked if we could continue to teach them!!! I don't
think I will ever forget the feeling of walking into Friday Forum not
expecting any investigators and having Clara pop out of nowhere!!! She
ran up and gave me a great big hug!! Such an amazing feeling! (P.S.
Her Mom is dying of cancer, so please remember her and her family in
your prayers! They surely need it!) You come to love these people so
much, it's incredible!!! My other favorite thing was when we taught
Van, we felt very strongly about teaching him the plan. As we laid it
all out, the spirit filled the room and then as we talked about the
Celestial kingdom he started to get a little emotional!!!! This is
VAN! 4 months ago he was an Atheist!!! But now, hearing the truths of
the gospel, his heart is being softened and his faith is growing so
much! :) :)

One other quick little miracle! Ernest is someone that has been around
for a few months. He is the one that comes to Friday Forum every week,
he is kind of loud and very passionate about everything that he is
learning. (He's super funny!!! We love Ernest!) Any ways, Elder Bednar
came and did a fireside for the YSA/Single Adults this weekend. Ernest
was SO excited to go and hear, "One of the Chosen 12. . ." come and
speak. But with his busy schedule he wasn't sure if he could make it.
Long story short, he showed up at the institute for a ride but didn't
let anyone know he would be there, so he didn't make it to the
fireside. But as we were heading home for the night we ran into him on
campus. He likes to talk a lot and usually we have to just jump in if
we want to say anything, but last night he started talking about how
he loves the things he is learning, how he is so much happier, how he
feels the spirit when he's around us and on and on. . . finally he
said something like, "I know that a lot of people say conversion takes
a long time, but I just wish it would be happening to me!!" I think my
jaw dropped then and I immediately interrupted him, "But Ernest, that
is EXACTLY what is happening!!! Those feelings you keep getting are
the spirit testifying to you that these things are true! You just
described so many of the fruits of the spirit! God is talking to you
Ernest! He's telling you that these things are true!! Are you going to
listen to what he is telling you??" With that Ernest got a little
quiet, "Really?? Do you really think so?" "YES!!! Ernest I know that
is what is happening!!" Then he had to go, but he left pondering on
the things we said. His eyes were opened a little more and I think he
had a lot to think about! :) He's totally golden! He'll be baptized as
soon as he agrees to meet with the sisters and come to church! :)

Well, family! My time is just about up! Thank Ang for the package the
the cute hat!! It's adorable! I LOVED all the flowers to put with it!
It's going to be great cause it's getting so cold!! :) Give My little
Chubs and Pork Chop a BIG hug from me! Thanks for teaching Chubs how
to pray for me!! That totally made my day! :) Thanks Mom for the
package too!!! The pictures were my favorite!! I can't believe how
fast everyone is growing up!!! And my goodness, I NEVER realized what
a beautiful family we have!!! Ha ha, not to be prideful or anything,
but YOU GUYS LOOK GOOD!!!! ;) Thanks for keeping us in your prayers
and for being the BEST!!! I sure do love you guys!! :)

Have a wonderful week!!


Sister Bishop

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012 If you want it inorder read the previous post first!!!

Dear Family,


This week has been SO incredible!!! We've had a lot of miracles! Can I
just tell you how thankful I am especially this week for the power of
prayer!??! Especially for all the prayers you guys said for us this
weekend, they were definitely felt and most appreciated!! So, like I
said, lots of miracles, but we will start out with the greatest first:
Yay!!!! Ha ha, that is an answer to one of my prayers that I have had
since May!! :) So, here is the story! Monday night after preparation
day was over we took a few minutes to do phone calls and confirm
appointments for the next day. As we made the phone calls I couldn't
get the Perry family off of my mind! As I prayed about it and tried to
feel it out, I knew that i HAD to call them and I even knew exactly
what i needed to say! :) I told S Decker and she instantly replied, "I
felt it too! Let's call them!" We said a little prayer and I dialed
the number. Dan was the one who answered and He immediately recognized
who I was. With out much of anything else, I just opened my mouth and
these words came out, "Dan, as missionaries we get moved around a lot.
It is getting to be the time when I could be moved from Ann Arbor and
I really, REALLY would love to come and visit you and your family
before I leave. Can we please come and see you??" He paused for a
minute and replied, "just a minute, let me ask Melody. . . " It was
like 30 seconds later when he came back on the phone and told us,
"Yeah! WE would like to see you before you leave, but we would have to
meet at a park. Would that be okay??" At this point it was all I could
do to hold back the tears and the squeals of excitement, but we agreed
on a time (Saturday at 2:00) and he gave us directions to a little
park in town where we would meet. As soon as I hung up, S Decker and I
looked at each other and just screamed!!! Ha ha! We were SO excited!!!
:) SO, with that we called and told Pres. Holmes and got permission to
go, called April (our BFF in the ward) and got a ride and we were set!
:) All week long we studied and prayed and Friday we even fasted,
hoping that everything would work out for the best!!! :) As we
prepared there were so many things that we thought of teaching or
telling them, but it all came together so well. We had an awesome
lesson plan, scriptures, pictures of temples, quotes and everything!!
We were prepared for ANYTHING!!! :) Well, Saturday rolled around and
we were still UBER excited! We met April and listened to the first
session of conference on the way and before we knew it we had found
the little park and were waiting for them to show up! Honestly I think
that last hour of the first session I didn't hear anything!! i was
just praying my little heart out! :) We only waited like 10 minutes
and sure enough, there they were!!! They were SO happy to see us!
Melody gave me a GREAT big hug and Dan had the biggest smile on his
face!! Phew! That was a relief! With that, I was very calm, collected
and knew exactly what needed to be said and done! :) We visited for a
few minutes, they showed us some pictures and we really reconnected.
Then I just opened my mouth and again, the words just came! :) I said
an opening prayer and started teaching and testifying. . . I honestly
don't remember exactly what I said,but the feeling there and the
spirit was incredible!! We didn't follow our lesson plan at all! All
of those things were unnecessary. (Not that the preparation was
unnecessary, but that just wasn't what they needed to hear.) I think
the "lesson" lasted all of 15 minutes, but by the end Melody was just
beaming and Dan was so excited that we cared enough about Danielle and
about them to drive all of the way up there and get their permission
to so this work. The whole time they were nodding their heads and
agreed with everything we said. When we asked for permission they
simply said, "Yes! We think that Danielle would like that very much!
Thank you!" :) And that was it! SIMPLE, BEAUTIFUL, AND SPIRIT
GUIDED!!!! We will be able to submit the paper work and to the work
this May, so right before I come home!!! What a blessing!! It all
worked out so well!! I love this family so much!!! They are amazing!!!
What a special blessing it is for me to be a part of this! :) <3 After
such a great success, we were anxious to break our fast and to thank
our Heavenly Father for all of the blessings that he had poured out on
us! :) This whole experience has been one of learning to trust in
God's timetable! He knew where to put Danielle and the missionaries
that needed to be a part of her life, even if only for a few days! He
knew we needed to meet her family and connect so well with them, he
knew all of the times when they needed a simple phone call and he knew
exactly what they needed to hear as we met with them this weekend!
What a testimony of God's love for ALL of his children! He know us SO
WELL!!! He has a wonderful plan for us and as we follow it there are
SO many blessings! I love being able to play a small role in people's
lives as I teach them about this wonderful plan! It truly changes
lives, it brings hope and peace to a world where that is hard to find.
It make the impossible very possible and he takes the weak things of
the earth and molds them into something beautiful and great! Sometimes
that refiners fire hurts, sometimes we may think that it is
unbearable, but as we see his face in our countenance it makes it all
worth it! :) What blessing it is to have to restored gospel as part
of our lives! How grateful I am to know, love and serve My Savior!!! I
am SO grateful for his example, his love, his peace and his guidance
in every part of my life!! :)

YAY for miracles!! So, our other miracle this week was Tom! :) He is a
student at EMU and someone that we met out contacting! :) We set an
appointment with him and this week as we met and taught him the
restoration he was floored! :) The lesson was super powerful at the
end because we invited him to say the prayer, which he accepted. As he
prayed he said, "God, I thank you for helping me to meet these
wonderful ladies and for the message that they shared with me today
because I ALREADY know that all of it is true!!!" Ha ha! After that, I
couldn't NOT invite him to be baptized!! He accepted and is now
preparing to be baptized on the 27th of Oct!!!! :) He even came to
conference this weekend and really seemed to enjoy it! :) It was

I really really enjoyed conference this weekend! It was SO good to
hear the Prophet and all of the General Authorities speak! When they
announced that missionaries could go out at a younger age S Decker and
I just stared at each other and started screaming!!!! HA ha!! Then of
course the Elders were texting us and we were all having a little
party!! That is so awesome!! These new missionaries are going to be
INCREDIBLE!! It was just a little scary to think of 18 year old boys
and 19 year old girls doing missionary work and converting so many
souls, but then as I thought about it, it made perfect sense!!! This
is God's work!!! He can use anybody that is willing to do it! It's
pretty simple, as we are obedient and do all that we can, God provides
the miracles! Such has been my experience any ways! :)

Oh man! I think all week of so many little stories and funny things I
want to tell you guys, but then Monday rolls around and my mind goes
blank!! Man! I hate that!! i guess i will have to start writing it
down! :) :) Well, transfer calls are this Saturday!!! We are both
getting a little nervous!!!! I would absolutely LOVE to stay here and
if i do, that would be HALF of my mission in Hill st!!! S Decker and I
are both hoping for at least one more transfer. . . . but I really
don't know!!! We only have 1 sister coming in this time, so maybe!!!
:) I think that is one thing that I hate about being a missionary! You
love and serve these people and then you just pack up and move on! I
guess the comforting thing though is that there are only more people
out there to get to know, love and serve! So, I will keep that as a
positive attitude, look forward with faith, keep a smile on my face,
work hard, love the work and EXPECT MIRACLES!!! :) It's gonna be
great!! :)

Well family! I love you SO MUCH!!!! Thanks for all of the prayers! I
felt really close to all of you this weekend! The power of prayer is
REAL!!! It really does work!! :) I'm not sure if I will get a chance
to do snail mail today, but know that I love you all super duper

Happy Birthdayto Tootie on Friday!!! Hope you
both have a WONDERFUL day!!! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to
YOU!!! Happy Birthday to TOOTIE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! :)

Love you lots and lots!!

Sister Bishop

Lisa keeps us in suspense

Dearest Family,

HELLO MY FAVES!!! :) This week has been SO incredible!! I have to tell
you that I definitely felt your prayers for us this weekend as we
visited with the Perry family and I am SO thankful!!! You guys are the
GREATEST!!!! So, there is a lot more to the story, but we'll start if
off with the biggest miracle of all:

Friday, October 5, 2012

a sister Lisa helped teach

Lisa helped teach a young lady who was very sick.  she was transferred to Lisa's area and told Lisa she wanted her to make sure her work is done.  This sister passed away and was never well enough to get baptized. Lisa wrote P.S. I just called the family and theya re letting us come visit them on Saturday!!!!! :) I cleared it with President Holmes and we have a ride and everything. MIRACLES!!! "Please pray for us to know what to say and for their hearts to be softened to accept our message and let us do their daughter's work.  In God's timing it will all work out! But prayer never hurts!!!!
How did Harry get to Detroit Michigan?

Elder and sister Tingey, Sister Decker and Lisa

This is Henry!  He is beautiful!! He is our "pet" We love him dearly and let's be honest, he's the best pet ever!  Me Henry Sister Decker

This is for Ben.  Lisa's thumb is where she is at and her index finger is where Ben is going onhis mission.  They are only a hand apart.

Lisa's 21st Birthday!!!

Sister and Sister Decker
"Lisa wrote
Yep, we're pretty cool!!!

Me and Sister Jones in front of Canada

At the Ford Museum
"Look I'm so tall"!

Sister Decker, Me and Hunaid at the Detroit Temple

The Sisters!
AWWWW, These sisters are the besy!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hello Everybody!!!! This past week has been SO good!!! :) Oh man,
we've seen so many miracles and Heavenly Father has really poured out
his blessings!!

Last Saturday as we were out contacting we found this really neat guy
named Raul. He was supposed to be watching the football game. (Cause
that's what college students do on a Saturday night, especially here
at U of M!!!) But randomly decided to skip the game and go to the gym.
We found him after working out on his way home, as we talked with him
he really opened up to us and said he was looking for something to
help him continue to grow and that "This might be exactly what I am
looking for!" :) We assured him that it most definitely WAS exactly
what he was looking for and needed! He didn't have time right then,
and neither did we so we scheduled a time and went our ways.The next
day as we prepared for our lessons we were SO excited to teach him, we
could hardly wait! :) We went to the library where we said we would
meet and he was anxiously waiting for us, we walked up and he got the
BIGGEST smile on his face! As we visited and asked about his
background for a few minutes he basically said ALL of the how to begin
teaching bullet points, then started in on how important prayer was
and even though we seemed like we could tell him a lot of things that
he was going to have to find out for himself by asking God! :) Ha ha!
It was fantastic!!! We had to stay on our toes to be able to teach him
something! That's how the whole lesson went! He loved Joseph Smith's
story, and was floored at the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon.
When I told him that he could keep the copy we had his eyes got as big
as saucers, and he reverently took it and carefully put it in a safe
spot in his back pack. :) He promised to read and pray and was super
excited when we said there was more we had to teach him! :) He
couldn't set an appointment right then, but we are definitely going to
see him this week! The other miracle was the fact that he committed to
pray about being baptized, and he said that he would do that too! :)
It was such a testimony to me that God guides us! He will guide us to
His Elect, or he will guide them to us! God can do anything!!! He
guided us to each other and provided a chance for one of his Beloved
Children to draw closer to him! Yay for missionary work!! It's the
greatest!! :)

The next day we spent at EMU. We had an appointment with Lashawn, who
we had taught only 1 time. We weren't really sure what her desire was
and so that was our goal at our appointment. As we reviewed the
restoration and testified of Christ everything just came together
beautifully. At the end of our lesson we invited her to be baptized on
Oct. 27
, she accepted!!!! (So super random fact: We have really,
really amazing zone leaders! They invited each companionship in our
zone to put someone on date this week and promised us that we would
see many miracles as we exercised our faith! That was such a huge
reminder of the power of obedience and faith. We did it and just like
they promised, we did see lots of miracles! She is the first one we
have had on date in a couple of weeks!) Lashawn has to work every
weekend, so we are trying to figure out a way for her to attend
church. I don't know how, but I do know that it will work out!
Heavenly Father is in charge and He will make it possible if that is
what needs to happen! :)

That night we had another miracle as we were out contacting. We found
a guy named Ryan. He let us sit down with him right then and there and
teach him the restoration. He is super prepared and was excited to
learn more. As we taught him, it was amazing to see how the spirit
just took over the lesson. We testified and he felt it so strongly! He
accepted a baptism invitation and we are excited to see him this week
to extend a date!! :) I love how as we do our best to work hard, God
always watches over and takes care of us!

With the last few weeks going the way we were, S Decker and I decided
that we really needed to recommit ourselves to the work. We talked
about it a lot and finally decided some goals that we thought would
help us! Then we also asked our Elders to give us a blessing.
Yesterday right before church we just took a few minutes and did that
for us. It was so incredible!!! I am SO thankful for the power of the
priesthood!!! It was amazing for me to see how God talked to both of
us in our individual ways, we both heard, felt and understood where we
were and what needed to happen next! :) It was so wonderful! I was
again reminded of Heavenly Fathers great love for all of his children
and for me! :) I am so blessed, and so thankful for all of those
blessings! :)

So, our other huge miracle was something that I thought would NEVER
happen!!! At least not when I would be here to witness it! But, HUNAID
BORE HIS TESTIMONY!!!!!!! :) :) :) He made Kendall go first and then
he was the very last one! When we saw he was getting up, we both
looked at each other and burst into the biggest smiles you've ever
seen in your life!!! His testimony was simple, but straight from the
heart and everybody was touched! :) He said something like, "Hello! My
name is Hunaid! If you haven't met me before, that's okay. I am
Kendall's friend! I used to be an atheist, but then I met the sisters
and they taught we how to pray. So, I know it sounds kind of like a
hippie, but I did it and IT WORKS!!! I felt so much better and I knew
that the spirit was talking to me! I know that the Book of Mormon is
the word of God. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ,
amen!" He had everybody smiling and giggling just a little, but it was
SO good!! The best thing was that he did it COMPLETELY on his own! We
didn't ask him to share his testimony and when we talked to him later
he said he had been thinking about it for a whole week! He had even
written down exactly what he wanted to say and practiced it!!! :) He
was a little embarrassed, but felt very good afterward and we were
able to assure him that underneath all the nervous feelings, the
spirit was again testifying of the truth of the things that he had
said. It was amazing!!! :) Oh, how I love that little Indian man! :)

We had so many other great lessons this week! We still didn't have a
ton, but at least some of our investigators are getting back to us
FINALLY!! It was an incredible week, maybe if I have time i will tell
you more about it in my snail mail!! But my time is about up here!!
I'm SO excited for General Conference this weekend!! We have some good
plans and are hoping to get a lot of investigators to come! It's gonna
be the start of some really good things happening in Hill St!! This
week is looking so great! We have a lot of faith, we are recommitted,
we know why we are here and we are excited to see God's help as we
work hard doing HIS work! :) I love you all SO SO Much!!!

Keep smiling, remember all the important things and especially RWLY!!!! :)

Love you all! Have a wonderful week!


Sister Bishop

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!!!! You are the greatest Mom ever! I hope you
have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it!!! Butter churn and all!! Ha
ha! LOL ;) (Just kidding, just kidding!! But really! I love you super
duper mucho!!)