Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012
Hello Family!!!

Once again it is Monday morning and I wonder where the last week of my
life went?? Ha ha, This week has been a really good one! First of all,
despite the fact that all except 5 of our investigators are leaving
for the summer, we had a really great week! We were able to see most
of them before they left and get their home addresses so that we can
send them into the office as referrals. On Friday we called the office
with at least 5 referrals and we are going to call them on Wednesday
with another 3. Those missionaries are really going to love us!! ;)

We had the mission fireside this week and we were able to attend with
Morgan. It never ceases to amaze me how tailored everything seems to
be just to her needs! At the fireside they talked about faith, how it
is like a seed and when we plant it if it's a good seed it will grow!
Then the stake president, President Devree's shared his testimony of
the Restoration of the Gospel. It was such a spiritual feast!!! It was
so neat!! Morgan is doing so great. She is still reading her Book of
Mormon, praying and came to church with us yesterday. She is excited
to be moving home for the summer and to meet with the elders who will
continue to teach her! I love that girl SO MUCH!!! She actually
reminds me a lot of Di! <3 She is super smart, tall, pretty and takes
her education very seriously. She has goals for what she wants out of
life and isn't afraid to work hard to accomplish those goals. She is
learning more about her Savior and you can see the light in her eyes
as she meets with us. She is gaining a testimony!! She knows that this
is true!!! I love being a missionary and helping people like Morgan-
it's the greatest feeling to see someone you love so much make
progress and come unto Christ! <3

Other random notes about the fireside, this was Sister Burnham's LAST
one!! It was really difficult to say good bye, harder than I ever
thought that it would be. But I am SO excited for her! She is coming
to the pageant this year, so watch for her!!! When she gives you all a
big hug, you can know that it was from me!! <3 She said that she was
still writing Mom?? Ha ha, She said to ask you about it?? Wow! She is
such an amazing sister! :) Okay, so one more crazy story about the
fireside! As I was visiting with Sister Burnham, I saw the Dyerly
family from the Chelsea ward. (Joel Dyerly is the one that knew David
M Fisher from his mission.) So I talked with them for a few minutes
and they had another son that recently returned from a mission. As we
were talking he said he had served in the Florida, Jacksonville
mission. I couldn't remember for sure, but I thought that might be
where McKay Howell was serving. So I decided to just ask him! When I
asked if he knew an elder Howell, his eyes got big and he got super
excited! Ha ha, apparently, McKay and him (Elder Dyerly) were
"brothers" in the mission! Meaning that they had both been trained by
the same elder! The Mormon world is such a small, connected place! I
love it so much!! :)

We had exchanges this week and of course they were totally inspired!!
I love how that always works out! Sister Holmes came to Hill St with
me and Sister Thompson went to North ville with Sister Godfrey. As
Sister Holmes and I were teaching one of our investigators named
Hannah, we asked for her information so that we could refer her to the
missionaries in her area. As she said her address, Sister Holmes eyes
lit up and she got this huge smile on her face, she then announced
that she KNEW the missionaries in that area, in fact it was HER area!!
Ha ha, It was really neat that she got to be a part of the teaching
process and it made for a super smooth transition! So many miracles
this week!

So, one more amazing story! :) Yesterday after Sacrament meeting I was
taking a bathroom break. (ha ha, big surprise, right! ;) ) As I was
washing my hands Sister Thompson saw we had a phone call coming in.
She quickly answered it and after a few minutes started furiously
taking notes. I looked over her shoulder to see something about, "U of
M Hospital" "Leukemia" "Meet there at 4:00!" When she hung up she
looked at me with a slightly confused look and said, "Sister, we have
to be at the U of M hospital today at 4:00!" She tried to explain the
situation but we were both slightly confused, so I called the guy back
to get some additional information. I found out that he was the ward
mission leader from Ithaca, MI. (It's in the Lansing mission.) And
that they had an investigator at U of M with Leukemia who had about 2
weeks to live. She had been meeting with the missionaries and really
wanted to be baptized but she had been so sick they hadn't been able
to coordinate it yet. With such a short time left and the knowledge
that she might not make it back to Ithaca they wanted our help to
coordinate and see if we could get her baptized soon! We were both
shocked now, but agreed to meet Bro Anderson at the hospital at 4:00.
When we walked into Danielle's room there was this overwhelming
feeling of peace and I could really feel Heavenly Father's love for
his daughter that he loves so much! She couldn't hardly talk, and she
was so hooked up to tubes and iv's and everything else, but she
definitely has a testimony! You could see it in her eyes, you could
even feel it just simply by being in her presence! Bro Anderson gave
her a blessing and the Lord promised her that she would heal enough to
be able to be baptized, it was the most beautiful blessing! The spirit
in the room was so strong! We still are not sure exactly how or when,
but we are going to do our very best to help her be baptized like she
wants! It was such an honor to be a part of that special moment, we
are going to keep visiting her and doing anything we can to help her!
:) Just keep Danielle Perry and her family in your prayers! We are
going to need a miracle for her to be strong enough, but with God, ALL

Whew, and with all of that exciting news, I will end with what I
started: Transfer call are in AND . . . . we are both staying!!! Not
really a surprise cause we are still doing our training stuff, but I
was kind of hoping that we would end up with a trio! ;) Oh well! :)
Mother's day is coming right up!! I can't wait to talk to all of you!
:) I love you all SUPER DUPER MUCHO!!! :) Thanks for being the best
family ever!


Sister Bishop
April 23,212

Dear Family!!

Hello!!! I feel like this week has all kind of been a blur. . . . I'm
looking back trying to remember what we did and kind of coming up with
a blank. Ha ha, we did MISSIONARY WORK!! :) I feel like all of our
days are pretty similar, but SO different! Ha ha. We taught Morgan
again this week and were able to get Kristen Gines to be there with
us. (Kristen is basically my Hero!! I love this girl SO much!! We
spent Christmas with her family and I called you guys from her house.
She is a RM and is just the greatest! She is super busy but finds time
to come to lessons with us. She is really supportive and always
helpful-she's pretty much amazing! :)) So, Kristen and Morgan hit it
off really well! We actually even invited Morgan to be baptized and
she agreed, but then she informed us that she is moving home for the
summer. . . RATS!! That's okay though, cause the Sterling Heights
Elders are going to get an awesome referral! Morgan is the one I told
you about last week, her Mom has cancer and has been really
struggling. It was really sad cause Morgan was super excited to come
to church this week, but then couldn't make it because she had to go
home for a "family emergency." Keep Morgan and her family in your
prayers! I really think that her moving could be a blessing in
disguise and maybe the rest of her family will also listen to the
missionaries and find the peace and comfort that comes from living
the gospel! Morgan is SO Good! I really love that girl! :)

Other news, remember that Christian group I told you about a few weeks
ago? Yeah, we totally got in contact with them! It was really cool,
Sister Thompson and I were finishing up our lunch and making a few
quick phone calls, then we were going to head and to go contacting. As
we stood up to leave, this girl sitting at a table behind us waves us
down and asked, "HEY!! Are you the missionaries that were talking to
us the other day? I had some questions, do you have a few minutes that
I can talk to you?" Of course we sat right down with her and taught
her about the restoration. She is very sincere and wanted to really
know what sets us apart as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints. She only had a few minutes, but when we were done
she asked if we could meet again the next night. It was really sweet!
The next night she brought several friends from her Christian group
and we were able to introduce all of them to the Book of Mormon. At
first it was really rough cause they were asking all these questions
and wanted proof from the Bible. We tried to answer their questions
that way, but they weren't satisfied. After a few minutes of this I
realized we were not going to get anywhere and that we weren't really
following the spirit. So, we switched it up a little. First we were
able to testify of Christ, build on the common ground that we all had
faith in Christ, then we introduced the Book of Mormon in that light,
that it helped us learn more about Christ as it testified of him, his
life and his love for all of us! We ended up in Alma 32, explaining
how this is an experiment of faith that we have to try out. God has
promised us that when we ask in faith, he will give us the answers
that we are looking for! We both tried to really testify, and it made
a huge difference!! Now instead of attacking their faith or arguing
over what the Bible says, we left it up to them to ask God. It was so
much more effective. I love how as we follow promptings, everything
works out so much better! It reminded me of that scripture in D&C
about how if we don't have the spirit, we SHALL NOT teach! Yup, I
definitely have a testimony of that principle! :)

This week we had interviews with President Holmes. I can't tell you
enough how much I love him and Sister Holmes! They are so good!! In my
interview as we were talking, President encouraged me to keep working
hard, be more faithful and have patience! (I was telling him about how
we had been promised that we could baptize once a month and I felt
like we had been working hard and had no one to baptize this month! I
really want to baptize, that is my purpose to help others come unto
Christ and I felt like we hadn't had any success!) It was a really
good reminder for me to be more faithful. He told me to talk to Elder
Davis about faith. So that night after planning we called him. He
simply testified about how God puts us in a certain place at that time
for a reason and he felt like finding that reason was demonstrating
faith. It has really helped me this week to "Find the reason I'm
here!" It's amazing what a simple change of attitude can do. As I've
tried to focus on finding that reason I think more about my Savior and
what he would be doing if he were right here. After all, I am a
representative of Jesus Christ so I should be doing what he would be
doing. I've seen how much more effective this is in all of our daily
activities! We find more potentials that are sincerely interested, our
lessons are MUCH better and our unity has increased so much! I think
that is going to be a theme for the rest of my mission, to find the
reason that God put me here! :) In one of our recitations, we say, "By
revelation I have been selected as a PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF JESUS
CHRIST. . . " I'm taking this to heart, I will be a DO-er, I will be
more faithful, more obedient, more caring, more loving, more focused
on others and more Christ-like!

We are excited for another week full of finding new investigators
because now that the semester is over, all the ones we have met are
leaving! But, this is God's work, he is in charge and he will take
care of us!

I hope that you are all doing so good! Good luck to Rach, Di and Joe
this week with finals, and to the rest of the Chillens with the school
year coming to a close!! :) I'm glad that you guys finally got the
letter i mailed last week! :) Thanks for all that you do! I love you
all so, SO much!!! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16,2012

Dear Family,

Thanks so much for the package this week!!! Peaches again. . . . i
think it is no small miracle that they made it in the mail all the way
from Manti to Michigan!! HA ha, What a tender mercy! We are totally
buying ice tonight so we can enjoy a lovely peach smoothie! I'm SO
EXCITED!!! :) I loved the pictures, books and food! Ha ha, some of the
oatmeal packets were slightly ripped and so there was oatmeal
everywhere! It was hilarious! (P.S. I have had blueberry waffles for
breakfast like every day this week! Thanks so much, they are
DE-LISH!!) So basically, I can't say thank you enough! You are all so
wonderful! <3 Today I also got the package of church history DVD's, so
we are way excited to be able to use those too! This week was so
SWEET!! I got 3 packages!! I felt SO LOVED!! :) So besides the 2 from
you guys, I got one from Sister Howell for the ward relief society
party! It totally made my day! Please let her (and all of the Relief
Society Sisters) know how much I appreciated their little notes of
encouragement and love! :)

This week has been such a good one! We had new missionary orientation
which of course was amazing! We talked about the importance of
obedience and letting the spirit guide us. It's something that i have
been really trying to work on, so it was a really good reminder where
i could take a few minutes to evaluate where I'm at, and set some
goals to let the spirit guide me more. Of course it is always good to
be with the other missionaries and Sister Hoopes was there so we got
to talk for a few minutes! It's so amazing how much you really come to
love people in such a short amount of time. She really feels like my
Sister, so it was SO GOOD to see her!!! Man! I Love that girl, so
much! :) It's only been about a month since they split us up, but in
that short time i can see how much I've grown and how much she has
grown! We definitely didn't want to be split up, but it was really a
testimony of how this is the Lord's work! He knows what to give us to
help us learn and grow! :) What a great meeting! :)

It's amazing to think how fast time goes! Sister Thompson and I have
been together almost a whole month!! CRAZY! I can see how she is
finding her "Missionary Self" and starting to really be more involved
with the work and love it! Her confidence has really grown and I am
learning how to let her take the lead. This week I was able to ask her
to start several lessons, the first few times were really rough, but
practice makes perfect! (I remember going through the exact same
thing!) I had to really rely on the spirit and trust that Heavenly
Father will help us. It was the most amazing experience! As I turned
the whole situation to Heavenly Father, prayed for Sister Thompson,
for the investigator and to be guided by the spirit, we were SO
blessed! WE were teaching a girl named Morgan for the first time. It
was S. Thompson's turn to start and after the prayer, she started
teaching and asking questions and i started praying even harder!! :) I
watched as S. Thompson used the how to begin teaching bullet points
that we had been practicing, how she was able to ask inspired
questions, how she laid out our expectations (and Morgan didn't even
flinch! She was totally good with everything that we were asking her
to do!!) S Thompson is turning into an AMAZING missionary!!! :) She is
going to be SO GOOD! I prayed the whole lesson and stepped in to help
teach as needed, but it was truly a tender mercy to see this wonderful
blessing! Morgan is SO prepared!! I was studying the other day about
how Angels are preparing our investigators hearts, that was plainly
manifested to me by Morgan! She was hadn't been to church since she
was like 4, so she has hardly any knowledge about spiritual things. As
we taught her about God's love for her, about prophets, apostasy, the
Restoration, the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it was true she
was like a sponge- just soaking everything up! We taught her how to
pray, and she willingly said the closing prayer. <3 As she prayed she
thanked heavenly Father for "bringing these 2 lovely ladies into my
life at a time when i so desperately needed them!" I was overwhelmed
at the feelings of love and gratitude for the gospel! For my
testimony, for being a missionary, for the angels that have prepared
Morgan and for the opportunity i have to help her at this time in her
life! Later we found out that her mom is fighting cancer, she isn't
doing very well and it has been really hard for Morgan. When she came
to church on Sunday, all 3 meetings were about God's love for all of
his children, sacrifice, and how Christ is ALWAYS there for us!
Throughout the meetings she was just kind of in awe, she would nod her
head and agree with what the speakers or teachers were saying and at
the end of the day she asked "Is that all? It's really been 3 hours! I
thought it would be much longer, but that seemed to go by so quickly!"
We are meeting with her tomorrow and I can hardly wait! She is one of
those special spirits that I really KNOW I was sent here to find,
teach and help her to feel and know of God's immense love for her!!!
It's amazing!!

This week one of our goals was to continue to talk to as many people
as we possibly could, cause when we do that we will be able to find
those that are really ready to accept the message of the restoration.
It is almost too easy sometimes to let someone walk by and make an
excuse like, "They were walking too fast. . ." or "They probably
wouldn't have been interested any ways!." So this week we made a new
rule: If one of us let someone walk by, we didn't get any ice cream
when we got home that night! But in order to redeem ourselves, if we
did let someone walk by, we had to get 2 more potentials than we had
set our goals for. Ha ha, it was rough! The ice cream has sat lonely
in the freezer this whole week, but we are determined this week that
we are going to be able to enjoy some! :) It's a good goal that really
helps us to push ourselves and each other!

One more quick story, we were invited to stop by a Christian group on
campus and share a little bit more about the Book of Mormon. Of course
nothing ever turns out the way we plan, but i guess that is why we
practice!! We only had planned on talking to a few of the guys we had
contacted into earlier in the week, but as we started teaching the
whole group turned around to listen!! We didn't have much time because
we had another appointment, but we were able to quickly share our core
message, give them Restoration pamphlets and invite them to really
study it out, pray about it and call us with any questions. We haven't
heard anything from them yet, but I know there were some good seeds
planted- we are going to see miracles!! :)

Well, family! My time is up! I love you all SO much!!! Thanks Mom Dad
and Di for your letters this week! :) Keep praying for me! <3 I need
all the help i can get! :) Thanks so much for all you do, you are all
such a huge blessing that I thank Heavenly Father for every single
day! :) Love you all the BESTEST!!

Sister Bishop

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hello Dear Family!! It is Monday morning once again and I was so glad
to get all of your e-mails!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! (Seriously, I feel
like I say that every time, but I hope you know how much i really mean
it! I LOVE you all so super much!! You are all the reason that I am
the person that i am today, and I'm so grateful for that! I just
couldn't ask for a better Family then the one that i have been blessed
with! :))

This week has been good. . . I feel like I am finally finding ways to
be a better trainer and help Sister Thompson be more involved. It's
interesting the transformation that i have seen in myself the last 3
weeks. I knew that i could teach, and I would actively participate in
each of our teaching opportunities, but probably not as fully as I
could have. But going from that to now having to be the leader and set
the example I felt like all this weight was on my shoulders! But in
the last week i feel like i have learned how to share that
responsibility more with my companion, rely on the spirit and guess
what!?!? This week went WAY BETTER! :) I think that me trying to do
everything was way too stressful and actually selfish of me. I wasn't
letting Sister Thompson learn and gain experience too. I read and
studied the Talk, "Jesus the Perfect leader" and it was really
helpful. I realized that my examples is the way that Sister Thompson
is going to see, but her experiences will be the true teacher. As we
were studying this week we came across a couple verses in D&C 33,
talking about how we MUST "Open our mouths!" We realized that we
weren't talking to everybody that we could and because of that we were
missing out on some of the blessings that Heavenly Father had waiting
for us. We made it a new goal to really talk to everyone!!! It was
amazing!! :) 2 quick stories will show just a few of the miracles that
we have been blessed with.
1- This week as we were out contacting at EMU, we stopped a girl and
were talking to her for a few minutes, she had a lot of questions so
we spent probably about 15 minutes talking and answering her
questions. As we were testifying of Christ and his love for us an guy
walked by. (Just so you know, NONE of us had ever met this guys
before, he was a complete stranger!) He must have heard us talking
cause he walked a few steps, stopped, turned around and came back to
where we were talking. He interrupted our conversation and asked,
"Wait, are you guys talking about Jesus!?!?" We must have looked
really surprised but quickly recovered. :) We explained that we WERE
talking about Jesus! He was interested so while Sister Thompson talked
to the girl, I turned my attention to him. His name is Matthew and he
is really religious, he LOVES JESUS!! (Ha ha, what a coincidence, he
talked to the RIGHT GIRLS! ;) ) We exchanged contact info and set an
appointment to meet with him this week! It was so amazing! People
hardly ever talk to us, but he totally interrupted a conversation
between 3 girls that he had never met! :) :) Miracles!!

2- So we had an appointment this week with a potential investigator.
We had made the appointment, and got his number but when we called to
confirm the appointment, we found out he gave us the wrong number. We
were kind of disappointed, but decided that we would show up, just in
case he had accidentally given us the wrong number. This was kind of
absurd because EMU campus was completely shut down for Easter weekend,
all the buildings were closed and locked, and everybody was going home
for the weekend. But for some reason I really felt like we needed to
be there. It was interesting trying to coordinate our day, but somehow
everything just worked out perfectly. As we got the the place we were
going to meet, our potential was not there, just a lonely looking guy
smoking a cigarette. I was disappointed for a minute, but then decided
we might as well talk to this kid, he was here and so were we, so why
not!! As we introduced ourselves and told him a little about the Book
of Mormon, he assured us that he was NOT interested. But then, we just
kept talking (I honestly can't even remember what we said!) and he
kept asking us questions. When we gave him answers it was like feeding
a teenage boy! ;) He just couldn't get enough and kept asking for more
and more! We talked to him for a good 45 minutes, answered questions
and set up an appointment to see him this week too! It's amazing how
my perception changed when i was willing to talk to this guy; instead
of being a lost, lonely smoking boy, he turned into a child of God,
who desperately needs the gospel! I am so grateful that we follow the
promptings of the spirit and talked to him! What an incredible

Whew! So, we have been really blessed this week! :) It was really
funny though, we went to HASH BASH!!! (Just in case you don;t know
what that is, i will tell you! No worries, I didn't know either! It is
a campaign to legalize marijuana.) Ha ha, Yup! We showed up at U of M
on Saturday to go contacting and there were SO many people! I finally
just asked what was going on and then we decided that it would
probably be better to spend our time in another place. :) So after
that, we got to spend the day contacting at North Campus. It was kind
of a slow weekend between EMU being completely shut down, everybody
going home for Easter and the Hash Bash, it was interesting! :)

Well, family! I think that i might have a few minutes today to
actually write a few letters! Before I go though, I just wanted to say
how grateful I am for Easter! I spent the last few mornings studying
the Atonement and Resurrection. I am SO grateful for a loving Heavenly
Father who gave us this life to prove ourselves, and for a merciful
Savior who enables me to do and become a much better person. I have
truly felt of my Saviors love for me this week! I KNOW that he lives!
I know that this is his church that has been restored upon the earth
and I am so honored to be the messenger to share that with so many of
his children that have not had the opportunity to hear it yet! I love
my Savior! :) I love being a missionary and representing him! It's
awesome! :)

I Love you all so much!! Hope that you all had a wonderful Easter and
that you are all doing great! :) Have a wonderful week!

Lots of love!!!

Sister Bishop

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 2,2011


Hello!! This week has been kind of an interesting one. . . . starting
in a new area is hard! :) Especially when you have to be the senior
companion with all the answers, all the knowledge and EVERYTHING!! Ha
ha, it's been a good learning experience this week. :) First off, I
LOVE Sister Thompson. She is trying really hard but she is so
completely different than anybody i have ever worked with! (In all my
VAST experience of being a missionary ;) ) It is always an adjustment
trying to get used to a new companion and i feel like this week it
really hit me what a responsibility it is to have to train! Last week
it was all an adrenaline rush and now I feel like life is catching up
with us a bit. Thankfully we had specialized training this week for 2
whole days and then conference as a boost too! It's so wonderful how
the Lord just knows what we will need and how to work everything out,
cause that is exactly what he did for me this week! :) We still
haven't made contact with any of the investigators that the elders
left us. . . we aren't giving up on them, but we are definitely
focusing on finding more people to teach this week. This area is so
completely different than anything else! We are getting to know the
ward and the members are all really great, we just need to get
investigators so we can bring them to lessons with us and get people
for them to fellowship. This week has been a LOT of contacting! :) We
are still learning a lot and trying to sharpen our skills, and things
are looking up. We were able to have a miracle last night!! (Miracles
happen all of the time, but this was one that was perfect timing and
such a tender mercy!) So after conference last night, we had dinner
then we were going to spend the rest of the evening contacting at U of
M. Saturday night planning we both had wanted to go to EMU, but felt
like we were really needed at U of M, so of course that is where we
headed. You have to understand, that contacting at U of M is super
hard! This is a pretty prestigious school and the students are all
super smart, and have lots of money. . . so they don't "need" the
gospel. We set a goal for 10 potentials in an hour and a half. (It was
kind of high, but I really wanted us to work our hardest and talk to
everyone that we possible could!) So with a prayer for help from
Heavenly Father we headed out. Well folks, Let me tell you! Heavenly
father is REAL!!! He compensates for my weaknesses, knows the true
desires of my heart and put in right where we needed to be! We were
able to find 6 potentials in that short time!! I was SO thankful! It
was the boost we needed to end our week and start a new one. It's
amazing that this actually works!! 2 21- year old girls can walk
around a busy campus all day, but only with God on their side can they
actually find people who want to learn more about the Restored
Gospel!!! This week at Specialized training President Holmes told the
story of Elijah from Kings, the one about "They that be with us are
more than they that be with them. .. " Then he told us that we need to
see ourselves and God sees us! He told us how much he loves us and
then bore his testimony of God's immense love for all of us! It was
very touching. I felt so comforted and loved, knowing that I am NOT
alone! I have so many people praying for me and I can feel Angels
working around and with us everyday! This week has been a humbling
one, but I have truely felt of my Saviors love for me! I am so blessed
to be a part of this church! I'm so glad to KNOW that we call all be
together forever!! I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives and he loves me SO

We got to do to the U of M stadium today for our district activity, we
have officially toured "The Big House!" Ha ha, it turned out to be
more of a zone activity, even President Holmes was there. Sister
Thompson was in 7th heaven, she is a BIG football fan. It was okay. .
. . I guess that i just think there are more important things i can do
with me money than spend $1500.00 + the cost of a season pass for ONE
seat, but that's just me! ;) And that was like 2nd class seating.

Hopefully i will have a few minutes to write you all a letter today! I
feel like I have SO MUCH to tell you! But for now, just know that I
love you all SO SO SO MUCH!!! :) I think about you all of the time!
(Well, okay I mostly think about you at night, when i actually have
time to think! ;) ) Thanks for all the letters, love and prayers, you
are the BEST ever! :) <3

I love you all SO Much! ! ! Thanks Matthew and Beckah for the letters,
you are AWESOME!! And thanks everybody for the tape! You all sang me
to sleep every night this week! <3 Love you the bestest!

Sister Bishop