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April 2,2011


Hello!! This week has been kind of an interesting one. . . . starting
in a new area is hard! :) Especially when you have to be the senior
companion with all the answers, all the knowledge and EVERYTHING!! Ha
ha, it's been a good learning experience this week. :) First off, I
LOVE Sister Thompson. She is trying really hard but she is so
completely different than anybody i have ever worked with! (In all my
VAST experience of being a missionary ;) ) It is always an adjustment
trying to get used to a new companion and i feel like this week it
really hit me what a responsibility it is to have to train! Last week
it was all an adrenaline rush and now I feel like life is catching up
with us a bit. Thankfully we had specialized training this week for 2
whole days and then conference as a boost too! It's so wonderful how
the Lord just knows what we will need and how to work everything out,
cause that is exactly what he did for me this week! :) We still
haven't made contact with any of the investigators that the elders
left us. . . we aren't giving up on them, but we are definitely
focusing on finding more people to teach this week. This area is so
completely different than anything else! We are getting to know the
ward and the members are all really great, we just need to get
investigators so we can bring them to lessons with us and get people
for them to fellowship. This week has been a LOT of contacting! :) We
are still learning a lot and trying to sharpen our skills, and things
are looking up. We were able to have a miracle last night!! (Miracles
happen all of the time, but this was one that was perfect timing and
such a tender mercy!) So after conference last night, we had dinner
then we were going to spend the rest of the evening contacting at U of
M. Saturday night planning we both had wanted to go to EMU, but felt
like we were really needed at U of M, so of course that is where we
headed. You have to understand, that contacting at U of M is super
hard! This is a pretty prestigious school and the students are all
super smart, and have lots of money. . . so they don't "need" the
gospel. We set a goal for 10 potentials in an hour and a half. (It was
kind of high, but I really wanted us to work our hardest and talk to
everyone that we possible could!) So with a prayer for help from
Heavenly Father we headed out. Well folks, Let me tell you! Heavenly
father is REAL!!! He compensates for my weaknesses, knows the true
desires of my heart and put in right where we needed to be! We were
able to find 6 potentials in that short time!! I was SO thankful! It
was the boost we needed to end our week and start a new one. It's
amazing that this actually works!! 2 21- year old girls can walk
around a busy campus all day, but only with God on their side can they
actually find people who want to learn more about the Restored
Gospel!!! This week at Specialized training President Holmes told the
story of Elijah from Kings, the one about "They that be with us are
more than they that be with them. .. " Then he told us that we need to
see ourselves and God sees us! He told us how much he loves us and
then bore his testimony of God's immense love for all of us! It was
very touching. I felt so comforted and loved, knowing that I am NOT
alone! I have so many people praying for me and I can feel Angels
working around and with us everyday! This week has been a humbling
one, but I have truely felt of my Saviors love for me! I am so blessed
to be a part of this church! I'm so glad to KNOW that we call all be
together forever!! I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives and he loves me SO

We got to do to the U of M stadium today for our district activity, we
have officially toured "The Big House!" Ha ha, it turned out to be
more of a zone activity, even President Holmes was there. Sister
Thompson was in 7th heaven, she is a BIG football fan. It was okay. .
. . I guess that i just think there are more important things i can do
with me money than spend $1500.00 + the cost of a season pass for ONE
seat, but that's just me! ;) And that was like 2nd class seating.

Hopefully i will have a few minutes to write you all a letter today! I
feel like I have SO MUCH to tell you! But for now, just know that I
love you all SO SO SO MUCH!!! :) I think about you all of the time!
(Well, okay I mostly think about you at night, when i actually have
time to think! ;) ) Thanks for all the letters, love and prayers, you
are the BEST ever! :) <3

I love you all SO Much! ! ! Thanks Matthew and Beckah for the letters,
you are AWESOME!! And thanks everybody for the tape! You all sang me
to sleep every night this week! <3 Love you the bestest!

Sister Bishop

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