Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hello Everybody!!!! This past week has been SO good!!! :) Oh man,
we've seen so many miracles and Heavenly Father has really poured out
his blessings!!

Last Saturday as we were out contacting we found this really neat guy
named Raul. He was supposed to be watching the football game. (Cause
that's what college students do on a Saturday night, especially here
at U of M!!!) But randomly decided to skip the game and go to the gym.
We found him after working out on his way home, as we talked with him
he really opened up to us and said he was looking for something to
help him continue to grow and that "This might be exactly what I am
looking for!" :) We assured him that it most definitely WAS exactly
what he was looking for and needed! He didn't have time right then,
and neither did we so we scheduled a time and went our ways.The next
day as we prepared for our lessons we were SO excited to teach him, we
could hardly wait! :) We went to the library where we said we would
meet and he was anxiously waiting for us, we walked up and he got the
BIGGEST smile on his face! As we visited and asked about his
background for a few minutes he basically said ALL of the how to begin
teaching bullet points, then started in on how important prayer was
and even though we seemed like we could tell him a lot of things that
he was going to have to find out for himself by asking God! :) Ha ha!
It was fantastic!!! We had to stay on our toes to be able to teach him
something! That's how the whole lesson went! He loved Joseph Smith's
story, and was floored at the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon.
When I told him that he could keep the copy we had his eyes got as big
as saucers, and he reverently took it and carefully put it in a safe
spot in his back pack. :) He promised to read and pray and was super
excited when we said there was more we had to teach him! :) He
couldn't set an appointment right then, but we are definitely going to
see him this week! The other miracle was the fact that he committed to
pray about being baptized, and he said that he would do that too! :)
It was such a testimony to me that God guides us! He will guide us to
His Elect, or he will guide them to us! God can do anything!!! He
guided us to each other and provided a chance for one of his Beloved
Children to draw closer to him! Yay for missionary work!! It's the
greatest!! :)

The next day we spent at EMU. We had an appointment with Lashawn, who
we had taught only 1 time. We weren't really sure what her desire was
and so that was our goal at our appointment. As we reviewed the
restoration and testified of Christ everything just came together
beautifully. At the end of our lesson we invited her to be baptized on
Oct. 27
, she accepted!!!! (So super random fact: We have really,
really amazing zone leaders! They invited each companionship in our
zone to put someone on date this week and promised us that we would
see many miracles as we exercised our faith! That was such a huge
reminder of the power of obedience and faith. We did it and just like
they promised, we did see lots of miracles! She is the first one we
have had on date in a couple of weeks!) Lashawn has to work every
weekend, so we are trying to figure out a way for her to attend
church. I don't know how, but I do know that it will work out!
Heavenly Father is in charge and He will make it possible if that is
what needs to happen! :)

That night we had another miracle as we were out contacting. We found
a guy named Ryan. He let us sit down with him right then and there and
teach him the restoration. He is super prepared and was excited to
learn more. As we taught him, it was amazing to see how the spirit
just took over the lesson. We testified and he felt it so strongly! He
accepted a baptism invitation and we are excited to see him this week
to extend a date!! :) I love how as we do our best to work hard, God
always watches over and takes care of us!

With the last few weeks going the way we were, S Decker and I decided
that we really needed to recommit ourselves to the work. We talked
about it a lot and finally decided some goals that we thought would
help us! Then we also asked our Elders to give us a blessing.
Yesterday right before church we just took a few minutes and did that
for us. It was so incredible!!! I am SO thankful for the power of the
priesthood!!! It was amazing for me to see how God talked to both of
us in our individual ways, we both heard, felt and understood where we
were and what needed to happen next! :) It was so wonderful! I was
again reminded of Heavenly Fathers great love for all of his children
and for me! :) I am so blessed, and so thankful for all of those
blessings! :)

So, our other huge miracle was something that I thought would NEVER
happen!!! At least not when I would be here to witness it! But, HUNAID
BORE HIS TESTIMONY!!!!!!! :) :) :) He made Kendall go first and then
he was the very last one! When we saw he was getting up, we both
looked at each other and burst into the biggest smiles you've ever
seen in your life!!! His testimony was simple, but straight from the
heart and everybody was touched! :) He said something like, "Hello! My
name is Hunaid! If you haven't met me before, that's okay. I am
Kendall's friend! I used to be an atheist, but then I met the sisters
and they taught we how to pray. So, I know it sounds kind of like a
hippie, but I did it and IT WORKS!!! I felt so much better and I knew
that the spirit was talking to me! I know that the Book of Mormon is
the word of God. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ,
amen!" He had everybody smiling and giggling just a little, but it was
SO good!! The best thing was that he did it COMPLETELY on his own! We
didn't ask him to share his testimony and when we talked to him later
he said he had been thinking about it for a whole week! He had even
written down exactly what he wanted to say and practiced it!!! :) He
was a little embarrassed, but felt very good afterward and we were
able to assure him that underneath all the nervous feelings, the
spirit was again testifying of the truth of the things that he had
said. It was amazing!!! :) Oh, how I love that little Indian man! :)

We had so many other great lessons this week! We still didn't have a
ton, but at least some of our investigators are getting back to us
FINALLY!! It was an incredible week, maybe if I have time i will tell
you more about it in my snail mail!! But my time is about up here!!
I'm SO excited for General Conference this weekend!! We have some good
plans and are hoping to get a lot of investigators to come! It's gonna
be the start of some really good things happening in Hill St!! This
week is looking so great! We have a lot of faith, we are recommitted,
we know why we are here and we are excited to see God's help as we
work hard doing HIS work! :) I love you all SO SO Much!!!

Keep smiling, remember all the important things and especially RWLY!!!! :)

Love you all! Have a wonderful week!


Sister Bishop

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!!!! You are the greatest Mom ever! I hope you
have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it!!! Butter churn and all!! Ha
ha! LOL ;) (Just kidding, just kidding!! But really! I love you super
duper mucho!!)

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