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October 8, 2012 If you want it inorder read the previous post first!!!

Dear Family,


This week has been SO incredible!!! We've had a lot of miracles! Can I
just tell you how thankful I am especially this week for the power of
prayer!??! Especially for all the prayers you guys said for us this
weekend, they were definitely felt and most appreciated!! So, like I
said, lots of miracles, but we will start out with the greatest first:
Yay!!!! Ha ha, that is an answer to one of my prayers that I have had
since May!! :) So, here is the story! Monday night after preparation
day was over we took a few minutes to do phone calls and confirm
appointments for the next day. As we made the phone calls I couldn't
get the Perry family off of my mind! As I prayed about it and tried to
feel it out, I knew that i HAD to call them and I even knew exactly
what i needed to say! :) I told S Decker and she instantly replied, "I
felt it too! Let's call them!" We said a little prayer and I dialed
the number. Dan was the one who answered and He immediately recognized
who I was. With out much of anything else, I just opened my mouth and
these words came out, "Dan, as missionaries we get moved around a lot.
It is getting to be the time when I could be moved from Ann Arbor and
I really, REALLY would love to come and visit you and your family
before I leave. Can we please come and see you??" He paused for a
minute and replied, "just a minute, let me ask Melody. . . " It was
like 30 seconds later when he came back on the phone and told us,
"Yeah! WE would like to see you before you leave, but we would have to
meet at a park. Would that be okay??" At this point it was all I could
do to hold back the tears and the squeals of excitement, but we agreed
on a time (Saturday at 2:00) and he gave us directions to a little
park in town where we would meet. As soon as I hung up, S Decker and I
looked at each other and just screamed!!! Ha ha! We were SO excited!!!
:) SO, with that we called and told Pres. Holmes and got permission to
go, called April (our BFF in the ward) and got a ride and we were set!
:) All week long we studied and prayed and Friday we even fasted,
hoping that everything would work out for the best!!! :) As we
prepared there were so many things that we thought of teaching or
telling them, but it all came together so well. We had an awesome
lesson plan, scriptures, pictures of temples, quotes and everything!!
We were prepared for ANYTHING!!! :) Well, Saturday rolled around and
we were still UBER excited! We met April and listened to the first
session of conference on the way and before we knew it we had found
the little park and were waiting for them to show up! Honestly I think
that last hour of the first session I didn't hear anything!! i was
just praying my little heart out! :) We only waited like 10 minutes
and sure enough, there they were!!! They were SO happy to see us!
Melody gave me a GREAT big hug and Dan had the biggest smile on his
face!! Phew! That was a relief! With that, I was very calm, collected
and knew exactly what needed to be said and done! :) We visited for a
few minutes, they showed us some pictures and we really reconnected.
Then I just opened my mouth and again, the words just came! :) I said
an opening prayer and started teaching and testifying. . . I honestly
don't remember exactly what I said,but the feeling there and the
spirit was incredible!! We didn't follow our lesson plan at all! All
of those things were unnecessary. (Not that the preparation was
unnecessary, but that just wasn't what they needed to hear.) I think
the "lesson" lasted all of 15 minutes, but by the end Melody was just
beaming and Dan was so excited that we cared enough about Danielle and
about them to drive all of the way up there and get their permission
to so this work. The whole time they were nodding their heads and
agreed with everything we said. When we asked for permission they
simply said, "Yes! We think that Danielle would like that very much!
Thank you!" :) And that was it! SIMPLE, BEAUTIFUL, AND SPIRIT
GUIDED!!!! We will be able to submit the paper work and to the work
this May, so right before I come home!!! What a blessing!! It all
worked out so well!! I love this family so much!!! They are amazing!!!
What a special blessing it is for me to be a part of this! :) <3 After
such a great success, we were anxious to break our fast and to thank
our Heavenly Father for all of the blessings that he had poured out on
us! :) This whole experience has been one of learning to trust in
God's timetable! He knew where to put Danielle and the missionaries
that needed to be a part of her life, even if only for a few days! He
knew we needed to meet her family and connect so well with them, he
knew all of the times when they needed a simple phone call and he knew
exactly what they needed to hear as we met with them this weekend!
What a testimony of God's love for ALL of his children! He know us SO
WELL!!! He has a wonderful plan for us and as we follow it there are
SO many blessings! I love being able to play a small role in people's
lives as I teach them about this wonderful plan! It truly changes
lives, it brings hope and peace to a world where that is hard to find.
It make the impossible very possible and he takes the weak things of
the earth and molds them into something beautiful and great! Sometimes
that refiners fire hurts, sometimes we may think that it is
unbearable, but as we see his face in our countenance it makes it all
worth it! :) What blessing it is to have to restored gospel as part
of our lives! How grateful I am to know, love and serve My Savior!!! I
am SO grateful for his example, his love, his peace and his guidance
in every part of my life!! :)

YAY for miracles!! So, our other miracle this week was Tom! :) He is a
student at EMU and someone that we met out contacting! :) We set an
appointment with him and this week as we met and taught him the
restoration he was floored! :) The lesson was super powerful at the
end because we invited him to say the prayer, which he accepted. As he
prayed he said, "God, I thank you for helping me to meet these
wonderful ladies and for the message that they shared with me today
because I ALREADY know that all of it is true!!!" Ha ha! After that, I
couldn't NOT invite him to be baptized!! He accepted and is now
preparing to be baptized on the 27th of Oct!!!! :) He even came to
conference this weekend and really seemed to enjoy it! :) It was

I really really enjoyed conference this weekend! It was SO good to
hear the Prophet and all of the General Authorities speak! When they
announced that missionaries could go out at a younger age S Decker and
I just stared at each other and started screaming!!!! HA ha!! Then of
course the Elders were texting us and we were all having a little
party!! That is so awesome!! These new missionaries are going to be
INCREDIBLE!! It was just a little scary to think of 18 year old boys
and 19 year old girls doing missionary work and converting so many
souls, but then as I thought about it, it made perfect sense!!! This
is God's work!!! He can use anybody that is willing to do it! It's
pretty simple, as we are obedient and do all that we can, God provides
the miracles! Such has been my experience any ways! :)

Oh man! I think all week of so many little stories and funny things I
want to tell you guys, but then Monday rolls around and my mind goes
blank!! Man! I hate that!! i guess i will have to start writing it
down! :) :) Well, transfer calls are this Saturday!!! We are both
getting a little nervous!!!! I would absolutely LOVE to stay here and
if i do, that would be HALF of my mission in Hill st!!! S Decker and I
are both hoping for at least one more transfer. . . . but I really
don't know!!! We only have 1 sister coming in this time, so maybe!!!
:) I think that is one thing that I hate about being a missionary! You
love and serve these people and then you just pack up and move on! I
guess the comforting thing though is that there are only more people
out there to get to know, love and serve! So, I will keep that as a
positive attitude, look forward with faith, keep a smile on my face,
work hard, love the work and EXPECT MIRACLES!!! :) It's gonna be
great!! :)

Well family! I love you SO MUCH!!!! Thanks for all of the prayers! I
felt really close to all of you this weekend! The power of prayer is
REAL!!! It really does work!! :) I'm not sure if I will get a chance
to do snail mail today, but know that I love you all super duper

Happy Birthdayto Tootie on Friday!!! Hope you
both have a WONDERFUL day!!! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to
YOU!!! Happy Birthday to TOOTIE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! :)

Love you lots and lots!!

Sister Bishop

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