Monday, March 11, 2013

Ben's letter March 11, 2013

Hello Family
so anyway things have been great but let me answer some of your questions first. so I have got a letter from Tim and Mom they came on the same day on Sat i think so idk but I havent got any from Di. so if she sent it to my address i should get it soon but anything sent to the mission home i wont get till my next zone confrence on the 22 so we will just see. well mom the people here are really nice they will say hi to me and all but if you bring up religion they will make some silly excuse like the other night we were walking home and contacting people as we went and it was my turn so i stopped the guy and said hi I am E B my comp name and then said we are diciples of Jesus Christ. by this time he had stopped and was listening to what we said then after I said that he said sorry guys i am in a big rush and i have to go sorry. and then he left. so we just kept going. but everyone in our area knows the Elders. and they love to make fun of us because Helder is a name here but the H is silent so they always honk and wave and Say OH ELDERS and just laugh because we turn and look and its almost as funny as Bishop Bishop. BTW the members here love my name they cant prounounce the sh sound but they try really hard and then they make that same joke it is super funny for them.

So My ward mission leader is so cool he is trying to keep us so busy and he is doing really well actually mostly because we have to wait for the bus to come and get us and go from place to place but its all good. they my ward is doing a choir so we went and last week it was really interesting. untill now i never realized how blest I was for being able to have bro Thomas and our ward choir ect people here just sing a diffrrent note if ya know what I mean. but this week we started to sing a song i recognized and then i realized it was Arise And Shine. the one we sang for this last trek idk but i was so excited I was having so much fun. it was great. The problem is that with the portuguese words some of the tempos are off so its hard but so fun i loved it.

we also have such an awesome district there is only 3 companionships of Elders but we rock!!!! we have the zl Vargas and Harvey and us and Elder Terry and Wertz and it is so much fun to go do stuff with them. and they are all super jealous of my ties. they think that my ties are so cool its super funny. speaking of ties Diana the first time I wore my awesome orange one we were walking down the street and this teenager stopped me and asked me where I got it and I was like hey elder what did he say. . . oh um America and then he was like dang it and left to catch up to his friends before we could say anything more but now I like the tie even more well have to see if stuff like that continues to happen the next time I wear it. ps Elder Vargus is from Costa Rica so I will ask him what part but if hollie is in that area that would be super cool. do you think that you could get me her email address and then we can email ect I just want to be sure to get the right address. but that would be great.

so the weather here right now is Windy and Sunny with a 100 % chance of rain almost every day. so we just go out and hope we are dressed for the weather. but its interseting. so Lisa the other Day I got to mark an inv. for Bap it was so cool his name is Luis and he smokes and has been working with the Elders for a long time but we had a lesson with him and were able to teach him and I contributed when I could but it wasnt much then E Fry turned to me and said commit him to stop smoking the 23 and Bap the 30 so with his help i did and he said yes so we are working with him and he should be bap. the 30 so please keep him in your prayers. but we have been super blest when we teach him. becaue of his family we sometimes teach him on a bench out side and one day it had been raining off and on but had stopped for a bit so we had a lesson with him and set goals with him and then as we were leavign we went around the cornner and started walking up the street and it started to rain again it was so awesome that we werent rained on.

So We just heard that now for some sweet reason we can now do emails to basically everyone and we have 1.5 hrs to do it now so idk if that is just portugal or a new thing for missionaries or what but its sweet!!!! lisa is it the same for you too or not? so I finally have tome to write all taht i want to and its great!!!!

anyway Elder fry is from Oregon so I dont think we know their family or anything but he is super awesome. Lisa I dont live by a jungle but we pass some really interesting looking fields when we are on the metro but nothing super wild dang it. so random story they have just come out with double decker busses so I hope one of them will eventually be on my bus route taht would be super cool. next question have you been feeding the Elders around there cause we have got lunch every Sunday so far, from members and from a couple that are potential investigators. so idk but some of these people are trying to get me super fat. with almost every meal they have a soup and then rice with some sort of diffrent gravey of some thing with salad and then dessert one right after another so I get super full but they are so nice. they speak in their broken english and I speak in my broken portuguese and when we dont understand we have elder fry translate its a great cycle and most of the time they just talk to E. Fry and I focus on eating and tuning into the conversations when I can or whatever. so its great.

Well family I love you all tons Tim I am glad to hear taht you almost have a date planned for your birthday that should be super fun. Mom If i understand correctly you are going to be called to the RSP and be the president is that right? good for you I will keep you in my prayers like you said well family my time is almost up so I Love you all super tons ctr and all the important stuff. love your Little Elder in Portugal.

Love Elder Bishop

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