Monday, March 4, 2013

Ben's letter March 4, 2013

Hello Family
so sorry for such a short letter last week I was trying but we only had time to print off our email an write the president and then all of you and after we literally ran home because it was faster than the bus. so I didnt even read your letters till later that night so sorry about that so first of all most importantly to dad because i want forgiveness in this life and the next. what has helped me want to serve a mission? well that comes from so much of what I was taught as I grew up. every time I heard a story from you or mom they always were so powerful and involved with faith. and that was something that I always wanted. just about every homecoming or farewell had the same message so i was so excited to serve and I had been taught that for me it was never a question of if I should serve but when and then that was something that I wanted to do so bad that I knew for me it was when I was 19 and if I had been born 6 months later or so it would have been when I was 18 :) then just going down the list in 2 ne 31 Obedience <it is a commandment to serve and your examples and stories have taught me that through all of thoes late night talks that we had as a family. I could go right down the list and say repentance was key to having the spirit there for me as I taught and then enduring to the end and I am not done enjoying yet:) so I hope that that helps idk mostly it was your examples to me and all of the important stuff that both of you and the spirit taught me and I am so greatful to have learned:)
any way My area is so cool we are in Maia and it is a huge area!!!!!!! by bus it would take about 1 hr or more to cross so we are really busy doing contacting. well normally its me saying hello we are deciples of Jesus Christ and we have a message that can bring you happyness,then I smile and look at Elder Fry and try to understand what It is that they say. its really funny because when someone is talking I can get the jist of what they are talking about but if they ask me a question then my brain realizes that and as it is processed i have to re think that and then I have to figure out what to say and this all takes time and i look to e fry with a look of ahhhhhhhhhhhh what and then he translates and I think man i knew that but my mind froze up. so it is really interesting and thats withalot of people but I have a hard time with some because they have really slured speach and i just smile and nod as they talk it is really interesting.
However we have had some adventures though because we switch bags in the midle of the day last time and I forgot my keys in the other bag and Elder fry thought i had mine so that was an interesting night but we got in about 10 min later but it was still super funny.
well i am runnign out of time so quick questions i havent got any snail mails yet and they probably explain more but lisa say hi to Pres. Holmes from Pres Fluckiger they know each other ha ha what was this about jakes accident in his car who was hannahs prom date can we make sure skipe works cause that is how i will try to talk to you next mothers day.
I was sorry to hear about sis. cobbs
well family Iove you all tons ctr and all the other stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love Elder Bishop :):)

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