Monday, March 18, 2013

Ben's Letter march 18, 2013 getting more contacts

Hello Family
Well this week has flownby maybe because I am beggining to understand people and the fact that I got letters from you guys ect (Diana it takes 8 days apparently for letters to go through) super suprising actually. Anyway this week was super cool, when I first got here Pres. Fluckiger challenged us to do 10 contacts every day and I had been slacking on that so this week after District meeting we decided to have a compitition in our district to see who could get the most contact in a day. so the next day we started to contact like crazy and that is hard to do not really knowing any thing so off we went. Well that day I contacted 16 people and among thoes was Alvero. Alvero is a gentelman who belives in Christ and is searching for the Truth and the best bible that he has found is the J W so Elder Fry talked to him and we left him a Book of Mormon, it was all super good we just need to work on being sure to get addresses and phone numbers next time but he has our number so please keep him in your prayers that he will call back. So back to the competition we ended up contacting 31 people taht day and we were in last place!!!! Matozios got 45 and Foz got 50!!! then we realized how great it was to actually do work and get numbers back. we have got almost 10 contact every day since and it has showed in our numbers. we found like 8 people when we usually find 1 or 2 we taught 17 lessons and normally get 10 and this week normally we have 3 people in sacrament meeting but we had 6!!!!!!!! we were super blest. it is awesome!!!! in total our district had 525 contact just this week with 89 lessons with everyone. and 12 people in church!!!!!!!!!!!! we have blown our zone goals out of the water and its all from contacting 10 people or more every day wow this talk to everyone thing really works I think the Lord know what he is talking about in PMG. ;)
we also have had some other things happen, one last story before I have to go, we were headed out to teach a family on the bus so as we were getting off we stood up and a lady behind us said something I didnt catch but elder Fry did so when we got off the bus he said wow we do speak a little portuguese. then he said that woman behind us said why do they always send the ugly ones. so aparently now I am ugly ha ha super funny well family this is another one of Bens Brief Blubs ha ha I will try to do better and next time I should have some good stories because I am going on a division with Elder Wertz. Elder Wertz has been out one transfer longer than me so we get to work some ``Rookie Magic`` it will be great. well family love you all tons I am out of time again but just remember your little happy ugly elder in Portugal, love Elder Bishop :)

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