Monday, March 25, 2013

Ben mar. 25,2013

Dear family
Ok my letter will be nothing like Lisas last one wow that is super amazing I am like wow . . . idk but that is super cool. I was jealous at some parts like when you said that you have a car and you can drive around ect. but thats all right busses are good when they come on time. but want to hear a funny story . . . ok good . . . so on the way here it was raining like crazy so we had our umberellas and were walking down the street and the wind was blowing super hard so we had them kindof in front of us and the wind was coming in waves. so as I was walking i was bracing against the wind and i felt another one coming and so i held even harder to my umbrella and . . . I totally walked right into a payphone glass ha h a ha it was so funny we both just laughed at taht it was great!!!!! ha ha totally made my day. sort of. but yea it was super great.
Well family we might have a Baptism this Saturday as long as Luis doesnt smoke at all yesterday he didnt smoke it was great we have faithfully been calling him and keeping him busy I love it it is awesome. keep praying for him. So this week has been super busy with contacts we think we have a fullday of teaching and we call everyone and they say yea you can come during this time we get on the bus go for half an hr or more and get in their area and call them to get their actuall adderss and either they dont answer or all the sudden they cant do it right then it is super annoying. so for this week I mostly have funny stories. so last tuesday we woke up and said our prayers and Elder Fry finished and left and then I heard water running and then I hear Bishop get in here. . . so i go in and elder fry had heard water running so went into the bathroom and the cold water was running so he turned it off but the handle actually broke so we had to shut off our water and get a repair man because we didnt have the part to fix it super annoying. so for half the day we didnt have water to shower or cook with. after it was fixed language study was spent partly in the shower but its all good now. speaking of water problems Ermizine had a baptism and they had to come to our church to do it and so we turned on the bioler for the water and started to fill the fonte. but the boiler wasnt working so being desperate we tried what we could and then when the other elder got there we explained the problem they tried stuff and it wasnt working still so we went to the bathroom by the fonte and had a prayer. it was super funny 4 elders praying for some way to get the water heated for a baptism in the bathroom. luckuly no one came in and eventually they found out that the boiler needed to be reset. but otherwise they were ready to baptise in cold water.
Also last night I did my first split from Elder fry We had taught a lesson with the Elders courum President and his brother and then wanted a member present lesson with Luis so I went with the ECP to do some home teaching and Elder fry Taught with Marcos. that was so good for me because I all of the sudden couldnt talk in English so I had to pay better attention to what was going on and everything because I didnt have a translator it was more of a challenge but super good because it helped so much.
Well family the only other funny thing was that we were teaching and helping this less active and so one time as we were leaving she gave us each a book because Elder Fry was just looking at the covers or something and she gave E fry one on the history of portugal with no pic and me Do Cabin do pai Tomas or uncle toms cabin, really random as soon as we got home we put them on the shelf and havent toutched them since. but yea she is kind of physco ikd super wierd
any way transfers are this week and during interviews wth pres he said to both of us I dont like to transfer missionaries untill after the training program is over but we will have to see what the lord says when transfers are over. that worries me cause I think if some one was trasfered it would be Elder Fry cause he has been here for 4 transfers and I dont know if I know the area or lang good enough to do it but we will have to see here in a week.
Well family I love you all tons, this week I did do a contact on my own random last story. this guy was walking by the bus stop and so I contacted him like we try to do and i expected E Fry to be right behind me but right as I started the contact another guy came up and started talking to him and I was like crap I am on my own. well it went alright he didnt want anything to do so I left him with a card but I could have done more oh well but it was good to see i can do things on my own ha ha well you guys are awesome Lisa i got you package thanks so much I loved it, Hannah thanks for my own email (you too di Its just hannah doesnt usually send me one) I will try to email you next week or get a snail mail off but that probably wont happen knowing me but yea Love you all Tons Dad I am glad your talk went so well thats great I love you all tons ctr and all the important stuff!!!!!!!
Love Elder Bishop

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