Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This letter came last week in the mail, but I didn't get it added.

Dear Family,
You guys are the greatest!! :D  I already miss yo so much, but let me tell ya.... This place is absolutely amazing!!! :D  after you droppped me off. they showed me my room, dropped off my luggage and took me to my class room.  where I met my 2 teachers.  I was the first one there soI get to get a little extra time to get to know them.  they were fantastic!!  Talk about dedicated and enthusiastic about the gosopel.  That's my teachers!  I can just tell that the next 3 weeks with them is gonna fly by and be so great!  I'm all ready learning tons (actually I feel a little overwhelmed:) but welcome to the mission field!!  That's right...Oh, so on my way to my class room guess who I found??? Stephen!!!  It couldn't hav been better timing!  Ha Ha.  I think I gave my escort a heart attack cause as soon as I saw him I started screaming and crying.!  :)  :)   We shook hands (So LAME RIGHT!?!  I all ready dislike that rule but I'm trying not to be bitter.  Anyways , it was so Good to see him.  We chatted for a minute but then we had to go.  Oh Mom!  you know Cody and Tanaya's nephew (I think it's her brother) Jordan White...Yeah he and Stephen are totally companions!! :)  I told him that Merrill and Pam are my Uncle and Aunt and then it was just like the 3 of us were having a Family rerunion!  :) So Great, right?!?  I thought so!!
Anyways, so I went to my classroom, met my teachers and did a little orientation thing tha was super cheesy, but my companion didn't get there until later.  When I finally met her I was so excited! :)  She is AWESOME! :D  She reminds me so much of Kate Osler, I can't believe it.  Needless to say, I love her already and I think we will get along very well..! :) I'm in a room with 3 other sisters and we all are new today.  They are all really sweet, I think that the next 3 weeks are going to fly by. so funny thing though.....  in my district there are only 2 missionaries going to Detroit!  me and an Elder!  Ha Ha. My companion (Sister Johnson) and my other 2 room mates are all going to New Hampshire..  We all leave the same day so hopefully we can travel together,  for at least a little while... I don't know, but I'm sure it will all workout! :)
Well family, I love you all so much.  The MTC is amazing and I'm so out of time.  :)  But I wanted to let you know tht life is good.  I'm great, my companion and room mates are awesome and the MTC is incredible!  My P-day is next Wednesday, I think.  so I will for sure be able to write more the.  I love you all so so so much!  Thanks for all the notes, nail polish. necklace and earrings (and the monkey necklace-Di it made me cry!)  Ha Ha I would be lost without you.  Love you Love sister Lisa Bishop
Hopefully you can read this. I had to write super fast because it's almost bed time.

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