Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov 14,2011

Dear Family,
HELLO!!! I made it to Michigan!!! I'm so happy to be here! :) This place is very pretty. The flight was just over 3 hours and it actually wasn't too bad. ..  probably the BEST flight i've ever been on, LOL. The air port here is huge and when we got to the baggage claim we must have looked pretty overwhelmed, but as soon as we stepped up to the baggage claim, there was President and Sister Holmes! :) They gave us a great big hug and it was just like (almost) Coming home! :) We gathered up our luggage, the hot pink was very easy to find and everbody loved it, and headed to the mission home. That night i went out with some of the sisters and did some tracting! It was so awesome! It was kind of a sketchy area, but i guess welcome to Detoit, right?? :) We actually found 2 families that might be interested, so that was really neat! The next day was transfer meeting where i was able to meet my new companion, Sis Burnham. She is so awesome!!! She is very enthusiastic and happy! When i met her she ran up, gave me a huge hug and was screaming and laughing! Ha ha, I was, "WHOAH!!! Ha ha, this is gonna be GOOD!" LOL. She is an excellent teacher though and we get along really good.
We have had some great teaching moments this week, and i will be sure to write all about them in my other letter, but talk about growing experiences!! :) We have 2 investigators, Janet and Janeil.  They are older ladies and are super sweet, you can't help but loving them the minute that you meet them! THey are funny and happy and just so cute. Here is the catch though. . . .  they are Lesbians. Ha ha! So we have taught them like 2 lessons and they were doing so great! They were progressing, praying, reading the Book of Mormon, and Janeil even came to church. So Saturday night we decided that we needed to tackle the big job. . . . . we had to teach them the lsw of chastity and let them know where the church stands on this issue. Scary right?!?!? YES!!! It took a lot of prayer and study and role-playing, everything! But Saturday night was actually pretty good. We gave them a church tour, answered some questions and ended by reading the first part of the family, the proclamation to the world. Brilliant right, we read and discuss, but let them hear it straight from the first Presidency! It was really hard to see their reactions. Janet was heart broken because she was loving this! CHurch was great for her, and i felt like she was looking for a place to belong-- and at church she felt that. But after this discussion she was like, "Nope, i don't belong here either!" We tried to make sure they both know how much Heavenly Father loves them, and how much we love them! We wanted them to know that they were welcome anytime and that we loved them, but their lifestyle was what was making their progession stop. We were all crying because I think that was the end. They have been together for almost 17 years and couldn't see the future without eachother. We were sad beacuse they were doing so good, but without that change, they can't progress. . . . sad but true! We comitted them to pray and ask Heavenly Father what he wanted them to do, but i don't know if they will have the courage to do that or not. It was definately a growing exoperience. One thing that i learned though, is that the best was to say hard things is to be BOLD!! In 1 Nephi 4, i think like verse 3 it talks about how Nephi is telling his brothers that they know this is right!! They have even seen an angel, so so get it together and get the job done. That is exactly what we need to do as missionaries! We have poeple who are doing things that are against the commandments and we are here to help them come to Christ, it's hard to tell some one that they are wrong, but boldness is the way to go! :)
    So, funny story of the week. . . the Zone Leaders called this week just to welcome me to Michigan and see if we needed anything. We talked for a minute and got everything figured out. Then i had this brilliant idea! :) I took the phone from sis burnham and explained to the ZL's that tomorrow was Sis Burnham's birhtday so we would appreceiate it if they could call her back tomorrow and sing to her! :) Ha ha, the best part of this whole storyu is that her birthday was a month ago, the zone leaders were the same and they really did sing happy birthday to her!! Ha ha ha! I guess it wasn't that memorable though! So, they didn't actually call and sing, but they texted us and wished her a happy birthday!! He he he, we had a good little laugh! :) Then we told the Distrct Leader about it and he chastised me for lying!!! Ha ha! He quoted that scripture about, "Wo unto the liar for he shall be thrust down to hell!!" That was even funnier! I know that was a lye, but it was so funny! :) Ha ha, so this week i'm going to be better and i promise that i won't lie and tell any body that it is Sis Burnhams birthday! :) Ha ha , good times!
So, yesterday was the primary program! It was so sweet. Primary children have a way of bringing the spriit and touching the heart. I loved it! It was just what i needed to hear! It reminded me a lot of home and my little sunbeams! (How are my sunbeams??? Did they get a new teacher yet? If you see any of them you should give them a big hug for me and remind them who loves them!!)
This week is Thanksgiving!! Can you believe that!!! Time flies! :) So, we are going to dinner at a Members home and we have a few appointments but other than that i think we will spend most of the day tracting. Holiday's are just like any other day! So, if you have the missionaries in your area you should invite them over to share a message with you so they don't have to be out tracting all day long! :) Give them a piece of pie, and know that i will be thinking of you! Heart!!! :)
Well, family, i really have to get going, time is short and i still have to write President Holmes. But i love you so much!!! i think about you all of the time!!!!!
Mom-- Just so you know these letters are written mostly with you in mind, but to the whole family too! That sounds dumb, but Di chastised me for just writing to you. LOL So give everybody a a hug and tell them how much i love them!!! :)
Tim-- I WENT TO HELL!!!! Ha ha, i was so excited, it was on our way to disctict meeting, so we stopped and took pictures!! I will try to send them to you soon, but i have officially been to Hell, and THROUGH Hell!  ha ha ha! :) THinking of you always!! :)
Love you bunches and bunches!!

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