Monday, November 28, 2011

Nov 28, 2011

Hello Everybody! I hope everything is going well for you, You are the greatest!!!
THis week has been a week full of tender mercies and miracles, i have been so humbled by the love of my Heavenly Father and all of the wonderful people of the Chelsea ward. I felt like the last few letters have been a little depressing and not so good, so especially after this week i am focusing on the good things! :) The blessings, miracles and answers to prayers. Sis Burnham and i knew that this week would be interesting because it was Thanksgiving and a lot of our investigators would be out of town. We planned on visiting a lot of members, stopping by less actives, and . . . . tracting! (Our favorite!:)) So, We tried our hardest to fill THanksgiving day with members visits so that we wouldn';t have to be out knocking doors on the holiday. We would have done it, but we thought it would be more beneficial to focus on the people we know, try for referrals and let them know how thankful we are for their love and support. THe Taylor family invited us over for dinner and it was SO FUN!!! THey have 6 kids (They are all grown now, but most of them were there.) Plus sis Taylors sister and family. (I hope this makes sense!) So we all sat down at one table, Well actually 2 tables but together, there were like 15 of us and ate, and talked and laughed and ate some more. IT was wonderful! After dinner was over we gathered around the paino and snag Christmas Carols. It felt so much like home, it was wonderful!!!!! :) The spirit was there and i knew that even though we were so far away, we were together in our thoughts and prayers. I felt so loved! I knew that my Heavenly Father was aware of my feelings and was comforting and helping me to be a part of a family that was filled with love and the spirit of Thanksgiving. :) Before we left Sis taylor gave us each a big hug, and told us how much she loved us! It was just what we both needed! Heavenly Father really does hear and answer our prayers! He loves us and shows that love in so many ways!! What a blessing! :) After that we stopped by the Miller family. The same thing happened, as we were leaving Sis Miller hugged and and told us how much she loved us, she told us to keep smiling and working hard. SHe said, "what ever you put into this mission is what you are going to get out of it!" That definately gave me a boost. I'm going to give this my all, it isn't easy and sometimes it's hard to find the fun in tracting for 4 hours in the cold. .. .  but i WILL find it! :) That night we made one more stop. Sister Temple (Noelle) is an RM and is like 27, she's so great! We visited with her for a little while, then before we left she gave us a little pep talk. She was like, "Girls, this is supposed to be FUN!! Make it FUN! The lord didn;t call a cookie cutter missionary to be able to say and do all the right things, he called YOU! There is someone here that needs something that only you can give them! You aren't always perfect, he doesn't expect you to be, you just do your best, do everything that you possibly can and give the rest to him! He promised to take it and he will. You just have to let him. But really, do something fun every day! AND if you need an ice cream break, then pull over, and take an ice cream break! It's worth it I promise! :)" WOW!!! Ha ha, i thought i was the one who was supposed to receive reveltation about what others needed to hear, but i guess it's a two way road! :)  So our Thanksgiving was so amazing! ( I feel like I say this alot, but agian . .. . . It's just what i needed!!!) :)
So after visiting all of these members on Thursday, our Saturday was really empty. We did a little tracting on Friday and found a potentail investigator. We decieded to visit with him on Saturday, then spend some more time tracting to build up our teaching pool a little bit. We went to the lesson saturday morning and suprise!!! The guy we talked to the day before (Clark) was a truck driver and would be gone for the next 2-3 weeks! Ha ha, We were like, "Oh great! Now what?!?!" But his girlfriend let us in, and we taught her the first discussion. It was actually really good. It amazes me everytime, but the Lord really has prepared these people! They are put in our paths for a purpose and it's no coincidence. She kept smiling and shaking her head throughout the lesson and at the very end she explained, "My boyfriend is a truck driver and he ALWAYS does this to me!" I guess a few years ago some Jehovah Witnesses knocked on the door and he invited them back to visit with her. :) Then they moved and not 3 weeks later "Here comes the mormons!! I guess I can finally see what God wants me to do! I get it, I get it!" :) We all laughed and she agreed to let us come back and teach her. We left a copy of the Book of Mormon, and asked her to read it and pray about it. It was another miracle!! After visiting with Nicole, we had like 6 hours of tracting ahead of us. We knew that we just needed to do it and that as long as we were working and doing our best, that Heavenly Father would bless us. We tracted for like 4 hours and actually taught a few lessons, then because it was dark, we decided to stop by Less actives and former investigators. We tried that without any real success, but right before we were going to head home for the night, we decided to try one more stop. As we walked up to the door we noticed a woman trying to get a stroller us the stairs onto the porch to get it out of the rain, we stopped to help her and just visited for a few minutes. Well come to find out, she straight out told us that she was looking for a church to join because she wasn't satisfied with hers!! We both wanted to jump for joy! We taught her a little about what sets us apart (The Restoration) and about Prayer. We invited her to church the next day and she said she would come! (The real miracle here is that she REALLY DID COME!!!) What a miracle, right?? We are going to continue teaching her and i think she is going to love it! This was just a testimony to us that God really will bless us if we are working hard and doing our best! He knows the intents of our hearts and will help us to be successful.! 
There were other miracles, but i will write about them in the snail mail letter. Some funny stories though . . . .  So last Monday after p-day was over we headed out to teach Mike one of our investigators. We meet with him 2 times a week, but this time we couldn't find a 3rd woman to come with us, but did we let that stop us??? NO WAY!!! We just bundled up, put on a few extra layers made him get out some blankets and a lamp and we had the lesson outside!! Ha ha! Fantastic right!?!? Di- We thought roasting marshmallows in the dark was something! Try teaching a 60 year old man about the word of wisdom, on his front porch (He lives right by a lake, so it was even colder!!) in the dark and freezing cold. It was so fun!! Every 30 seconds he was like, "OH MANN!!!! It is SO FREAKING COLD OUT HERE!!" Ha ha, we just laughed and told him what scripture to read next! :) Ha ha, good times!!
Well family! Time is short as always, but i will get a letter and hopefully some pictures in the mail today. I love you all so much!! I'm thankful for your thoughts and prayers and letters and packages! You are another of the miracles that i thank my Heavenly Father for each day! I know that I am a Daughter of God! He loves me more than i can say. He knows my thoughts, joys, struggles and weaknesses, and because of that, he can strengthen and uplift me. I have seen so many miracles this week, i am so Thankful for this knowledge that i have!! I'm so glad to be a servant of the lord and to share this with these amazing people! :) I love the gospel and i love my Heavenly Father! :)
Watch for little miracles, you will be amazed at how often they occur! :) Love you guys the BESTEST! :) I think of you and pray for you all the time!

I'm great Mom! So good to talk to you! Here is one other thing i thought of in my letter to Pres. Holmes, just thought i would share! :)
I was studying gratitude this week and read the story of the 10 lepers. I was humbled to note that all 10 lepers were cleansed, but only the one who returned and gave thanks was made whole. It made me realize all of the blessings that i have received and how i should be much more thankful! That is something i really tried to focus on this week, and i noticed that when i watched for blessings, noticed them and said a little prayer of gratitude, there was so much more to be thankful for! As I've tried to communicate this more effectively through my prayers, I have felt a closer bond with my Heavenly Father. I have been more in touch with the holy Ghost and more receptive to promptings. I have been uplifted and held in his hands! I have never felt this comforted and loved before! IT's so amazing to be a part of this! :) I have experienced so many miracles this week, I've been reminded of his love for me and I feel like i've been able to be made more whole. What a great blessing!
P.s. I still haven't got my blanket, President Holmes wanted to just verify that you DID send it and maybe to what address?? They are trying to track it down for me! :)
Thanks agian for all you do! You are such an awesome example! I look up to you in so many ways! LOVE YOU!!!

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