Friday, November 25, 2011

Nov 11 2011

Dear Family,
So life is so crazy and busy and full so that is kind of how this letter is going to be!  I have a buch to tell you so I thin I'll just have to do bullets points to make sure we get though everything,, so here goes......
* I got my shot record! Thanks! I have a dr. appt. tomorrow so hopefully everythingwill all be taken care of. I also got my package! Youo're so awesome.  Tootie- Yuor cookies are AMAZING! I offered some to my room mates but they hade just brushed thier teeth and said maybe later.  I laughed and ate like 4 of the 6 of them.  They were delish:D 
*My shoes are woderful and I loved the watermelon candies and lettters.  Basically, you guys are the greatest!      
* I met an older couple the other day... Brother and Sister Allen.  (Sorry Hannah they didn't know your friend.  But they are serving at Cove Fort. If yo get the chanceyou should take a weekend and go try to find this couple.  They are super sweetand i told them to watch for the Bishop Family.  They had never been to Cove Fort. (which was hard for me to understand) but they were really excited.  They will be great!
* So if you haven't sent me my mission home address yet in a Dear Elder, I owuld really appreciate it! I want to keep in contact with these sisters that i've come to know and love so well.  Thanks!!  That would be great!
*So on Monday we got tohost the Senior couplesWhich means that as soon as they drove up we helped themget their luggage,take them to their rooms, give them a quick tour of campus and get them to their otientation.  I love the Senior couples! They are amazing They were all so h appy and excited, it actually reminded me of Christmas morning!  They just opened the perfect gift and they couldn't wait to share it with everyone in the whole world.  Theywere so sweet.  We ran into a couple the other day and it was like they were out Grandlparents!  They were so happy to see us andgave us a big hug@ Just saying senior couples are the Best!
*So the other day E Anthony and Ellder H had to go off campus for a dr. appt.  We were alljust a little jealous that they got to go experience the real worls and all the rest of us were stuck in the class room.  When they got back theyere all excited adn proudly announced "Hey guys, Guess What?!?  They still drive cars in the real world!!!  It was kinda dumb, but funny and it was really nice to know aht the world and life is continuing even while we are stuck here inour class rooms all day:D  Another funny thing happened  theother day..... ha ha imagine that!  Elder
Cook was reading a letter from home and he mentioned something that his mom had written She told him "Jeff, it's great to experiencethe blessings of a missionary!  It took me a few minutes to process the fact that Jeff was Elder Cook!  I didn't even thin about the fact that the rest of the orld knows all of these Elders and Sisters by a first name,not Elder and sister!  I huess that shouldn't surprise me because you all write to "Lisa" not "Sister Bishop"!  I dunno it was just something that made me smile.  :D
* So Hopefully you have all read the mole people story!  I thin that onw was the bast.  We still bring it lup all the time when we feel lilke we need a good laugh.  So the other time # Young got us so good was right after a 3 hour long class/study session.  It was so good and we had learned a lot. but after 3 hours you arekinda dragging and you definately need a break.  I think we were heading to lunch.

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