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Nov. 4,2011

Dear Family

I hope that when you get these letter they make sense!  I feel like I've been learning, studying, growing, studying, doing. and some more studying.  and that possibly I'm cramming so much into my brain that it could possibly explode! :D

So first I wanted to tell you about my district.  That are so great!!  There are 10 of us so here goes: ME - Yay  I'm super excited to be here and lobing MTC life. 
Sister Johnson- My companion  She is a little older than the rest of the sisters. but still so amazing.  She taught 5th grade for a few years to earn money to come on a mission.  She is from Washington State. Seattle area.  When we teach together. it's so amazing.  I knew that this companionship was no accident!  I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father to send her to me because she's just what I needed!

Sis Merrill_ She is from Texas and if we can talk just right she will start talking with a Texan accent that is so cute! She is a sweetheart and is very good at loving others.  I'm glad she is part of out district.  Sis. Chantry- She remind me so much of Aunt Jannie!  She is super sweet and really loves the gospel.  she is also really short.  (I think that's why she reminds me of Jannie.)  and a little stubborn :)  There haven't been any problems, but I'm glad that Sister Merrill is her companion.  They balance each other <3 :D

Elder Kahahik- Anthony He is out district leader.   This Elder is amazing!! I think he is like 23-ish and is from Hawaii.  He was converted at age 18 with his brother and sister.  He is a spiritual giant and a natural leader. 

Elder Cook is Elder Kahahiki companion.  He is from Idaho Falls.  (But he doesn't know Aunt Dona.  Rats!  He is a professional jump roper.  He jumped for us in gym the other day and is very talented.  He does all sorts of push-ups and tosses and all sorts of stuff that I didn't even thin was possible with a jump rope!

Elder Young- From Orem.  This Elder is possible one of the funniest people I've ever met.  sometimes it s a little distracting (and annoying) but a lot of times I'm grateful for the break.  We all need a good laugh every once in a while, right?!?

Elder Simpson _ Elder Young's companion, he is from Washington State too.  But I don't remember where.  He is the only other missionary in my district that is going to Detroit.  (Everyone else is going to New Hampshire.)  He is really quiet.  But knows his scriptures so good.  He wasted all of us when we tried to make him the investigator.  We decided to get a bunch more experience  before we let him be the investigator again!  LOL :D

Elder Jenkins from Las Vegas He is the one that I constantly have to remember that he is a 19 year old boy.  He is is really sweet.  Every time I cough (I've had a little cold)  he always checks to make sure I'm okay.  He is also very energetic and loves to talk.  Thankfully he has a very patient companion to reign him in. 

Elder Hill is from Aurora!! :D  His mom is Mrs. Hill at the high School.  That would be so awesome if one of the kids had her as a teacher!  You could tell her that her son is an amazing missionary!  He is so good with Elder Jenkins.  I will send you pictures and I think that will help you visualize all of this!  The other night we were in district meeting and Elder Hill shared some of his thoughts.  He said when he first met Elder Jenkins he was like "What had I go myself into!?! We were all sympathetic.  But then he proceeded to tell us how he has truly come to love Elder Jenkins and that patience and Godly love is so amazing!.  It was really touching and helped me to see both of these Elders in a different light.  L learned not to judge and that everyone is different, but Gos still loves them just as much us he loves me!  :D So that is my goal for the week no Judging!

Each Day we have the opportunity as a companionship to teach some"Investigators".  These investigators are out teachers, and at first I thought they would be to our advantage.  No such thing!  They are ruthless!  Which is a good  because it helps us prepare for the real world.  We really try to focus the lessons to their individual needs.  it is really challenging!  My teacher explained that other day that they used to teach the "How" how to teach, how to shard the gospel, how to relate to investigators.  But now we are focusing on the WHY!  We try to teach the doctrines that matter to the investigator so they are applicable to their lives right then! But it is hard!  You should all try it For FHE make Ben be the investigator  (Don't go easy on them Ben) and try to teach/show him why he needs the gospel in his life!  Let me know how it goes and any insights you come up with would be greatly appreciated. 

So, yo all know that I ran into Stephen , which was really great.  WE actually sat together at the fireside Sunday nigh.  so I thin we had a whopping 15 minutes to actually talk!  It was definitely a blessing.  I feel like we both needed the family connection.  If you have a few minutes though you should send him a dear Elder.  He seemed a little down. 

We got 2 new sisters in our room today, so it's almost like home!  6 girls in one teeny room.  I haven't met them yet but I'm really excited to. One of them has some awesome hot-purplish luggage that is super cute. 
The MTC is the most amazing place I've ever experienced.  At first I was really nervous cause I thought it would be sad leaving all of you (which of course it was)! and only boring classes all day long.  Well, I'm happy to announce that is not true!  It is a happy place.  We are all excited to be here, excited to share the Gospel and serve the Lord.  You could walk down the hall any say hi to everyone!  The thing that I really love the most though is the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.  It sis almost tangible!  We are constantly praying and asking for his companionship!  seriously I bet that 24?7 there is at least 1 person praying.  here.  It's so great!  We pray at class, during class, before gym, every morning and night, before any activity or teaching experience.  when yo pray that much and invite him, of course he will be there! it's so great!

So before I send this I wanted to share a story.  Sis Johnson and I were teaching a less active i
the other night.  It was a couple (an older couple) with 12 kids.  They didn't have any at home, but were constantly visiting them.  The Dad explained with 12 kids it was always hard to pay tithing because there was just never enough money to go around!  I felt like I could totally relate! I told a couple stories about the blessings of paying tithing and read the Malachi 3:5-6.  The I bore my testimony! He was so powerful!! (not me, but the Holy Ghost!) We got them to commit to pray every day and the visiting teacher who was there with us invited them to sit with her at church.  The gospel can and does change lives!  The power of the Holy Ghost the love of Our Heavenly Father is real!! If the people will accept it they can really turn their lives around!  The gospel is true.  I love it with all of my heart!  I know this is what I need to be doing!

Please give all of mu little sunbeams a hug for me.  Remind them that even though I'm not there I still think about them all the time and I LOVE THEM.

Please hug all the chillen's for me!  Tell Matthew that I blow him kisses every night!  Tell Beckah that I put her picture up so I see it every day!  All of my room mates love it and I'm pretty sure they are all jealous.  Tell the girlies that I love them and think about them all the time.  And tell the boys (and Jake) that I've love them and miss them dearly!  They will be awesome missionaries one day!  Mom and Dad_ you guys are the greatest ever!  I Love you!  Thanks for teaching me the gospel.  I love you all the bestest!!!

 Love Lisa

Please also tell Rachel & Di hi for me!  I just don't have enough time in my day!  I was going to write them each a letter, but I guess next week will have to work.  Tell Di I'm loving all of the Dear Elders!!!

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