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Friday Nov 11, 2011

Hello Family!!! I can;te belive that it has been 2 weeks already!!
So here is the deal. I'm flying to detroit on MOnday the 14th! I'm the travel leader and i have 2 elders as my companions! Ha ha, great right?!?! :) So i think my flightleaves oat like 9ish. So'll be calling hopefully around 7-8/ :) I can't wait to hear all of your beautiful voices!! i've missedyou so much!!  Thanks for the calling card! I will have to figure it out, but i', sure it'll be great!
So funny stories. . . .
The Mole People!! The other day we were just finishing up our district studt. Elder K. had just told us his conversion story which was so AMAZING!! We have a trap door in our class room and E YOung tried a couple of times to pry it open, with no success! It was locked tight! So after we had finished this amazing conversion story, we kept hearing this banging on the wall coming from by e young.  He had a funny look on his face and kept shooting his comp funny looks. Finally he couldn;t handle it any longer and he stood up to investigate. . .  as soon as he stood up his chair flew up and the trap door flies open!!! There coming out of the hole was a hand, then an arm and then a face!!! Elder Young was in shock and all  he could say was, "IT"S THE MOLE PEOPLE!!! ha ha ha! It was so funny!!! I guess there was a problem with the electrical wiring or something and they were trying to fix it. The funniest thing was that they totally knocled the desk out of the way, came out of the hole and were like, "Wow, thanks! IT was really hot down there!" and then walked out of the room!!! it was hilarious!! We were all rolling on the floor for like 10 minutes and i almost had an emergency. . . . . if you catch my drift!
This computer is super retarded and i will have to tell you the other funny stories and send them snail mail! :) BUt i watned to tell you about my amazing investiagtor, Barbara! :) She is the sweetest person i've ever met. Her parents were holocaust survivors and her mom died when she was a baby. Her dad died when she was 14 so she was in foster care after that. SHe knows a lot about so many different religions but doesn;t know what to belive. The first visit, we tried to tell her about the restoration. It all kinda blew her mind and she didn;t know what to think. The next lesson tough, was so GREAT!!!  We taught her that God is her loving Heavenly Father and  that fthrough the Atonement she can be with her family forever! It took some convincing and definately some sirection from the holg ghost! But when we left, she said that she would pray and ask God if he really did love her! Of course he loves her and of course he is going to answer her!!! :) It was so great! We went back on MOnday and agian it was so amazing. We shared the story of the first vision and she piped up and was like, "Oh yeah, this reminds me of that story of Moses and the burning bush!!" We were like, YEAH!!! We turned to 1Nephi 1:6 and explained that Lehi saw the same thing! (This was my insight for the day and it was perfect timing, the Holy Ghost really does know how to guide and answer prayers and when we are prepared, he will help us!) So we talked it out and decided that Moses and Lehi didn't have anything but fire to compare the light to! We concluded that they probably all saw the same vision! :) We have one more visit with her and we really want to get her to pray with us there, i feel like if she will pray with us, then we can ask her to be baptised, it is am,azing to see the change that the gospel can make in the lives of all these people, if they will let it! I love it! It;s so amazing!!!
So, i guess all the other stories will come in the mail, but would you please send me  my mission home address in a dear elder so that i can give it to my roomies?? I got my immunization card! Thanks! I have am appointment tomorrow so hopefully i will be all good and wont' have to get any shots! :) 
I will be calling monday morning hopefully about 7-8ish!! :) I can;t wait to hear all of your voices!! I've missed you! :) 
P.s. I a, the travel leader and i'm traveling with 2 elders, so this could be interesting . . but i'm super excited to get out to DEtrtiot!! Thanks for mailing my quilt! I'm out of time!  I lvoe you all so much! Choose the right!! :)
Love, Lisa

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