Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lisa's 1st week

Heelo my Awesome family!!! I can't believe that it has been a week already! Time sure flies! At the same time though, this is probably the longest week of my life! :) It's amazing the contrast. . . but any ways! The MTC is so amazing!!!  I have so much to tell you, and i wish that i could type fasterm but I guess that whatever i don't get to in this will just go into a letter later tonight! So, you already know my Companion's name is Sister Johnson, she is so great! We are a natural team! I was thinking the other day and Mom, you were a Johnson/Bishop Companion ship too! :) It's the little things that are so amazing right! Well, the Johnson?Bishop compaionship is totally rocking the MTC! I feel like this was definately meant to be! I needed her and she needed me,when we teach together, we both know what to do and it all just works out great! We get to teach atleast once a day. Right now we are teacing 4 "Investigators" I'm pretty sure that they are all actors but it is so amazing how the spirit can be so real even when we are just role playing! :) SO GREAT!!! Any ways< Since today is our p-day we got to go to the temple. It was comforting to know that you go the the temple on wednesday mornings too! I', pretty sure that we were there about the same time. Anywasy, so i went on my first movie session. . . it was good. ..  but i'm still in love with the live session and themanti temple! Anyways, then we went to breakfast and i had the BIGGEST most selicious waffle i've ever had!! It was amazing!! So after that, i just kept thinking that i should go and do some inittiory. I didn't really know why or really want to casue i wanted plenty of time towrite letters. BUt i'm really trying to be obnedient and listen to those promptings when i receive them. Ikept thinking i would run into someone! So i finally gave in and Sis Johnson and I went to do it. No sooner had we sat down then guess who walked around the corner!?!?! Eunice Cadwallader!!!! Ha ha! I looked at her and she looked at me and we hugged and then i finally knew who she was! So funny! She had to ask who i was, but when i told her, her eyes lit up and she arapped me in the biggest hug!! It was so great! Just like a lttle piece of home! She said to say hi to you\> MOm! Needless to say, i was glad i followed that prompting. So. this tuesday for our fireside we had Elder Zwick of the seventy come and visit. It was so great!!! (I just have to say that ever since i got here i have been like a leaky faucet that can't be fixed!! I seriously cry overeverything!! Ha ha, not that i'm sad but there is a spirit around this place like i've never felt before! It is so a,azing!!) So elder Zwick said something that really hit me. Mom, in one of the letters you wrote me you said that Heavenly Father knows and loves me better than anyone else and that he could take the best care of me! I knew you were right! (You are ALWAYS right!:) ) But he said the same thing!!! He told us with tears in his eyes of the love of our Heavenly father for all of us! It was so amazing, the spirit was super strong and i was thinking of all of you the whole night!
So, it really amazes me how quickly I found a new family here at the MTC! I feel like that is one of the tender mercies of the lord. I have been very blessed with the most amzing distrct! :) The boys are all really like my little brothers. They take really good care of all the sisters. They always get the doors, and take our trays after meals. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that they are only 19, but that it the beauty of family, RIGHT?!?!
Sorry, i pushed send befiore i was finished. I have to say that time goes was too fast!!! I have so much to tell you!! AHH!!! So, one of the Elders in my distrct is from Aurora. His nam e is elder hill and his MOm teaches at the high school in Manti! Do any of the chillens have A mrs. Hill?? If so, you should totally tell her that we are in the same district! These elders are so amazxing, i really love them already! I am trying not to think about having to tell them good bye in 2 weeks! Time flies so quickly, what is the name of that hymn. time flies on wings of lightening. . . :) I dunno something like that, but it really does!!! So, I'm glad that you all heard that i found stephen. It was so good to see him and just like he said, it was super hard not to hug him!! But, agian OBEDIENCE!!! :) We have run into reach other a few times and actually got some pictures, so i will try to send some home to you today! HOpefully the machine at the book store is working! Well familu, i"m down to like 30 seconds so i guess that i better sign off.All of the dear elders are so great! Thanks! I LOVE THEM!!! It really makes my day! If you get a chance, please send a quick note to stepghen too! He was a little down this week and there is nothing like mail to cheer you up! :)  Sorry about all the spelling errors. I will write you a letter and mail it todqay for sure! I lvoe you all so much!!! Heart! You are all the diamond of ,y life! :) Choose the right and the important things! LOVE YOU!!!
Sister Lisa Bishop! :)

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