Monday, January 7, 2013

Lisa Jan 7, 2013

Dearest Family!!

Hello All!!! I can't believe that it is Monday again already!! But,
here we are! And it's SO nice to actually be able to e-mail you on
preparation day! YAY!! I'm grateful that everybody is back to normal
and on a regular schedule again! :) This week was awesome!!! :) We are
teaching the cutest couple! Their names are Matt and Sarah and they
have the most adorable little boy named Wesley. They were walking
around the Detroit temple about 2 months ago and the Bloomfield
Sisters found them and chatted with them a bit, then referred them to
us! They've been meeting with the missionaries for about 2 months now
and as we were planning and studying for them this week we felt that
we REALLY needed to invite them to be baptized. They come to church
and LOVE it, they are really getting into the Book of Mormon and
understanding/applying it, they are doing so well. The only problem is
that they aren't married. . . the sisters had talked with them before
about getting married and they said they were planning on it! (But not
for 3 YEARS!!) Sarah wants the gift of the Holy Ghost so badly and
Matt loves learning about the gospel, they are both so close!! So this
week we were able to see them. It was a neat experience. We had
studied, planned, practiced and done everything that we could think of
to help this lesson go over well and honestly, it was so amazing!! The
entire time the spirit was SO strong! We taught them about the gospel
and the Atonement and how throughout our lives we live the gospel to
help us be better and BECOME the person that Heavenly Father sees in
us. It was interesting to watch their reactions during the lesson. At
first Sarah was a little distant, but when we talked about baptism she
perked right up. Matt on the other hand was so intrigued, but as soon
as we mentioned baptism and getting married he totally shut down. I'm
not sure exactly what the deeper concern is yet. . . but we've been
praying super hard and are trusting that Heavenly Father will help us
to know what we can do to help them both receive the blessings of the
gospel! :) Please keep them in your prayers! They are AMAZING and I
love them so much!!! :) They will get there, I think that it's going
to take time and lots and lots of faith!

We are also teaching this adorable older couple named Ed and Bobbie. I
LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! They are the kind of people that are just honest,
hard working GOOD people. They have been Southern Baptist their whole
lives, but the last week or two they have been immersed in the Book of
Mormon and True to the Faith and are starting to realize that there is
something missing in their lives. Last week when we saw them we
invited them to pray and ponder on being baptized. We are going to see
them tonight and we're going to try to get them on date!!! :) I'm
super excited!!! I can't wait! I love them so much!! They call us
their grand kids and just love us so much! We are hosting the new
sister tonight (Oh!!! Ha ha, it's transfers!!! S Mecham and I are
staying in Northville!!!) So we are taking the new sister with us
tonight and thought that would be a great first night in the mission
field! :) We are getting 33 new missionaries in the next 2 transfer!!
That is HUGE!! We are super excited!!! In February we are going to get
Elders in our ward too, so we will have 2 sets of missionaries!

The last week has been so incredible!!! S Mecham and I have been
practicing being more BOLD. :) Ha ha! That sounds super funny, but we
are here for a reason and we want people to know what that reason is
before they shut the door in our faces. It's been so good for us! The
thing that I've noticed the most though, is that as we try to be more
bold our faith has grown exponentially, my desires to not waste a
minute has increased and our teaching together has improved so much.
:) It's been an act of faith to be more bold, but I can see how we are
much more in tune with the spirit and have the faith and courage that
we need to act on the revelation that we receive. :) I think that is
at least one of the reasons that our lessons with Matt and Sarah and
Ed and Bobbie went so well this week. :) We have been really focusing
on baptism and making that the focus of all that we do each day. We
know that we have been promised that we can baptize every month and
we are doing all that we can to make that possible! Please, if you
would, pray that we will be able to reach that goal!! That "perhaps"
we will have the wonderful opportunity to help our brothers and
sisters to make that first sacred covenant with our Heavenly Father!!

We have had so many wonderful miracles this week!!! It's been so
good!! Hopefully you guys were got the pictures that I sent home last
week! :) S Mecham and I look a lot alike huh?? Funny story!! We had to
use the bathroom and we were out tracting so we just jumped in the car
and went to the closest gas station. We used the bathroom and grabbed
a snack. As we were checking out the cashier gave us a funny look and
asked, "Are you two sisters??" Sister Mecham quickly answered, "Why,
YES!! Yes we are!!!" :) Ha ha!!! I must have given her a pretty funny
look cause as soon as we walked out, she started laughing so hard! :)
Next time we decided that we would say, 'Yes! We are sisters!! And how
are you doing today, Brother!?!?" ha ha! Okay, so lame missionary
jokes, but we get that question all of the time! We are really hoping
the new sister that is coming out with us tonight is short and blonde
too! We could really have some crazy looks then! ;)

Well family!! I have to run, but it's so good to hear from you!! I
love you all so much!!! :) keep smiling, keep up the good work and
always remember WHO LOVES YOU!!! :)

Sister Bishop!!

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