Hello Family
so I did get Lisas letter today and all of the other letters you guys sent me
so Lisa funny story I may have told you but at one of the Christmas divotionals I was going up the Stairs and I happened to see a E Bishop so i made fun of him for a second all of the is your dad a bishop? us is your first name Arch ect. so then I asked where he was going and he said Belgum or sme thing then he asked where I was going and I told him and he was like no way my Grandparents are the Fluckigers so I met E Bishop and I am going to say hi to his grandparents for him when I get to Portugal so that may have been one of the E bishops you sent you email to or the E taht you missionaries saw when they were here.
Hannah I loved your story about your horse ride with bma I thought that you knew how to ride a horse better ha ha
Diana I was laughing out loud when I read your story about your "green' drink and how your room mate got into itha ha.
Angela I hope I fixed your email adderss but I was laughing about Joe puring the coco mix into the gravy ha ha
Dad thanks for your letter I was hoping you would write me and I loved it yes I am home sick but to hear all of your fun adventures out in the cold with your truck the generator and the lathe I am glad that I only walk around for a few min to get to the next building. but keep in mind when I go on a temple walk I am in my suit coat for warmth and it is still freezing cold.
so another funny story I was teachng Elton how to pray and asked him if he would pray agosto or now. and he kinda looked at me wierd and said Agosto? and I was like yes agosto. then hebroke charachter for a min. and said what does agosto mean so I ulled out my pocket dic. and looked it up . . . . Agusto was August what I had meant to say was agora taht means now. opps but it was so funny!!!!!!!
so the other day I was at dinner and i saw this really tall E. and was like man that sure looks like . . . Elder Cluff!!!!!! I looked up and that s who it was I had forgotten we had so many E comin in and I was super excited to see him!!! Mark you should tell me who else is getting ready to leave mission prep and come to the mtc and who else got their call where they are going ect. and by the way I think you owe my some stories about sr. ball how she asked and how you ans. that would be awesome
well family I need to go sorry this is so short but I am trying to work on my typeing skills so you can get longer letters as I improve
I love you all so much ctr :):):):):):)
love Elder Bishop

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