Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ben Jan 8,2012

Hello Family
so this week has been awesome and we finally got to go to the temple!!!!!!! I will admit that there are definetely some ups to the movie but I havent decided what I like better yet
Ok first Lisa if you are getting my email then you should check the address you are sending me because I have't got an email from you yet and I miss them. That would be great :)
Hannah and Diana thanks for writins E. Nelson. I think he has got like 5 letters now and he loves it but if he doesn't ever write you back I wouldn't worry about writing him. I told him he should write you but not to really expect more if he does'n write back. oh and Hannah I am so glad you finally get to go on a date with BMA. you should show off your sweet belt buckel jk but what ever. Di it todally made my day when you said you wear yours like everyday:)
Well now we have 2 investigators and for the rest of the time we are here we will be teaching them In portuguese just like progressing investigators even though they are our teachers:) I am super excited to hear that Dee got her call and i'm going to be here in the mtc when she gets here. hey I may even pick her up :) ha ha that would be kinda sad actually, because I would get so homesick seeing them and not you guys. but I would love it!!!!!
so In our districk there are currently 11 elders and we have a blast!!!!! we have been playing pass the curse or a spoon and just put it on some one in our district and they have to pass it of to someone else before a certain time elapses or they have to sing in the cafeteria or something embarrassing but we have all passed it off in the ammount of time it ahs been so great!!!!
Portuguese is slowly coming I am able to say somethings but mostly all I say is "nao se" (IDK) but we are all learning and sometimes it's discouraging and I get homesick and want o come home but so far i'm still here. our DL has been sick so It's kinda been boring without him so if you could please pray for him to get feeling better, Elder Trevor Lamkin.
Well i hope all is going well and dad can get that job at HAB that would be great!!! I have loved all of the mail I get from you guys it's so great!!!
I think I get more mail than most elders but Elder horne has got us all beat on packages he may be up to about 21 so we all give him a hard time:):):) well family I love you all I'm glad to hear that you are getting along so well with Dalton and your being so positive about everything.
mark you shoud write me and tell me about how missionprep is going I fainally have my purpose down in portuguese and I'm working on jsh
I love you all so much but my time is up ctr and know I'm doing really well:):):)
love Elder Benjamin Lynn Bishop :)

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