Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ben 22,2013

Hello Family
there has been a ton of things that have happened this week and it has been so good. so last week after my pday was over and I didn't have time to write we went to a fire side and because there is a new mtc presidency the first presidency sent Elder Holland!!!!!!!! I was so excited he talked about how we need to be our first convert and got after us because there are missionaries who dont go out for the right reason and so they become inactive and he sia there is no excuse for a missionary to be inactive I'll tell you about it in my snail mail. but because of all of the new missionaries we cant shake their hands because there are to many of us. :):):):
any way on wed. we my district made a goal to speak in just Portuguese for that whole day so of course that day was the most eventful of them all. we had just sat down to eat lunch and the fire alarm went off so not knowing what to do we grabbed something to eat and headed out side. into the nice warm weather of 10 deg. and we had left our suitcoats in the classroom so we froze for 5 min till we went to the bookstore and waited for everything. when we were waiting for the all clear we saw a fire truck and 2 abulances pull in and we dont even know what happened just that the alarm went off so we went out. ikd it was vsupper funny though;0;0;0;0
we dont know when it is that we ship out our cards say that we fly out on the 26 of feb. but we think that its actually the 18 of feb. so we will see we should get our travel plans 2 weeks befoe we fly out. However Dad I have some good news for you in the missionary hand book it says that missionaries are to return home at the end of their missions so it will continue to be easy for the church to get visas so you cant come get me I get to fly home. :):):)
So dear Lisa and Rachel I have heard that it was super hard to make phone calls from the airport that the cards are a pain do you have any suggestions as to make it easier to call when the time comes?????? just wondering
mom i was thinking about it and the only thing i think I am going to need will be my bap. pants and letters and pic. I havent got any letter from mark yet and i have asked him a few times what has been going on. and I have one more assignment for mark. i was talking to my district about my mission prep and apparently E anderson went there once recently. when Matt O. was teaching so ask matt if he remember a Garret anderson from Arizona he is 21 right now but he's going on a mission. so that would be super cool.
how long till Hunter gets his call and where is he going. I know there has been a ton of calls in our stake but i havent heard any. so you should tell me about all of that stuff. :):):):)
well as you can tell my typing is not the fastest so thats why my letters are so short but I am working on it but for now i am out of time.
Just remember that I love all of you guys so much !!!!!!!!!!!
i'll try to snail mail you but idk if it will happen
Love Elder Bishop!!!!!!!!!!

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