Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ben 12.24.12

So dear FAmily I am super rushed and cant stop for punctuation but i miss you guys soo much already especialy around Christmas time. and I cant spell. Lisa thanks for the package I cant wait to open to it along with everything I got from home . I'm trying to save some time for tomorrow so I cant write long today but if you guys will send me some more email addresses I can't remember them all right now but then i can send the email to you all tomorrow that would be so good. I'm tring to write you guys a snail mail hopefully you guys can read it but um Dad either me or mom put in the wrong garments because I have one of you garment bottoms taht are so long but oh well. um i dont know if they are in my christmas package but if you could send me that collapsable laundry basket that would be great.
I'll try to write you tomorrow I love you Feliz Natal!!!! Merry Christmas

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