Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ben 12.25.12

hey everyone i hope you are having an awesome letter christmas with a call from lisa and all thoes old people over for dinner. but we had our christmas devotinal and the speaker was Elder Russell m. nelson it was so good i'll write you about it more in the snail mail. but thanks for all of the Christmas presents. I loved them all so much Lisa I am trying to get pic attatached but i may have to be in the laundry room to do it but I loveed everything I got especially the pic of the my future eternal comp. Then all of the christmas pic. that I got I love tham all so much. tell grandma thanks for the cookies I'm so excited for them. i got some pic. of my comp and some random others so hope i can get some sent. in my district we got a few guns and we have been having tons of fun with them all day shooting eachother and getting some dumb pic.but I love it here Today I havent even been homesick but I 'm so excited to get some pic from home about christmas and everythinglet me know but my times about up I'll try to get them uploaded;. Love you all so much ttyl.
Just kidding so I have a few minutes left and pic wont work here so I want to just to say that Iknow that this is the restored gosple. That the church is true. I know that thhis mission is the best sthing I can do no matter how hard it is. and I can do it I know that the Lord will be my strenght and Ican do hard thing. I know that the Savior died for you and me so that we could be together forever. the church is true I love all of you so much ctr and keep praying for the missionaries strength I think I will need them. love you hope to hear from you before next week.

Love Elder Benjamin Lynn BIshop

ps in portuguese there is no letter k,y, or q I think love you all love your missionaries.

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