Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb 25, 2013 Ben's letter from the Mission Field

hello family
well ya know how I said that I was serving near the mission home well the next day I figured out the truth and I am serving in Maia that is about 3 hrs north of the mission home by train so my address is. . .
Elder Benjamin lynn Bishop
Rua Nova do seixo No 693 r/c Dt
Senhora da Hora portugal 4440
so now you can write me :) any way I also have Elder fry as my comp and he loves to cook so for now I am being taken care of. but the food is diffrent they have alot of rice and its not like our rice so idk but we have a huge area normally there are other missionaries here but the area hasnt had much success so there is just us but we are going to change that. our house has room for 6 missionaries and we want to get aleast 1 more set here before the next 12 weeks is up.~
miriam I did meet Pheobies grand parents on my 2 day here so thanks for having them watch out for me.
one of the hard things to do here aside to trying to talk to preople is the jet lag to give some perspective my watch tells 2 times if I want it so so I go to bed about 4 pm utah time and I get up at 12 midnight utah time it is so wierd and hard but i am getting used to it well family I dont have time because i went bowling with the zone leader today andmy day is shot I will try to write a letter but it is faster to do emails
again i am sorry this is short but I have to go I love you all keep praying for me ctr and all the important stuff
Love E. bishop

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