Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ben Feb 5,2013

Hi Family
So guess what I finally get to host tomorrow !!!!!!!!! and so if you could you should go up in the van and use that to drop off Deanna so maybe you could all see me again ha ha that would be great!!!!!!!
Elder Bodhaine says hi and he love you even though he doesnt know you or any thing :) so tonight you should tell me who to watch out for coming in tomorrow via dear Elder tonight that would be great!!!! So this week has been so good.mostly because I got an awesome book from my Awesome family I was so excited to get that I looked through it all for the next 3 nights. so I think i found the only mistake in the whole book. :):):) on the last page with all of us in the pic infront of the Temple it says that I am in there 2 times and jake isn;t in there at all but taht is the only mistake i can find. um speaking of book s do you think you could send me a cook book so when I get to Portugal i can remember what i ccan cook :):):):):)
so last night i met an Elder from Portugal and guess where he is serving St. george ut!!!!!!!! so I am going to his home town and he is going to mine!!!!! his name is E Augusto. so keep an eye out for him he just got to the mtc so he wont be there for another 2 weeks but he might serve in sanpete!!!!! or he might just come for pageant to help with the refferals ect but it would be great if you saw him!!!:):):)
So Lisa i have heard that you and your comp are twins but I never got any pic i was a little curious but I guess i dont have to see for another 2 years:):):) jk but i would like to see if you could.
here is another random story E lamkin got another comp. last week. his name is E Merkley and he is so fun kind quiet because this is his 2nd time around in the mtc and he was only here for about 1 week last time so its kinda rough for him but he fits right in.
So dad how is your shop coming with this weather they should be able to pull off forms and put some others up or something mom said tath things were moving in baby steps but I would like to hear what you think are they actually getting some where or how is things from your perspective? I love getting letters from you they are like the best :):):) but that doesn't mean that all the rest of you should slack off i love any and all of your letters!!!! so keep writing:):):):)
I am curious how many broken bons are we at now with the tramp there do you all use the ski bikes? mark tim how much food is left after meal are you still able to clean up the pot? who ended up with my snow board and is hannah driving Phyllis or is mark? you should write me and tell me all of thoes adventures and how quiet it is in our room at night? what funny stories have happened since I left? idk i just dont hear that much about all of thoes things and I'm a little curious so I wold love to hear from you all. :):):)
Well Family i am going to try to write a snail mail home today but my time here is always limited but just know I love you all tons!!! and I havent forgotten to write you I just am so busy I cant write that much. well My time is up but jsut so you all know Eu Ama Voce (I love you all)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ctr
Love Elder Bishop!!!!!! :):):):)

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