Monday, February 4, 2013

Ben Jan 29, 2013

Hello Family :)
so I dont know how much I will be able to type but here we go
First of all thanks for all of the letters and the package Laura I will try to write you but I am supper busy right now so we will see. I think that I will use all of the things in there but when i leave the MTC i will send what i dont need back home.
So I had a few amazing experiences this week on monday we met as a zone and we had a prayer for an Elder in our zone because of what he had been going through. then in the next day or 2 we heard that E Hatch had had a cyst in his body that looked like they may be cancerous so when we prayed for him he went to get everything verified and the doctors couldn't find any sign of the cyst at all it was so amazing to see the Lords hand in our life :):):)
Dear seminary students we encourage you all to memorize the 100 scripture masteries and I have a testimony of them in my life. the other night we were doing TRC teaching and our investigator was asking questions about how he could get more blessing from God and we were at a loss as to what to say because we were speaking in portuguese and we only had port. BOM and bible with us so we sat there for a min. and then I was reminded of the scripture mas. in d&c 130 20-21 and with that we were able to teach and actually help our investigators it was so good for me what a blessing:):):)
so when we did service we were looking at some bom painting and we saw some awesome ones by joseph brinkley they were so good maybe you could look them up they were awesome.;0;0 the other night we were talking to our branch president about all of the new missionaries and what he thought was going to happen with them and he said he thought that there were going to open new areas but also we were going to fill all of the missions and a full mission had about 250 missionaries and that is going to be crazy!!!!!! poor mission presidencies.
mom i did get the package and I love it the only thing is that the book you sent me I cant read till i am out in the field cause our pres. wants us to focus on the bom mostly so i am super excited to read it in about a month ha ha :):):))\
so I love my district but for some reason they think its funny to play tricks on us and i get tired of it the other night I found an alarm clock in our vent but since then they have moved it and woke us up at 12 then last night they put E williams thats really loud they hid it to go off about 2 i was not very amused soI hope that they stop because we aren't supposed to play tricks on people here so that will be interesting .
the day sister Hedielus came in E Horns best friend came in too so we were hoping to see him when all of the sudden she stops and talks to me I was like what when where . . .  I was super shocked it was great but yea you should have Hunter write me and tell me where he is going as well. ps I meet his cousin who had a farewell the same day as me and he chose to come to mine ha ha small world but I need to go now Love you all supertons ;0;0;0; keep writing me I love you all. :):):):):):)
Love Elder benjamin l bishop :):):)

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