Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ben's last 2 letters from the MTC

Hello Family :):):)):
so I guess that this may be my last email from the mtc man where has the time gone? I love the mtc but I am so not ready and so ready to leave!!!!!!! Any way like i said I leave Monday @ 11 i go to the travel office and do what ever then about 230 my flight takes off so I should get to call between 12 and 130 i think. and i am so excited to call and hear everybody because you will all be home for the Holliday:):):)
so here is so sad news on tuesday E horne had an appointment for his knee and found out that he tore his meniskis idk and he needs another sergury idk on his knee so he had the options to go home and get it done or to stay here because he cant go to the field without that getting fixed so he decided to go home so I have had an interesting time without a companion so its been diffrent without him and I have really missed him so if you could pray for him to recover soon that would be great.
Dear Lisa so funny story the other night as i was getting a drink an elder saw my sanpete crew shirt and asked if I was from sanpete and as we talked I found that he was from Fountain Green and his name is E. Johnson. thencome to find out he is going to serve in the Detriot Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I freaked out for a few min. then showed hima pic I had of you and told him to give you a hand hug from me so Keep an eye out for him he is shorter and I think he has blonde hair and he is going to get there Monday with all of your new sisters I think.!!!!!!! :):):):) so just know i love you the best!!!!!!! I hope you got my package I know that it was small but is was all I could come up with. :):):):)
Well family I think that the biggest thing I am going to miss here is going to be the dear Elders because I wont get any more because they dont print them out till the evening and the next evening I will be here is tonight and they close early tonight and I wont get any on monday because I leave too early dang it I guess that you will just have to send me more emails so I can read thoes on p-day. :) well family I think I will understand if i dont get very many packages or hand written letters but just remember I love you all tons!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am super excited to talk to you on Monday talk to you all them. :):):):):) love you all super tons
Love Elder Bishop :):):):) <3 <3 <3 talk to you on Monday :):):)::):))

Hello family how is it going?
so Yes I got my travel plans I leave Monday the 18 @ 1135 am so its not going to be bad. i sent my mission address home so it should be there soon. any way yes i am going to be ahost again tomorrow and I am super excited.!!!!!! I will tell Dee happy birthday if i see her tomorrow thanks for taking care of that :):):):)so anyway here is some funny stories that have happened.
last week when I hosted they had some sort of camera crew there and they were recording alot of the stuff that happens for the drop off i guess. so this one sister when i got her bags and everything they were basically recording me it was so awesome so maybe if you looked that up you might see something on the news with me i really dont know what they are using it for though. oh well.
so when i got here to the mtc it was somewhat crouded but it is nothing in comparison to now. now they are putting another bunk bed in each room because of how many new missionaries are coming in. then when we go to dinner the line is almost always out the door when before it was only half way to the door it is so crazy. but i had a funny story from that I was going to get another brownie and i looked over as another missionary sneezed so I said Saude (good health) and pointed at him and walked on and he was going up for another sneeze he stoped and looked at me really funny and I think i was able to steal his sneeze on accident it was so funny to see the look on his face when i said saude.
any way I write down what I want to write you but then I think that it will take longer than it does so I am always hitting these stops and dont know what to write so jsut know that I love you all tons thank for all of your letters but just know that the next time i write you an email i will be in Portugal and free to teach the gosple to everyone i want to . . . even if cant talk that much.
so another random fact I weighed in the otherday and I have gained 8 lbs since I got here that is like a lb a week so i feel super fat and I think that going to portugal will be super good. :):):):)
still havent heard from hunter yet. but I hope to hear from him soon. I have met his cousin though and I think he has some cool cousins. his cousin is in my zone and he is just a few classed down the hall from me so I see him regularly
well family sorry this is so short I love you all ctr happy v-day
love Elder Bishop :):):)

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