Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sept 17 ,2012

Hello Family!! Thanks so much for all the letters, packages and
pictures this week! I had a great birthday!! Ha ha, thanks so much!!!
:) Sister Decker stole my tape player and recorded on it all morning
yesterday and took about a bajillion pictures! We are going to give S
Tingey her exploding box today and record that, but hopefully i will
send you all a tape today! :) Thanks though, for everything! You guys
are the greatest!!!

So this week had been interesting!! I have to say, I REALLY DON'T LIKE
SATAN!!!! Ugh!!! He is SO mean!!! He has been working super hard on
Me, S Decker, our investigators and members this week! It's super
lame!! We actually were only able to see like 3 of our investigators
this week because they all had something come up! Van's sister had an
emergency health problem that he had to go home for, Mackenzie has
been SUPER busy with school and family stuff, Alex has been so wrapped
up in school he has cancelled on us, Nick was struggling, Kendall had
a really hard week. . . . . When it rains it pours!! So of course with
all of our people struggling so much- it was kind of a rough week for
us. I feel like Satan knows the good that we can/are doing and so he
is trying everything he can to stop us! The good thing though is that
we have have FAITH!!! And with that Faith we have greater power than
Satan does! S Decker was really struggling last night, and we had a
really good little heart to heart this morning. We know that mission
life is hard, but that is one thing that makes it so great! If we
didn't have trials and hard times then we would never learn and grow!
I think that is one thing that i have learned and appreciate so much
more because of my mission, that yes, there will be hard times! But,
with the Lord on my side I CAN DO ANYTHING!!! 1 Nephi 3:7 has never
been so meaningful before in my life! :) It's true though, the Lord
will always provide a way for us to accomplish the things that he has
commanded! After our discussion this morning we have raised our own
bar! We are stepping up our game and not backing down. We are going to
see the Lords promises fulfilled as we ran and are not weary and walk
and not faint! As we GO and DO, and as we see miracles work every
single day! I know we can do it, because this is God's work! Please
pray for us though! We need all of the help we can get!!! And pray for
our investigators- they are struggling!!! We need to find new people,
so i guess pray for them too! :) Ha ha, the power of prayer is so
real- it's the greatest!!! :)

So, just a few quick stories! We had David Glen Hatch come and do a
fireside for our mission this week. Lila came and as he listened he
was very touched by the spirit! He loved it so much! During the
fireside Bro Hatch asked all of the missionaries to stand up. Lila's
eyes were about the size of a grapefruit when he saw how many
missionaries there were! After the fireside he asked us about the life
we live, what we do, what a normal day would be like, etc. When we
told him all about it all he could do was stare! He told us, "If I
were to do that kind of sacrifice, I think I would have to see Jesus
face to face first!" It was a very unique experience for us to share
our testimonies of how the Lord supports and helps us (and all those
we love) as we do His work. The funny thing is, after the fireside S
Decker and I were talking and we think that Lila thinks in order to be
a member that he will have to go on a mission! ha ha! Which would be
GREAT, but I think we better work in building his faith, and getting
him baptized before we try to send him on a mission! lol! :)

We had Zone Conference this week too! I really love these meetings
where we get to be with other missionaries and practice and learn
together. It was amazing, I felt like everything that we talked about
was EXACTLY what Sis Bishop needed to hear! Along with raising our
bar, I am committed to being more exactly obedient! I need the
blessings that are promised!! I have always been obedient. . . but
there are things that I can do better! :)

Sorry this is short today! We are going to the Ford Museum today with
the Tingey's and we are already running late, so I better get going! I
love you all so much though!! Keep up the good work! :) SMILE!!! It
makes the world a better place!!!

Sister Bishop!

P.S. Thanks Dad for your letter and the little stories!! You are the
best!!! Rach- I don't think that I got all of your letter, it kind of
cut off in the middle of the story! :) Di good luck with the PCAT this
week, you'll be in my prayers!! ALL OF YOU!! RWLY!!!!! :)

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