Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept. 10,2012

Dearest Family!!

Hello ALL!!!! It's so good to hear from you- like always! :) Thanks
Dad and Hannah for the cute little stories about my sunbeams!!! That
totally made my day! :) I'm so glad that they all still know who loves
them and that they bring their B of M's to church! Ha ha! YAY!!! It's
great to know that even after you leave some one you can still have am
impact on their life!

This week has FLOWN by! I seriously was looking back over our week and
don't know where it all went. We have been super busy and this week
everything went much better! Ann Arbor is a COMPLETELY different city
with students here! There is traffic and noise and SO MANY people!!
There was a football game this weekend. . . it was kind of a rude
awakening to see the real world so close. There were about a million
and a half people (Okay, not really! But that is what it felt like!)
and the majority of them were VERY drunk. It made for an interesting
day of contacting, that's for sure! We actually were at North Campus
for quite a while and it was much quieter up there. Sorry, no drunk
black guy stories this week! Ha ha! ;)

This week I had been thinking a lot about Sister Rowe and her family
so we stopped by her office and chatted for a few minutes! It's
amazing how the spirit works and I really know when she needs us. This
time it worked out perfectly! She was moving to a new office because
they gave her a promotion at work. But if we hadn't of gone in at just
the right time, we would have missed her and then we wouldn't know
where to find her! Any ways, as we were talking she started to tell me
all about how well her family is doing. Wyatt is doing good in school,
Willow is loving second grade! Pat is still struggling a little and
doesn't go to church with them any more. BUT She is going to get her
patriarchal blessing in the next few weeks!!! She was so excited and
as we talked it was amazing to see the change that has taken place
over the last few months. When I left Chelsea, she was doing good. . .
but now she is doing SUPER!!! She knows how important church is, she
is reading her scriptures and praying. . . all of the little things
that are so important! It was just one of those moments where I was SO
thankful to Heavenly Father that he let me be a part of her life! She
is an amazing woman with such a strong testimony!! I really, really
love that family so much! They will always have a special place in my

Alright, so funny story of the week! We have been reading a chapter
out of the Book Of Mormon every night with Hunaid because he hasn't
been reading on his own. This week he got so excited that instead of
only reading his 3 verses, he read like 5 before he noticed it was my
turn! Ha ha! :) He likes the B of M, and when we read with him the
stories come a live and he learns a ton. . . we just have to get him
reading on his own! This week as we were reading in chapter 4 was my
favorite though! We had just read about how Nephi cuts off Laban's
head. (It is Hun aid's job to summarize everything as we read so we
know that he is understanding everything that is happening!) So we
read where Nephi chopped off Laban's head and puts on his clothes.
Hunaid got this really disgusted look on his face and said, "Wow,
man!!! He just chopped off Laban's head and put it somewhere!!!! Then
he stole his clothes too!!!!" Ha ha! I just started giggling so hard!!
It was so stinking funny! :)

We had the greatest thing happen yesterday. We were out in Saline
stopping by a Less active, he wasn't home so we were getting back in
the car when the neighbors across the street started waving us down.
As we looked a little closer we saw the boys all had white shirts and
ties on and the girls were wearing dresses! S Decker looked at me with
a confused look and asked, "Members??" I shrugged and we went over to
say hi! They actually were members!!! Ha ha and they invited us to
have dinner with them!!! :) Totally made our day! It was such a great
little miracle, just in case you were wondering that NEVER happens! :)

I feel like we have been so blessed this week with tons of little
miracles. Our people are all finally back for school and things are
really gonna take off. This week was just the warm up round! Sister
Decker and I are working hard and having so much fun! I really love
her! :) She's great! I feel so lucky, over the last few weeks we've
grown really close. Sometimes she just looks at me, and knows exactly
what I'm thinking or feeling. It's fun to work so hard with someone
you that you get along with so well! :) Ha ha, funny story though! S
Decker volunteered us to do a musical number this week at our zone
conference! ha ha! The little stinker! She tells everybody what a
great singer I am and then volunteers us for things like this!?!?!? I
don't know what I'm going to do with her! LOL Lucky for her, since she
volunteered US, we will BOTH be singing! :) Maybe I will try to record
it. . . we will see how it goes!

Well family! My time is about up! Thanks for all your insights Dad! I
thought it was so interesting thinking about how the priesthood has
power to help us resist temptation. . . what a great gospel we have
the opportunity to be a part of! I love it so much!! I love how it
changes people and helps us to be better!!! You are all the greatest!
Keep up the good work! Don't forget who loves you. . . but if you do
it sounds like you could ask Addy and she'll be able to remind you! ;)
Have a WONDERFUL week! I love you all SO much!!


Sister Bishop

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