Hello Family!!!

It's been such an exciting week!!! LISBON PORTUGAL!?!?!?! AHHHHH!
That' so incredible!!! Ha ha, I absolutely LOVED the video!! That was
basicall the BEST thing of my life!!! :) :) It was so real! I really
felt like I was there! Bro Elms, S Decker and E and S Tingey all
watched it with me and I laughed when you all laughed, cried a little
and screamed a whole bunch!! I really had to smile, it took everyone
else a few minutes to catch on to all the little details about when
Ben is leaving and everything, but I got it all the first time! Ha ha!
It's funny that even after 9 months I can understand all the noise and
chaos and fun and still know what people are saying!! :) Everybody
tried to tell me Ben was reporting to the MTC on Dec 9th, but I
assured them it was the 19th. Then after watching it for the 3rd time,
and listening closely (and Bro Elms pulling out a canendar) they all
finally agreed with me! It was so SO great!!! I"m so excited for you
bud, You'll be FANTASTIC!!!! (Mom, your kitchen looks super good!) I
think my favorite thing about the video, besides all of the exciting
news, was being able to see everyone! My little Matthew isn't so
little any more. . . . and all of his teeth have fallen out!! Goose is
so TALL!! Tim has probably grown about a foot and a half and Laura and
Miriam have both grown up so much!! All of the rest of you look about
the same! ;) I had to smile, Bro Elms asked if that was Dad sitting
next to Ben on the couch, when I said yes, he just kind of smiled,
shook his head and said, "Yes! Now I can see where you come from! :)
Your Dad has such a quiet, calm influence. Look at him just sit there
and smile. . . Wow! He's great!" I could only smile and agree! I have
the BEST DAD in the whole wide world!!! :)

This week has been some thing else! Ha ha! We had specialized training
on Tuesday and Thursday so that felt like it ate up our whole week.
Campus was pretty quiet so between meetings and that, our week was
pretty quiet. But we did learn some very valuable lessons! At
specialized training over the 2 days we focus a lot on teaching
simply, powerfully and BOLDLY, and creating a reciporical, warm
environment! Our numbers were down a little this week, but our lessons
that we DID have were so much more powerful! It was so amazing! I
think that one of the biggest things I learned was about having faith!
E Barclay (One of the Assisstants) said something the very first
morning about how when we have Faith, God will provide! He talked
about how thay are always so busy, but that just helps them to rely
even more on the Lord so that when thay are out proseltying, they see
so many miracles! He said, "It's not up to us to change their hearts,
our job is to be out there inviting them to come unto Christ! But as
we do our part and have trust and faith in God that he WILL change
their hearts, then the miracles start to happen!" It's so true!
Sometimes I think that I get so caught up in all the things I need to
DO, that I forget Who's work this really is! It was an awesome
reminder to me this week to give it to God! Sister Bishop can't do
this work, but Sister Bishop and God can! :)

So, with all of that faith to back us up, we went to work! There were
so many great miracles! Our first one was Van. He was Atheist until
about a month ago. Now he has been reading the BOM, praying AND he
even came to church this week! We met with him on Tuesday and had such
a great lesson! It's so amazing, how when you prepare, practise, and
do your best, how the spirit takes charge! We didn't teach him
ANYTHING that we had planned, but were able to really focus on his
needs and giving him doctrine to back up his actions and the things
that he was feeling! We even invited him to be baptized!! The spirit
was so strong and he didn't say no!! Ha ha, he felt like it was a bit
soon, so we left it up to him and Heavenly Father. He's gonna pray
about it, and we'll see how it went this week! :) Then, he came to
church this week and LOVED it!! It was fantastic!! He was super
friendly and I think met the WHOLE ward! Any time we sang we could
hear him from the back, just belting it out! He remembered names of
people, met the ward council and was telling them all about himself. .
. . it couldn't have been any better! :) He's so close!!!

Our other amazing tender mercy this week was Daniel. He is our Chinese
Christian. We knew that he was going back to China this week, and we
really, REALLY wanted to baptize him before he left! We had a great
lesson, we actually sang him, "I am a Child of God." But swtiched it
to "You are a Child of God." He just started crying, and told us,
"Wow! I can tell how much you guys really do love me and want what is
best for me!" The whole lesson was like that! He asked the perfect
questions and we had scriptures and testimony to back up our answers.
By the end of the night we knew he was so close! He realized that he
didn't always have the spirit to be with him, and we helped him to
understand that by being baptized by proper authority, he would be
able to have that! He promised to pray about it and even though we
didn't have him committed, we knew that was for the best! We were a
little sad that we weren't going to baptize him before he left,
especially because we knew that when he goes back to China, he can't
meet with missionaries or church members. (Unless of course he was a
member.) But then we met with him agian on Saturday evening right
before he left. Again we sang, but this time we sang, "I Need Thee
Every Hour." (Singing helps us to invite the spirit so quickly!! We
have learned that very quickly, so even though we aren't Mo Tab, we've
been utilizing our talents! ;) ) This time Daniel really broke down!
We had a great, spirit filled lesson about how he will be able to
really know about the restoration for himself, and how as he prepares
and is baptized, he can truly have God with him every hour, through
the companionship of the spirit! To end the lesson we invited Daniel
to pray specifically about the BOM and Joseph Smith. We all knelt
together and he prayed for a very long time. (In Chinese. . . but the
spirit that was there trasncended all languages!) Daniel finished and
had tears streaming down his face and S Decker and I weren't too far
behind. He still wasn't quite ready, but this time we felt really
good about preparing him to go back to China. He will be baptized, I
know he will!!! :) He is so wonderful, we love him so much and could
definately feel Heavenly Fathers love for him too! :)

One more quick story, Saturday night the relief society 1st councilor
called and asked us to teach in RS. We of course accepted, but didn't
have time to study the lesson until the next morning! Ha ha! Luckily
for us it was an easy topic, "How to effectively share the gospel." We
brain stormed a few ideas, worked out a game plan and felt really good
about it, so thats what we went with. I was just a little nervous
because I felt like we could have been more prepared, but Heavenly
Father blessed us so much!! I really am so thankful for the
experiences that I had before my mission that prepared me so well to
be able to serve! Yesterday I taught the whole RS who loved them!!! :)
Ha ha, it was great!!!

I"m SUPER OUT OF TIME!!! I love you all so much!! !

Choose the right and all of the important things!!

Lots and LOTS of love,
Sister Bishop!

P.S. Mom and Dad are you in NY?!??! :) Wave Hi as you fly over! :)

Love you all!