Monday, August 27, 2012

Aug 26,2012

Dearest Familty!!

Hello!!! Wow, it sounds like it has been an eventful week at the
Bishop home!!! It's so good to hear all of the fun little stories and
know that you are all doing so wonderful!!! :) Life is so good! I
can't believe how fast time flies! I have been here with S Decker now
for almost 6 weeks. . . that means that transfer calls are this
weekend. We aren't anticipating anything, we are pretty sure we will
stay for at least another transfer, but I guess we will find out! :)

The last few weeks have been kind of slow. . . but seriously I don't
know how this all works cause time feels like it has flown by! I think
it is mostly because we stay so busy!!! :) We didn't have a ton of
lessons cause all of our people are still gone on summer vacation, but
they should all be getting back this week for school to start next
week. So, we are SUPER DUPER excited for everyone to be back and
hopefully for life to get back to "Normal!" :) Despite the quite
campus, Heavenly Father still blessed us with lots of miracles! I am
so thankful that this is HIS work!! :)

So, our first miracle is Javier. He is another African guy that is
here learning English. We had our second lesson with him this week and
extended a baptism date, which he accepted!!! He also committed to
come to church with us on Sunday. On Saturday night we were out
contacting and ran into him and his friend. When we asked if we would
see him at church the next day he replied, "Oh yes! Of course!!" and
his little friend piped up, "Me too, Me too!!!" Ha ha! It was
basically fantastic!! So, we found them both rides and the next
morning they were at church! It worked out even better cause we had a
guy that speaks Spanish there to greet them, walk them through
Sacrament Meeting (letting them know what was going on and
everything!) and he even gave them a little church tour while we were
busy rounding up some other people! Ha ha! So much for Sunday being a
day of rest!! LOL, I'm pretty sure that it is our BUSIEST day! But it
was really good!! :)

Our other miracle was Ernest. :) ERNEST IS SO GREAT!!! S Thompson and
I met him out contacting a month or two ago and he only ever come to
Friday Forum. We only have an e-mail address for him, so it's hard to
get in contact with him. He is so funny! He gets really excited
anytime we talk about religion. . . which is what we do, so he is
ALWAYS super excited! Ha HA! He took us and the Saline Sisters out for
dinner this Friday because he has a lot of questions that he wanted to
ask us! Boy oh Boy!! He wasn't kidding when he said LOTS of
questions!! I was surprised when he would STOP talking and let us
actually answer his questions. We talked about tithing, WOW, and
temples- we pulled out a pass along card with a picture of the salt
lake temple and he started yelling (excited yelling) right there in
the middle of the restaurant. Our conversation went something like
this: (Ernest yelling of course!) Us: "This is a picture of the Salt
Lake Temple!" Ernest: "You have got to be kidding me!!! That is the
MOST beautiful building that I've ever seen!!! I AM GOING TO GO INSIDE
IT!!!" Us: "Ernest, you have to be baptized before you can go in it!"
Ernest: "I know I need to be baptized, YOU know I need to be
baptized!!! I know I'm not a Mormon yet! But I AM going to go inside
that building!!" We got some pretty good looks, but we felt like it
actually went really well! Besides all the yelling and excitement we
were able to testify of the truth of the gospel and before we left he
said the closing prayer! Ernest is going our East to visit his family,
but hopefully when he gets back the Sisters will be able to start
teaching him for real and get him to come to church, so that he CAN be
baptized and CAN go to the temple! :) Ha ha, what a special guy! :)

One other quick story!! S Decker and I are learning a little Chinese
so that we can help our Chinese investigators better. There are SO
many Asians coming in with school starting, more than half of our
investigators are Asian. We had a sweet experience this week with a
new guy named Mr. Li. We met him out contacting, taught him the
restoration on the spot and he accepted an AYWY Baptism invitation!!
These Chinese people are so amazing!!! I truly love them!!!

Matthew is getting baptized this weekend!!! CONGRATS, little Man!! You
are so great!!! Ben is going through the temple?!?!? WOW!! All of my
"little" Brothers are growing up way too fast!!!

Rach- I really DIDN'T forget your birthday!!! I'm sorry I'm such a
slacker!! I don't have time today cause we are splitting our
preparation day in half so we can go to the temple this Thursday, but
I promise that I WILL send you a card soon!! Just know how much I LOVE

Ang- Your kids are growing up way too fast!! Make them stop, okay!?!?
:) They sound so adorable!! Just remind them how much I love them!!!

Di- Hang in there!! :) I know you will and guess what else?? YOU'LL BE
FINE!!!! :) I'll keep you in my prayers too, but no worries! It will
all work out!!

Dad- Thanks for the letter!! Glad you and Mom had a good trip!! You
are both the BEST!!! Oh yeah, did you guys meets S Decker's parents??
They said something about running into you guys?? :)

Mom- Thanks for all the updates and the cute little stories! They
totally made my day! :)

Everyone else: Good luck with school starting soon, I love you all SO
STINKING MUCH!!! :) Choose the right and all the important things!!!
And Remember who loves you!!!

Love you all! Have a wonderful week!!!!!
Sister Bishop

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