Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9,2012

Hello Family!!!

Sorry we are a little late today- we had to go and help E and S Belnap
clean out one of the Elder's apartments cause they closed an area. We
didn't plan on taking so long, but it was in pretty rough shape! We
actually had almost our whole district there cleaning, packing and
cleaning more- IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! I can't believe how much I've
missed cleaning WITH other people! Ha ha, It actually really reminded
me of cleaning the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon- with everybody all
working together in this little tiny space, laughing and talking- all
we were missing was the music!! It was lots of fun though! Then we
were going to go to Subway but E Karinen is slightly obsessed with
famous places to eat so we went to this place called Krazy Joe's
Blimpy burger. The food was super yummy and SUPER GREASY!! Ha ha, but
no worries! Sister Thopmson said she knew where we were going and
dragged us all over campus in the wrong direction before we finally
broke down and asked for directions. So we walked it all off then got
our fast food fix for the week! ;) Ha ha, I love our Elders- they are
really great! On the way back to our cars we had to walk through
campus and show them "the Cube." It is this HUGE cube and it spins. .
. apparently it's like the biggest spinning cube in the country. ..
WHO KNEW!! Ha ha, so we got some sweet pictures. Crazy morning- but it
was super fun!!

So- Brother Elms is back!!!!!!!!! We saw his car and had to stop in
and say hi. IT was so good to see him- I've missed him SO MUCH!! :)
He's pretty great! :) He forgot the package you sent me, but promised
that he would bring it tomorrow! Ha ha, you guys are the best!! I'll
just say thanks in advance! :) <3

This week has been a good one! :) Our BBQ was a hit! It turned out
really well- we had like 30 people show up and like 8 non-members! Our
investigators that came seemed to enjoy themselves and build
friendships with the ward and that was exactly what we were hoping
for! There was plenty of food, lots of laughing and talking, games and
lots of people. Thanks to E and S Tingey- it was defiantly a success!

This week was kind of a slower week- a lot of our investigators were
out of town for the holiday so we spent a pretty good amount of time
contacting out in the heat! I think this week it got up to like 103
plus the humidity- it was killer! We got some otter pops though and
put them in the freezer at the institute and that's how we survived!!
:) Hunaid was on date to be baptized this coming Sunday and to help
him be more prepared and comfortable we took him to a baptism that the
Saline sisters had. He was SO intimidated!!! He is super shy and lots
of people make him nervous so when we pulled into the parking lot and
he saw all of the cars I think that he just about had a heart attack!
We talked to a bunch of the people though and did really well so we
were really proud of him. We had an appointment with him the next day
and that whole evening S Thompson and I were both a little hesitant to
baptize him on the 15th. We just didn't really feel like he was ready!
Especially after going to the other baptism he kept saying how, "I'm
not really religious!" We were both like, "Wait a second!!! You are
supposed to be getting baptized in a week and you are not really
religious- there is something wrong with this picture!!" So then when
we met with him and talked it over he was so relieved! he told us,
"This is an answer to my prayers!" Ha ha, he is so funny! I'm really
glad that we listened on this one cause he really was NOT ready! But
we are going to keep working with him and hopefully he will make it in
the next few weeks! :)

We had the greatest lesson with Clara this week! It was amazing! The
spirit was so strong!!!! MAN!! SO, we felt like we needed to watch the
Restoration DVD and talk about prayer. We did and she totally related
to Joseph Smith and his search for truth. She said that she had been
on a similar journey and was very sympathetic. We had Patrick there
(our new EQP who is totally awesome!!!) and he had some great insights
and was very helpful as well. When we asked Clara this time if she had
been praying she told us, "Yes, I have been praying and I feel like
God has answered me! I feel like he said, 'If you want to be a Mormon,
then be a Mormon, that's just fine!' That really surprised me- I
didn't expect that! But I still have no strong desire to be baptized!"
AHGHHH!! It was SO close and yet SO far! We did invite her to be
baptized though and again she rejected. Her biggest obstacle is the
prophet- and some issues she has with gender roles and homosexuality.
Those are BIG obstacles especially in our day, it's so hard because
she feels the spirit and LOVES to meet with us, but won't humble
herself enough to recognize those answers. Just keep praying for her
and we will keep loving her and hope that she will come around! <3

We had a really neat experience this week with David. We have taught
him like 3 times and he has always been a little skeptical. He had
been through a lot of religions and is still searching for truth. When
we first taught him he told us he would only meet one more time and
ever since then it's always been just one more time!! Well we got him
to church last week and even though we were slightly crazy trying to
keep tract of our other investigators he had a good fellow shipper
that stuck by his side. When we met with him this week he told us that
he would like to "take all of the lessons so I can really understand
this!" He LOVED church and that made him want to learn more! IT was so
refreshing- most of our investigators complain that it's too long and
so boring so it was wonderful to have someone that really enjoyed it
and was receptive to feel the spirit and learn!

So I'm running out of time- But I do want to tell Tim and Miriam:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :) I'm blowing Tim the biggest, wettest most
slobbery kiss ever and and big bear hug for Yumyum!!! :) I love you
both super mucho and hope that you have a fantastic birthday!!! :)

I love you all so much- thanks for your prayers and thoughts and love!
You guys are the greatest!! :)


Sister Bishop

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