Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012 Not judging and sharing the Gospel

Hello Family!!!!!

How are you all!?!? Oh man, I miss you guys SO much!!! ;) You're the
greatest! This week has been SO incredible! My new little companion's
name is Sister Decker. She's from Riverton, UT-- SHE IS THE
GREATEST!!! I LOVE her SO much!!!! HA ha, I feel like this week has
flown by! I love how we have just really been able to click. She is a
hard worker, excited to be a missionary and not afraid at all to jump
right in! Her first day here we got back to our apartment about 2:00
after transfer meeting we did a little planning session and headed out
to the Institute we had a couple of lessons lined up and she just
jumped right in! Oh my goodness, I think this might possibly be the
easiest "training" any missionary has ever done! :) She is an awesome
teacher and like I said, we are already best buds! <3 We have to work
on eating (She has a little trouble keeping things down sometimes, but
I think that's mostly just stress. Cause after the first few days, it
was all better.) We also have to work on getting to bed on time! Ha
ha, we like to sit there after we are done planning and giggle and
talk while we write in our journals and then when we look at the clock
and realize it's almost 11:00 and we still haven't written more than a
few sentences! Ha ha! Oops!! It's a work in progress! When we take
longer than our 30 mins on daily planning SHE MAKES ME do push ups! Ha
ha, turn about it fair play, I guess!?! I've got really good at speed
planning on the last few steps- but of course very spirit guided,
prompted speed planning! :) I'm pretty sure the next 12 weeks are
gonna fly by and then She will train and I will be transferred. . . .
that's just my guess and you know I'm always wrong! But she is THAT
good! We'll just enjoy our time together while we have it though, work
hard, do our best, laugh a lot, take some silly pictures and save some
Speaking of saving souls . . .. HUNAID GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!!!
YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!! It was SO great! We met with him Wednesday
and he was like, "Yeah man! I'm ready! I'm so ready! Let's do the
baptism thing!" Ha ha, so we called April (our WML) and Bishop and
they gave us the green light! We got the interview all scheduled,
Kendall kept track of Hunaid all week and Saturday we met, taught him
a few last minute things and he passed his interview! His baptism was
one of the most amazing spiritual experiences that I've ever had!! I
gave a talk on baptism and honestly I couldn't even tell you what I
said. I just stood up there and Heavenly Father told me exactly what
Hunaid (and everybody else there) needed to hear! As I opened my mouth
and the spirit testified, I looked around and everybody there was
smiling and nodding their heads. But the BIGGEST smile was of course,
plastered all over Hunaid's face! He couldn't stop smiling the entire
time!! It was SO cool to see him from day one, clear through his
baptism day!! After it was all over we asked him, "Hunaid, how do you
feel?" At first his response was a little disappointing, "I feel
nothing! Absolutely nothing!. . . . . Well, I do feel one thing: When
I went down in the water, I just wanted to have that feeling over and
over again! I wanted to tell Kendall, 'Hey, put me under again!'" Ha
ha!!! It was so great! The whole service was just the best! I'll tell
ya a little more about it in my snail mail today. . . If we have time
to do snail mail! ;) I'll do my best!

So, other cools story: I'm not sure if I've told you about Daniel yet.
He is the Chinese Christian that has been at church with us for the
last few weeks. Well, he is doing GREAT!!! We really want to give him
a baptism date this week and that's our plan! We've felt really good
about it all week! He came to the mission fireside this Thursday and
we watched the Testaments. He was on fire!!!! He was sitting by Sister
Decker on the way home and couldn't stop talking about how cool it was
that the guy got to see Jesus- but and I quote, "The BEST part is,
that you don't have to SEE Jesus, cause you can FEEL him and I felt
him SO strong as we watched this movie tonight!" Best day of my
life!!! Ha ha, I've had a few of those this week! Our biggest concern
with Daniel is that he is going to to China on August 12, so we'll
baptize him, teach him everything and send a brand new convert back to
china to spread his fire there! We're hoping and praying that it will
all work out! But definitely keep Daniel in your prayers this week! :)

Alright, so one super funny story and then i better get going! We were
out at the diag waiting for a potential to show up. As we were sitting
there we see these 3 big black guys walking through. They saw us and
started walking toward us. . . I'm not gonna lie, I was just a little
scared. (Especially when I saw the bag they were carrying FULL of
empty beer cans!) They walked or rather staggered up to us and asked,
"Well Ladies, What's the good word you are out spreading today??" I
couldn't help it, this was going to be way too much fun! I
enthusiastically threw my arms out in the air and shouted, "JESUS
LOVES YOU!!!!!" They LOVED that!! Ha ha! Next thing I know they were
telling us their life stories and how they KNEW Jesus loved them!!! Ha
ha! To make a long story short. . . . (We'll be sure to put this one
and all the details on the tape!) We taught them about the BOM, gave
one guy a copy and even prayed with them! Right there in the middle of
the diag, 3 big, black, drunk guys and two little sister missionaries,
holding hands (Us trying not to laugh) while one of the guys prayed!
Oh man!! It was the greatest!!!! I learned that Jesus really DOES love
everyone! I hope that the next day when they were sober they remember
that and can find some help! It was fantastic though! :)

Well, Family! I love you all SUPER DUPER MUCHOS!!! :) Keep smiling,
choose the right and all the important stuff and NEVER FORGET WHO
LOVES YOU!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful week!
Sister Bishop

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