Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 3,2012

Dearest Family!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Reading your letters, it's so good to hear that you
are all still alive and . . . . okay?!?!? Ha ha, I guess okay is a
good word- after the description of the tractor experience it sounds
like Tootie and Goose's guardian angels are working over time! Thank
goodness that we DO have guardian angels!! <3 So, we are w-mailing
late again today cause we switched our p-day to go to a baseball game.
. . well then all of the elders ditched the idea and switched their
p-day back to Monday last minute! LAME!!! (Ha ha, not that i was all
that excited about the baseball game any ways though. .. it was just
another chance to go to the city! ;) ) But of course by then, we had
already scheduled appointments for today so we are sticking with

So, this week has been a really good one! With all of our new
investigators, there were some that dropped us- we kind of expected
that, but it's still kind of a bummer! We had some really cool
experiences though. WE are teaching this Asain named Yunxuan. He is
SUPER fun to teach!!! He is really really smart and it doesn't take
him very long to process things. (There are some stories about him on
the tape that I'm working on. . . SO FUNNY!!) Any ways, he was a
miracle in the first place because HE CALLED US!! We had contacted
into him but he said he just got a new phone and couldn't remember his
number. . . good excuse right?!!?? That's what we thought. But we set
up an appointment any ways and had faith that he would show up. Well
Saturday afternoon rolled around and it was POURING rain! Ha ha, we
were drenched!!! So, the phone started ringing and it was a random
number that we didn't have saved. I answered the phone and it was
Yunxuan!!! He was calling to make sure that we would still be on
campus even though it was raining like crazy!!! We assured him that we
would be there, said a quick prayer of gratitude to Heavenly Father
and met up with him about an hour later. Usually with Asian's we teach
the Plan first, it seems to make more sense to them that way. Like I
said, he is super smart and as we teach him he asks us questions then
restates everything we say! It's so wonderful!! ha ha, He is like the
ideal investigator! So, we met with him again this week and taught the
Restoration, by the end he was just kind of in awe and said, "This is
so AMAZING!! When did you say church was again? Can I come and check
it out?" :) He had other commitments and couldn't make it on Sunday,
but he promised to be there this week! :) He is so golden- I am so
excited to continue to teach him!

Another miracle this week was with an investigator named Hunaid. (With
all these funny names you can kind of get a taste of how diverse it is
here in Ann Arbor! Today we figured it out, we are pretty sure that we
have talked to at least 1 person from each of the continents. . .
except Antarctica!!! Ha ha, we are still looking for that one! :)) So
Hunaid is sincerely looking for truth and has been looking for his
whole life. The first time we met with him, he was so full of
questions that we spent the whole time addressing those! But this
time, we got to actually teach him the WHOLE restoration! As we got
into in and shared our testimonies he got really quiet and really
intent on everything we said. At the end i asked him what his thoughts
were. He said, "I feel so relieved, that this could actually be true!"
We invited him to be baptized after he had gained that knowledge for
himself, i loved his reply! All he said was, "Of course! I would have
to!" :)

So some quick little funny stories: We were out contacting and one of
our approaches we say: "We are representatives of Jesus Christ and we
are sharing a message today about. . . . ." So I stopped this guy, he
looked at my name tag and said, "I guess since you are a
representative of Jesus Christ, I can give you a few minutes!" Ha ha,
it totally threw me off for a minute- I wanted to be like, "Hey!!! You
stole MY line!" :)

It was sad to hear about Jessica- I would love to write her a letter
for encouragement, if you could send me her address, I could at least
give it a try! :) Oh yeah!! So you guys totally HAVE to call Rachel
Suggs!!! :) She is back in Utah now at BYU. Her number is
916-290-2937. She is really great!! I LOVE this girl! You should call
and invite her to the Pageant! (And she has a little package for Di!
;) It's nothing big, so don't get jealous, but i hope you like it
friendly!! He he he!)

Speaking of Pageant, it sounds like you guys got ALL of the parts! Ha
ha, that's gonna be fun trying to figure out everyone's schedules! :)
Sounds like fun- sounds like pageant every year! ;)

Oh, I wanted to ask you to continue to pray for ALL of the
investigators that i have written about lately! I will try to get this
tape done and sent off soon, but I'm not making any promises how soon!
Also please pray that I will be able to get in contact with Danielle's
family and be able to get her temple work done! I feel like I'm stuck
between a rock and a hard place with that one, and I'm not sure how to
figure it out. .. . but prayers are always helpful! :)

Transfers will be next week- so this Saturday we find out if either of
us will be leaving. I really feel like I'm going to stay and S
Thompson will be leaving. . . but of course I'm ALWAYS wrong! :) But
at zone conference I had the impression that I might be serving with S
Vanisi! That would be sweet!!! But i really don't want to leave Hill
Street!! I love it here!! We have 3 people on date to be baptized this
month: Ericka, Aaron and Tim! I will tell you about them on the tape!
:) But good things are happening- I love it here! :)

Well family! I really have to go! I love you all SO VERY MUCH!!! I
think about you all the time and pray for each of you every day! :) I
have been so blessed to have you all in my life- you really are the
GREATEST family ever!!!! :)

Love you all Bunches and bunches!!

Sister Bishop.

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