Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29,2012

Whew!! Hello Family!!!

I am so out of time already!! Ha h, we forgot that the library would
be closed on Monday and we didn't really schedule any time today for
e-mails so, we are trying to squeeze it in on our lunch break and we
are SO out of time!! ha ha! So ironically, This morning i was studying
PMG and the thing that stood out the most was a quote that went
something like this, "Time is the MOST precious resource that your
Heavenly Father has given you, the time you have to serve him full
time is extremely limited. Organize your time and use it to the best
of your abilities!" Well- that is one thing that I am definitely still
working on! :)

So this week has been SO AMAZING!!!! :) :) :) Last Monday when I wrote
you all, I was feeling a little down and a little lost. As I wrote my
letter to President Holmes I expressed those feelings but then
acknowledged that I DO know Heavenly Father loves me and cares about
me! I DO know that He hears and answers my prayers so, I made it a
goal so watch for those ways that he answered my prayers throughout
the week. Are you ready for this?!?!? There were SO MANY MIRACLES!!
WOW! I defiantly have a testimony of the power of prayer!!

- About an hour after writing e-mails, we were doing our grocery
shopping when the Chelsea sisters called us! They informed us that
they were in our area shopping and asked if we would like to join
them. Of course we jumped at the opportunity! That shopping trip was
JUST what i needed! We went to the salvation army and had a BLAST!!! I
don't think that I have laughed that hard in a long time! We had a
wonderful time shopping, telling stories, trying things on but mostly
enjoying each others company! :) Just the break from the normal was

-That night as we headed out, we had planned to go contacting for the
evening. We didn't have any appointments scheduled, but we knew there
was someone that we needed to find! With that attitude and keeping my
eyes open for answers to my prayer we headed out. Well, I'm still not
really sure how it all happened, but in that short 3 hours we found 3
new investigators!!! :) (That is the standard of excellence for the
whole week!!)

-Tuesday was great and we found another 2 investigators!! The best
thing about all of this is not the numbers of new investigators, but
the fact that we found that many people who were sincerely interested
in learning more about Jesus Christ!!! By the end of the week we were
up to 9 new investigators-- 9 more people that WE get to help come
unto Christ!!! I guess if anybody feels a little down, there is no
better way to fins happiness then giving service!!! Especially
missionary service!! That's my favorite thing about the gospel, is
that it makes people HAPPY!!! When we have the opportunity to make
others happy, it like the ripple effect, it just keeps going!!! :)

-On Sunday we got a new 1st councilor in the Bishopric. We are sad to
see the others go, but The Sangsters are going to be wonderful! Once
again, new people to love and serve-- it was another miracle from
Heavenly Father!!!

-There were so many blessings and miracles this week, but i will just
finish off with 2 more! Yesterday for Memorial day our district got
together and had a BBQ. I think that sometimes I forget to have fun!
Ha ha! This is Missionary WORK, but the purpose is to find JOY in the
journey! We played volley ball, ate food, tried to fly kites and had a
really great time! I love being with other missionaries! There is just
a special spirit and when we all get together, It's the best!!!

-Last, but not least; WE HAVE A SENIOR COUPLE!!!!!! I am SO excited!!!
Their names are Elder and Sister Tingey. They are from some little
town by Boise Idaho. They got here yesterday and we stopped by to take
them a plate of cookies and get to know them for a few minutes. They
are the BEST!! :) They will be helping out a bunch at the institute
with us and with the Ypsi ward. They were SO cute!! I am so excited to
have them, senior couples are basically the greatest thing ever! :)

WOW!! Such a wonderful week and this week is off to a great start too-
there are so many miracles and blessings that the Lord sends my way
every day! I am learning to open my eyes and recognize them more and
more! Most of all this week I am SO thankful for a loving Heavenly
Father that hears and answers my prayers in a VERY real, very prompt
way. He really does know and love little Sister Bishop! Just like he
knows and loves ALL his children!! I KNOW that that is true!!!

So- I guess that Naomi is being transferred to Gillette?!?!? Is Leann
still living there?? If she is, you should totally hook them up! You
can read her letter, just sign into my account and it's under the
folder with her name!

Tell Dona that I HAD to write small- you can only fit so much on those
little post cards!! :)

And I have not heard anything from Sis Walser's grandson?? I'm not
sure what that was about in your letter??? Ha ha!!
I love you all SO MUCH!!! Thanks for being the greatest family ever!!
Have a wonderful week!!!

Lots and LOTS of love,

Sister Bishop

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