Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6,2012

Dearest Family!!

HELLO!! Today has been a super crazy day! We went to the city today
and got back late, so we are rushing to write e-mails and go shopping
before we have an appointment tonight at 6. Time goes SO FAST!!! But
it goes even faster on preparation days!! So crazy!! I will be sure to
send you all some pictures of the city and all of our adventures. I
can't believe what a different world it is out here! I really miss my
mountains. . . but that's okay! It's so random, but as we were driving
through the city today there were SO many abandoned houses! People
randomly live in them or decide to burn them down. It's so crazy!
There were burned houses everywhere and half of the ones that weren't
burnt were falling apart and so dilapidated. It's sad. But what an
adventure! You'll see by my pictures! :)
It's good to hear that you are all doing well. I'm glad that Jake is
home and you are all still working on him! I loved that he had to give
the FHE lesson, I bet it was awesome!! ;) I'm glad that chubs is okay!
That sounds like it was kind of a scary night, no fun!
This weekend is the Gladys Knight fireside!!! We were asked to be
assisting missionaries so that means that we get to go Friday night to
watch it, then to both performances on Saturday and Sunday! (This has
been a coveted position since they announced they would need extra
help so we were all super excited when they called and asked us to do
it!! Ha ha, we were screaming and jumping around in our car! I'm sure
it would have been super funny to watch!) :) :)
We had a really neat experience this week. We are teaching a couple
that we tracted into. Their names are Megan and Devin. They are so
awesome! We taught them once, set up a time to come back and nobody
was home. Well, we stopped by later and caught them. We had a really
neat lesson and they invited us back next week to teach them about the
plan of salvation. They had a lot of questions and so they were really
excited! We went back this week and taught them the plan, they LOVED
IT!! Megan is more into it than Devin is, but they both agreed to try
the "experiment" and pray and read the Book of Mormon. It's so neat to
see someone that you found accept what you are teaching them, learn,
and come closer to Christ! I just hope and pray that they will
continue! What a great couple! We are hoping to get them to Gladys
Knight. I think they would really enjoy it! It just goes to show that
this is the lords work and he is in charge! I've seen so many little
things in the last week that prove that he is guiding us, and i am so
thankful for that!!

Sorry this is so short, but i'm so out of time!! This is going to be a
crazy week, lots of miracles in store. I love you all SO much!!!! :)
Keep up the good work! :)

Love you all the BESTEST!!
Sister Bishop

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