Monday, March 12, 2012

Gladys Knight Mar 12,2012

Hello Family!!!

It's been such a crazy week this week, WOW!!! As you know we had the
Gladys Knight firesides this weekend and we got to be assisting
missionaries it was basically the BEST thing ever!! :) We went to the
show Friday night in Palmer park (in Detroit.) and it was so SWEET!
They had told us before that it was going to be something that we had
never heard or seen in a chapel before and they were so right! Of
course this was targeted to the African American population so we had
a ton of black people there, I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!!! Ha ha, they were
singing along, clapping, dancing and of course there was a lot of
"Hallelujah's" and "AMEN'S!!" in there! It was so cool! So then
Saturday and Sunday we spent like the whole day doing fireside stuff.
We had to be there at like 1:00 on Saturday for orientation and then
people started lining up by 3:00 so we got to go talk to them. This
was the best thing ever! I feel like this was my "pageant" season for
the year! Heavenly Father knew how much i would miss the pageant so he
let me have this experience instead! I spent the whole night talking
to tons of people and helping them to fill out the request card so
they could receive the free gift bag. It really felt just like
Pageant! :):) Totally made my day!!! We even stayed out until 1:00
A.M.!!! (On top of all this we had day lights savings too!! Let's
just say we ALL looked slightly Zombie-ish! LOL)Whew! Then we had to
get up at 6:00 for meetings and of course we didn't get home last
night until midnight. . . . thankfully we got to sleep in today, clear
until 8:00!! What a blessing! This fireside was so perfect for the
people in this area! Each one was a little different, but they were
all so great! Gladys and her Husband both shared their testimonies of
the gospel and their stories of how they joined the church. Let me
tell you, these people are so stinking funny!! But i think they had to
keep the mood light cause then they were super bold in telling people
that now they have the information and they are accountable to have
to find out the truth for themselves. IT WAS SO SWEET!!! I wish i had
a better word to describe it, AWESOME, BRILLIANT, SO SO SO SO SO
GOOD!! :) I didn't really think that i was that big of a fan of
gospel music but after that experience, I'm totally hooked. (Bonus:
Gladys Knight gave me a high give!!!!! ha ha, we did a "missionary
tunnel" before each performance that she walked through, she is SO
AWESOME!!!) Basically i can't even tell you how much i loved this
experience!!! At least not in this one little short letter! But, I;m
trying to finish the tape that I'm working on and since Di is home
maybe i will make it for all of you and try to send it today so you
can all listen to it together!! Hopefully if i got it out today or
tomorrow it would make it before the weekend is over. . . i will have
to see! We are all at the office today helping to put all the
referrals in the computer so we can distribute and track everything
easier, so that's why we are earlier than usual. I'm not sure how long
we will be here or when i will get a chance to write next, it might be
next Monday. We will just have to see how it goes!

So, I have to apologize, this week has been so crazy i can't remember
all of the things we did! But we did have a really cool experience
with one of our investigators. Her name is Megan, she is someone that
we tracted into and she is totally golden! This Tuesday we went to
visit her and when we walked up the stairs the door was already open
and she was waiting for us, but she looked like a completely different
person! She was SO happy and seemed to have a light turned on inside
her, as we were talking and asking her how the reading and praying was
going she couldn't stop smiling!!! She finally just looked at us and
said, "I love this!! I love everything you guys have taught me, this
is SO great!!! I think that i want to do it. . . . . . i think that i
want to be a Mormon!!!!" Ha ha, at that point we ALL had huge smiles!!
Of course we invited her to be baptized and SHE ACCEPTED!! :) :) :)
She is now officially on date for April 14! She is so cool!!! She
hasn't been to church yet but she is working on transferring to
another work location and said that hopefully she will be able to get
Sunday's off as soon as the transfer goes through!

One more quick story, we were at the Gladys Knight fireside Friday
night and about half way through this older black lady came and sat by
us, she was so cool; totally into in singing and clapping even
standing when she was really excited, so after it was over S Klingler
was talking to her, and told her her story. She said she had been
having a really hard time, but was out walking around when she saw
lights on at the church. She asked the usher's if there was a service
going on and when they told her it was Gladys knight she was so
shocked!! She said, "The lord guided me here tonight, this is just
what i needed and I know that it is true!! I'm going to be here every
Sunday!!!" SO COOL!!!! She got tickets and came Saturday night so she
could hear the whole thing AND she brought a friend!! Ha ha,
MIRACLES!!! I love it!!

Just kidding, one more funny story!! Ha ha, so we were getting ready
for the first fireside Saturday helping get everything set up and
everything. they had curtain up in some of the hall ways for privacy
so one of the elders was standing right in front of it. He turned
around to sneeze really fast and totally pulled the whole curtain down
on top of him!! Ha ha, he was super embarrassed, it was SO funny!!! Ha

Well family! It;s to good to hear from you all!! Prom sounds like a
blast!!  I will try to get that tape sent off today or tomorrow. Hope
everything goes well with the Job in cedar, I love you all SO much
and think of you all the time!! :) I LOVE YOU


Sister Bishop!

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