Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb 24,2012

Dearest Family!! 

Hello!!! How are you all doing? It's so fun to hear all of your adventures! :) The President's Day/Temple day sounded like a huge success! That's so great! Ha ha, at least you were warm this year! That was fun last year- memories that i will never forget!  Before i forget, i wanted to let you know that i won't be writing you all next Monday. We are taking our p-day on Thursday so that we can go to the temple. So instead of e-mails on Monday expect it on Thursday! (I think that is how it works. . . . i guess we will just play it out and see!) 

This week has been another great one! I am getting more familiar with the members, the area and our investigators. We have one Lady, her name is Gloria. She is Mexican and only speaks a little bit of English so every time we go we take a translator. It makes it kind of a slow process, but we at least KNOW that she can understand what we are saying through the translator. We each take turns leading out in lessons so that we all stay involved and participate. This last week it was my turn to start in Gloria's lesson. It was really hard to teach very simply and know when to stop and let the translator do her part. . .  it was really neat though! The spirit doesn't have language barriers and we were all touched by her simple testimony of prayer and knowledge of the savior. She has had a difficult time the last year or two. Her husband was killed just over a year ago and she has 3 kids to take care of. She works as a waitress at a restaurant and makes tamales for people every Friday for some extra cash. She is a very hard worker, but what amazes me is how happy she is all of the time! We visited her on valentines day and she was obviously missing her husband very much, but yet she was still happy, laughing and working hard! She is really an example to me of how much attitude can effect your life! If we look at the glass as half full then everything looks a little bit better! We had a really great lesson on prayer. At the end we invited her to say the closing prayer which she did, again i have to say how thankful i am that the spirit doesn't have any boundaries!!!! I don't speak Spanish, AT ALL, but i felt her love for our Savior and her faith as she talked to her Father in Heaven! It was great! I'm so amazed at how easy it is to love some people! I guess especially as a missionary, that love just kind of flows from you! What a blessing it is to be a conductor of that love for so many of God's children. There is no better way to feel it than being a missionary!

In our companionship we have really tried to focus on listening for and acting on promptings and this week has been so incredible!! We found 17 potential investigators and 7 new investigators!!! I hate to say we found them. . . . i think that a better way to say it was that we were guided to them. Every day we talk to so many people and the majority of them has never even heard of the church! There are so many people who don't know the truth because they have never had the chance to hear it! I am the one who gets to introduce them to it!! :) It's so great!

So, I can't believe that we are already in 3 week of the transfer! That means this transfer is almost half over!!! It's gone way too fast! I am learning so much from Sister Klingler and Sister Hoopes. They are such great teachers! I have loved serving with them! Last  night we went to the Bishop's home for FHE. We had planned on giving them the missionary lesson we have prepared for all the ward members but Sister Day texted and told us that their daughter had a friend over that she had just given the Book of Mormon to. She asked us to give a different lesson kind of introducing the B of M without really singling him out. Well that was like 30 mins before we were supposed to be there! Ha ha, we talked about it, prayed for guidance and decided to talk about how the spirit talks to us. We showed the mormon message on the voice of the spirit, talked about tuning in to the spirit and how the B of M can help us to do that! It was so neat!! The whole family was involved, and we felt like it went really well! It was so sweet!! Hopefully he will continue to read the B of M and recognize the holy ghost as he prays and ponders on it's message!  :)

Well Family! I'm out of time!! I love you all super mucho!!! Thanks for the letters and prayers! You are the best!! 
Lots and LOTS of love,

Sister Bishop!

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