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Feb 12,2012

Dearest Fanily,

Hello!! Wow- this week has been so GREAT!! The last few days have “Lit-rally” ;) flown by! First of all you know that now I’m in a trio, I LOVE it! J I’m with Sister Klinger who is from Rexburg, Idaho. This is her last transfer and she is one of the best missionaries ever! (Seriously I’m pretty sure she is right up there by Ammon in the book of Mormon!) She is very in touch with the spirit and I feel  like I have so much that I can learn from her! I’m so glad they put us together for her last transfer, then I can be a sponge for the next 6 weeks and be a much better missionary. She has 8 kids in her family and she is the youngest, she is really great! J My other companion is Sister Hoopes. She is one of the missionaries that we spent Christmas night with, the super tall skinny one. She is from Star Valley wyoming. (She is the one that knows Ian!) I went on exchanges with her a few months ago and had a blast and ever since then I have been wanting and praying to serve with her. She is super cute and so funny! She actually reminds me a lot of Di- we get along really good! J Her mom actually was the one that served in Canada (same area and about the same time as Dad.) She has 5 kids in her family and she is the 2 oldest. The first week in a new companionship is always still like the “Nice” stage, but I feel like we are all going to get along really good. Sister hoopes makes us get up early (at 6:10) to go running every morning, which has been really good, and like I said earlier sister Klingler is the ideal missionary! We are in for a great transfer! Here is the scary news though: President Holmes basically told us that after this transfer Sister Klingler will be going homw, and sister Hoopes and I will both be training!!! We have 4 new sisters coming in!! That is all super scary, but such a powerful learning experince! The scariest thing though is that with Sister Hoopes and I both training, one of us will have to leave Walled Lake and whitewash a new area! SCARY!!! But, I’m confident that the lord will qualify and help us each as we look forward with faith. This is going to be great!! (Sister Hoopes and I are already fighting for who gets the Austrailian companion and who gets to stay in walled lake! Ha ha, I think I’m gonna win on both accounts! LOL! JK, but that would be so sweet!)

So, this week I was able to meet the Walled lake ward. They are so cool! Mom do you remember ever reading the Mafia to Mormon book by a (Somebody)  Faccionne?? Then when we went to the Salt Lake temple and the one temple worker told me to watch for the mafia guy who works in the temple now, yeah!! HE IS TOTALLY IN MY WARD!!! HA ha! This is so great!! (I actually thought of Dona all day in church after i met him! Thinking how awesome it is that i actually got to meet him!) He is going to make us spaghetti dinner in a few weeks!  The ward here is great though! The Bishop is Brother Faccoinnes' son in law and we have an awesome ward mission leader. We are trying to meet with all the members and get them excited to invite their friends to the Gladys Knight Fireside. So i will be able to get to know them fast, that will be great!
So my time always goes way too fast, but i wanted to share a really cool experience this week. Working with Sister Klingler has really helped me to pray much more often and rely on the spirit. Each night when we do our daily planning we sppend much more time because we pray constantly! It takes time, but the things that have happened have been MIRACULOUS!! SO, the other night it was my turn to pick the apartments we would tract the next day, i prayerfully considered and picked a few, then we all agreed on 2 to try the next day. That night it was super cold and windy but we headed to the apartments. We pulled up, parked and prayed like usual, then SIster Hoopes was like, "I feel like we should start on the top floor!' We were really trying to obey any little prompting so of course we climbed those 3 flights of stairs. Then guess what . . . . THE VERY FIRST DOOR WE KNOCKED ON LET US IN!!  Ha ha, we taught him the restoration and set up an appointment to come back in a few days! I love it when those little promptings bring us such wonderful miracles!
This is short, but the computer is going to kick me off any second, so i will write you a snail mail! I love you all so much!! Thanks Di and Ang for the package and the tape, I loved it!! Ha ha, super great!! Choose the right, and all the important things!
Lots of love!!!
Sister Bishop

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