Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Dearest family!!
HELLO!!! This week had been so amazing!! Since the library was closed yesterday we weren't able to e-mail, but i wrote a lot os the miracles in the snail mail letter that i sent. We were able to get 4 new investiagators this week! We have continued to increase our faith and be more united as a companionship (especially after specialized training this week) and we have seen miracles come from it! We have been studying a case study from Pres Holmes. We learned the importance of loving the members. When the members know how much you love Them, and the Lord then they are excited to be missionaries and help us to find people to teach. We tried this out with Sister Grimmette.She is AWESOME!! She loves us super mucho and we can always call her if we need anything!  She is very supportive and comes to lessons with us. We stopped by her home and shared a message, then we told her about some of the spiritual gifts that we see that she has. We told her how much we loved her and how much her savior loves her! She really opened up and recommitted to help us with missionary work! She was so excited to share the things we had talked about and be a missionary too!! She totally related to Pat and not being able to understand the Atonement, and she promised that she would come to his lessons with us and do her best to share her experiences and hopefully help him to find peace. 
Another miracle we saw came from acting on a prompting from the Holy Ghost. I am always very humbled as we act on promptings the tender mercies that always follow. We had planned to stop by Tom's house on wedneday evening, but that afternoon he called and told us that he wasn't interested and not to bother. We were going to Manchester anyways so we decided just to stop, check on him and see what happened because last week he was really excited to learn more. As i was thinking about it, the thought came to mind that he had been researching on the internet and it had scared him off. Well, we stopped by and chatted with him. He brought up some concrens and . . .  admitted that he HAD been on the internet and the things he saw about our religion really scared him. (I was grateful for the prompting before hand so we could ask questions and be prepared to help him see the truth.) We answered his concerns and he invited us to come back next week and continue to teach him! :) YAY!!!
I am so thankful for all of you! I have been so blessed to have you all as my family! I just count my many blessings every day and you guys are always at the top of that list. I LOVE this gospel! It has changed so many lives and i continue to see it touch people every single day. Being a missionary is the BEST! :) Who wouldn't want to talk about Jesus all day every day! Ha ha! It's so funny, we do this 24/7 and it hit me the other day, we even do this work on the sabbath! We are doing the lord's work and resting from "Our labors." It's a wonderful time to reflect on the blessings that i hav witnessed as they come from serving the lord. I'm so thankful to have this time to really focus on the work and take a break from the world and all of it's problems. I pray for you all every day! Keep up the good work, I LUFF YOU ALL!!
I don't know if Dona gave up on the package, but if not tell her it would probably be best to use regular mail. Even if it's insured they leave me a card in the mailbox and i can pick it up at the post office any time! (That might be a little easier!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DI!!! Man! 20 years old- you are practically an old woman!! :) I'm glad that you are all doing so well with school, work and everything! Thanks Mark and Yum Yum for the letters! I loved them!!
Well chillens! I gotta go, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

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