Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dec. 27,2011

Hello Family!!
It was so wonderful to talk to you all on Sunday! I feel like I have my battery recharged and I’m ready to go! It was definitely the best Christmas present to be able to talk to all of you! J I’m so glad I got to tell you some of my miracles face to face. . . it makes a huge difference!  So the library was closed on Monday because of the holiday, so that means I actually wrote you a snail mail letter before I wrote this e-mail, but of course you will get this long before the snail mail letter gets to you. CRAZY!! J Ha ha, life is good! I’m VERY thankful for technology!
I feel like I write everything so many times and I see so many people that if I repeat stories sometimes, I’m sorry! J Between writing you guys, President Holmes, my journal and anything else that comes up, I can’t keep it all straight!
Monday was so nice!! P-day was great! We got our apartment all clean. Christmas decorations all put away, fridge all cleaned out. . . ha ha not that it needed it or anything! ;) Then we wrote letters and I got my desk all organized. I’m trying to put all of my letters in sheet protectors and in a binder so they will stay nice, I’ve been procratsinating but finally got them all done yesterday! Nothing too exciting, just the usual cleaning, fun kind of things.
So, every Tuesday we volunteer at the Chelsea Retirement Center (CRC). Last Tuesday we went around christmas caroling. It was fun and all of the little old ladies seeemed to enjoy it. We didn’t think too much of it when they asked us to do the same thing today. We stopped by one lady, Miriam and asked if we could sing to her. She was like, “Well you BETTER!” She must have been feeling a litlle down this time of year cause she starting crying and told us “How good it was to be loved!” She told us to be sure to come back again and we assured her that we would. I think that we have made a friend for life! J They are so cute, I’m glad that we can do something to make their days a little bit happier and bring some Christmas cheer.
I loved hearing all about Christmas—I really missed having the chillens and their enthusiasm but Christmas on a mission is something very special too. It is just a wonderful day to remember our Savior and celebrate his birth.  I am excited for a new year and to be a missionary EVERY SINGLE DAY OF IT!! I can’t wait to see what miracles the lord has in store for us! We get to talk in Church on Sunday. . .  one more thing to study for! Ha ha, we are always short on study time, but that makes me so thankful for the Holy ghost to help me remember things i’ve studied in the past.
I got Naomi’s e-mail! Please tell her mom thank you!! It was so good to hear how she was doing! I also got an e-mail from Ranae Peterson- the visiting teaching letter. J It was sweet. Please tell her thank you for me!!  I still haven’t seen anything from Dona. When did she send it? Hopefully she had the right address!
Well family, I love you all!! Enjoy your Christmas Break! Hug Angela and her family for me and tell them I missed talking to them! Choose the right and all the important things! J LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!
Love Lisa

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